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I Am A Laser (Bowie): released on People From Bad Homes, the Ava Cherry And The Astronettes album recorded in 1973. In 2009, a very early version by Bowie himself was found on a Young Americans reel auctioned at eBay. See the forum for more information and a sound sample.

I Am Divine (Bowie): another track from People From Bad Homes. According to the album's credits, Bowie does lead vocals on this track, but this definitely is not true.

I Am With Name (Bowie/Eno/Gabrels/Garson/Kizilcay/Campbell): from 1. Outside. 'I Am With Name' on the 'Hearts Filthy Lesson' CD-single (RCA/BMG 74321 30703 2) omits the spoken intro ('Ramona A. Stone'). Although this version is labelled Album Version, it actually is slightly longer than the version on 1. Outside (4'06" without the intro vs. 4'00" including the intro). Judging from the running time printed on the cover, the idea was to include this version on the bonus CD of the 1. Outside 2004 Limited 2CD Edition, but instead the real album version was used! The correct version was ultimately reissued on Re:Call 5. A full-length 10'20" version is found only on the 1. Outside outtakes CD.

I Can't Explain (Townsend): a Who cover from Pin Ups. Played live occasionally in 1972 (the only circulating recording is from Aylesbury, Friars Club, 15-07-72), on the "1980 Floor Show" (best on Absolutely Rare) and again only sporadically on the Serious Moonlight tour in 1983.

I Can't Give Everything Away (Bowie): only three days after its release, this song turned out to be the final track of David's final album. A 4'25" Radio Edit (vs 5'47" on the album) initially appeared only on promo CDR, but was reissued on Legacy and the 'Blackstar' 12" (ISO SIJ7). Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails anonymously uploaded a Farewell Mix to SoundCloud in January 2017. The same version was performed as a virtual duet on subsequent NIN tours.

I Can't Read (Bowie): from Tin Machine. A US advance cassette contains an edit fading at 2'20". On the video trailer of the Tin Machine album (featuring excerpts from Tin Machine/Prisoner Of Love/I Can't Read/Working Class Hero/Bus Stop/Pretty Thing/Video Crimes and a full length Under The God), Bowie sings 'I can't read it' rather than 'I can't read shit'. In 1997, it was one of two Tin Machine songs re-recorded for Earthling (the other song being 'Baby Universal'), but both were ultimately dropped. Three different versions of the 1997 recording have been released: the original take, released as 'I Can't Read '97' on Is It Any Wonder? A second vocal take was originally broadcast as a "rehearsal recording" for the 50th Birthday Concert. This alternate take was used for the official video of 'I Can't Read '97' as prepared as a promotion of the Is It Any Wonder? EP. The third and best known version was released as a single from The Icestorm soundtrack and reissued on Re:Call 5. The CD-single (Velvel ZYX 8757-8) additionally features a Long Version (5'26" vs 4'31" of the soundtrack version). Three live renderings are officially released: Paris, La Cigale, 25-06-89 on the 'Tin Machine'/'Maggie's Farm' 12"/CD-single (EMI 12 MT 73/CDMT 73) and Boston, Orpheum Theatre, 20-11-91 or Hamburg, Docks, 24-10-91 on respectively the Oy Vey, Baby CD and video. Also on most of the Tin Machine (1989 and 1991/92) boots. Played, in semi-accoustic versions, on both of the Bridge School Benefit concerts (Mountain View, Shoreline Amphitheater, 19 and 20-10-96); both performances have been released on Bridge 1996 (Savage Hippo SH 119). Added to the set of the Earthling tour on the US leg (including a series of Earthling promotions on US FM stations), and also performed on a short promotional tour for hours... (VH1 Storytellers, Something In The Air).

I Don't Know How Much: see 'Baby It's Too Late Now'.

I Don't Mind (Brown): in 1965 David recorded a song with this title, presumably a James Brown cover. As there are no reports of what's actually on the acetate that was discovered in 2016, it could also be a self-penned song using the same title. Also see 'Born Of The Night' and 'I Wish You Would'.

I Dig Everything (Bowie): released as the first Bowie solo single in 1966 (Pye 7N 17157). Re-released several times, see the Early Works section. A surround sound mix of this mono track was created for the compilation The British Are Coming Vol. 1 (Sanctuary 76845). Surpringly, it was played live on the BowieNet members-only concert in New York, Roseland Ballroom, 19-06-00, and on a concert at the BBC's Broadcasting House in London, 27-06-00 (expanded edition of BBC Radio Theatre, London, June 27, 2000). Subsequently it was recorded for Toy. The 3CD contains three different versions: original version, Alternative Version and Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric Version. The version from the leaked version of the album again is different, containing elements from both the original and Alternative Versions.

I Do Believe I Love You: see 'It's True My Love'.

I Feel Free (Bruce/Brown): a 1972 live version of this Creem cover, recorded on the Kingston, Polytechnic, 06-05-72 show, is released on the same bootlegs as on which 'Gotta Get A Job' appears. This version was officially released 23 years later on RarestOneBowie (in the same sound quality!). Studio versions were recorded in 1980 for Scary Monsters (see 'Is There Life After Marriage') and in 1993 for Black Tie White Noise. A unique 1'53" edit appeared on the 'Jump They Say' promo cassette (Savage SADJ 50039-4). The "RSO Mix", as released on the Dancing Queen (Westwood One WWI vol. 56) and 1993 (BOW1993) bootlegs, is exactly similar to the album version.

I Feel So Bad (Willis): performed live in Seattle (Gorge Amphitheatre) on 16-08-02, the 25th anniversary of Elvis's death.

I Got You Babe (Bono): this Sonny & Cher cover was performed as a duet with Marianne Faithful on the "1980 Floor Show" in October 1973. It appeared for the first time on the Dollars In Drag (Amazing Kornyfone TAKRL 1935) LP and, ultimately, complete and in superb sound, on Absolutely Rare (no label).

I Have Not Been To Oxford Town (Bowie/Eno): released on 1. Outside and played on the Outside tour. A previously unreleased Alternative Single Mix (sounding more like an alternative version) appeared on Brilliant Adventure EP. A 0'22" excerpt appeared on the Moonage Daydream soundtrack as Moonage Daydream A Cappella Mix Edit. Live versions have appeared on Ouvrez Le Chien and No Trendy Réchauffé.

I Keep Forgettin' (Leiber/Stoller): one of the many covers (this one from Chuck Jackson) from Tonight.

I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday (Morrissey/Nevin): a Morrissey song covered on Black Tie White Noise.

I Live In Dreams (Bowie): a cassette with this previously unknown 1965 demo was auctioned at Omega in 2019.

I Never Dreamed (Jones/Ferris/Dodds): the very first studio recording with David as a lead vocalist was a demo recorded with the Konrads in early 1963. The recording failed to convince Decca to sign the band, but the band were given a second chance later the same year. For this subsequent recording, vocalist Roger Ferris took lead vocals and David provided backing harmonies. Several acetates are said to have pressed by Decca. A rehearsal tape for the second version was unsuccessfully offered for auction at Christie's in 2002. In 2019, a tape of the version with David on lead vocals was sold at an Omega auction.

I Pity The Fool (Malone): the second Bowie single, a Bobby Bland cover, was released in 1965 as The Manish Boys (Parlophone R 5250). The vocals of the version released on Early On are slightly different. See Early Works section.

I Pray, Olé (Bowie): released as an extra track on the Rykodisc Lodger. In 2019, the song was reissued as AA-side to the 'Boys Keep Swinging' 40th Anniversary Edition picture disc (Parlophone DBBOYS 40).

I Thought Of You Last Night: see 'Baby It's Too Late Now'.

I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship (Cowboy): a cover of the Legendary Stardust Cowboy on Heathen. Deepsky's Space Cowboy Remix is available on the 'Everyone Says 'Hi'' promo-only 12" (ISO/Columbia CAS 59068). This remix was released on CD only an in-house promo CDR, together with Deepsky's Space Cowboy Dub and Deepsky's Cowboy Vocal Edit. Performed live on some of the 2002 concerts.

I Wanna Be Your Dog (Stooges): this Stooges song was played occasionally on the American and Australian leg of the 1987 Glass Spider tour and released on the Glass Spider DVD and He Never Let Us Down (Wildcat BOW 5-6/6-7) bootleg.

I Want My Baby Back (Jones): a 1965 demo, released only on Early On.

I Want Your Love (Dee/Tarr): demoed in 1965 by Davy Jones And The Lower Third. An acetate with the song was sold at Wessex Auctions in 2021.

I Wish You Would (Arnold): this Billy Boy Arnold song was covered by The Yardbirds and subsequently recorded by Bowie for Pin Ups. Possibly David had already taped a version in 1965, as an acetate with this title was discovered in 2016. Also see 'Born Of The Night' and 'I Don't Mind'.

I Would Be Your Slave (Bowie): from Heathen. Premiered live at the Tibet House Freedom Benefit (New York, Carnegie Hall, 22-02-02) and played regularly on the Heathen tour.

I'd Rather Be High (Bowie): on The Next Day. Normally this song is segued into 'Boss Of Me', except on the LP, where it's the last song on side A. The LP version therefore fades a few seconds longer. The Next Day Extra additionally features a Venetian Mix. An alternate version of the Venetian Mix with a longer intro (4'05" vs 3'49") and the word 'shit' censored appeared only on promo CDR. A similar, but much shorter remix (1'30" vs 3'49") was used in a Louis Vuitton advertisement.

I'll Follow You (Jones): another demo exclusively released on Early On.

I'll Take You There (Bowie): bonus track on the Deluxe edition of The Next Day and The Next Day Extra.

I'm A Hog For You Baby (Leiber/Stoller): Bowie performed a few lines of this Coasters song on the first Bridge School Benefit concert (Mountain View, Shoreline Amphitheater, 19-10-96). This is available in best quality on the Bridge 1996 (Savage Hippo SH 119) CD.

I'm Afraid Of Americans (Bowie/Eno): the original version was released on the Showgirls soundtrack. A prototype for this version was released as 'Johnny Downloader' on the Brilliant Adventure EP. A remake appeared two years later on Earthling. An Edit of this version (4'12" vs. 5'00" on the album) is found on The Radio Edits (Virgin DPRO-12257) and a US promo CD-single (Virgin DPRO-12749); it also erroneously appeared on the Limited 2CD Edition of Earthling (see below). Released as a single only in the US and Canada (Virgin 7243 8 38618 2 8), including the remixes V1 to V6 (by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails). The promo CD (Virgin DPRO-12749) additionally has a V1 Edit and V1 Clean Edit. The first has been reissued on several editions of Best Of Bowie and Nothing Has Changed. Re:Call 5 from the Brilliant Adventure box set contains both the soundtrack version and the V1 Edit. According to its track listing, the V1 Clean Edit was supposed to reappear as Nine Inch Nails V1 Clean Edit on the Limited 2CD Edition of Earthling, but actually the regular, non-remixed Edit was included. In 2022, a digital EP compiled the Trent Reznor remixes. Summarizing, the following remixes are available:

Performed with Sonic Youth on Bowie's birthday concert, and later also featured all subsequent tours (liveandwell.com, Look At The Moon!, At The Kit Kat Klub, BBC Radio Theatre, London, June 27, 2000, Glastonbury 2000 and A Reality Tour). Trent Reznor also co-stars in the 4'02" video clip, which has been released on the 'Seven' CD-single (Virgin 7243 8 96928 0 8/VSCDX 1776) and the Best Of Bowie DVD.

I'm Afraid Of Making Plans For Americans: an EMI/Virgin commissioned mashup of Bowie's 'I'm Afraid Of Americans' and XTC's 'Making Plans For Nigel', released on the Go Home Productions Sampler.

I'm Deranged (Bowie/Eno): from 1. Outside and played on the tour following that album (a live version appears on Ouvrez Le Chien). Two different edits of the song (Edit and Reprise) appeared on the Lost Highway soundtrack. A Jungle Mix was released on the 'Dead Man Walking' CD-single (BMG/RCA 74321475842) and later on the 2004 Limited 2CD Edition of 1. Outside. This jungle version was also used on the Earthling tour; a recording from Amsterdam, Paradiso, 10-06-97 is featured on liveandwell.com.

I'm Not Losing Sleep (Bowie): B-side of 'I Dig Everything' (Pye 7N 17157). See the Early Works section.

I'm Not Quite: an early title for 'Letter To Hermione' and used as such on The Mercury Demos.

I'm Over You: see 'Baby It's Too Late Now'.

Ian Fish, U.K. Heir (Bowie): an instrumental from The Buddha Of Suburbia. The track originally features crackle and static noise from a record. This has been filtered on the 2001 All Saints reissue and the 2007 edition of Buddha. 'Ian Fish, U.K. Heir' features rather prominently on the Moonage Daydream soundtrack, in the form of a Moonage Daydream Mix 1 and 2, plus a Moonage Daydream Mix Excerpt.

If I'm Dreaming My Life (Bowie/Gabrels): from hours... Played live only on Storytellers (VH1 Storytellers DVD) and in Vienna, Libro Music Hall, 17-10-99 (Goodnight Vienna (BOWCD 171099 1-2)).

If There Is Something (Ferry): this Roxy Music original was covered on Tin Machine II. An instrumental sounding as a blueprint for 'If There Is Something' is among the Tin Machine II outtakes. For a 1991 BBC version, please see BBC Performances. The Oy Vey, Baby CD or video contain versions from two different concerts (CD: Tokyo, NHK Hall, 06-02-92).

If You Can See Me (Bowie): from The Next Day.

Imagine (Lennon): this John Lennon song was played live just once, in Hong Kong, Coliseum, 08-12-83, to commemorate Lennon's death three years earlier. A soundboard recording was released as a secret track on the Teenage Daydream CD-R and consecutively on the second Telling Lies (Pearls Before Swine PBS 08/09) 2CD.

In The Heat Of The Morning (Bowie): the first appearance of this song, together with 'Let Me Sleep Beside You' and 'Karma Man', was on the 1970 The World Of David Bowie compilation (Decca SPA 58). The version released on the B-side of the 'London Bye Ta-Ta' bootleg single (MOON 1) is identical save for an earlier fade. A previously unreleased mono version with a different vocal was included on the Deluxe Edition of David Bowie. In 2019, a demo appeared on Spying Through A Keyhole. Both the mono version and the demo were also included on Conversation Piece. In 2000, 'In The Heat Of The Morning' was re-recorded for Toy. The Toy 3CD contains the original version (except for the mastering identical to the leaked version) and an Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric Version. Bowie recorded two versions for the BBC. The 1967 Top Gear performance is found on the Deluxe Edition of David Bowie, whereas the 1968 Top Gear version is featured on Bowie At The Beeb and Conversation Piece. See Early Works and BBC Performances for more info.

The Informer (Bowie): released as a bonus track on The Next Day Extra.

The Interview : this 12'24" interview with Tin Machine was recorded for "The World Of Rock", hosted by Scott Muni. It was released on the 12" (EMI 12 MT 68 - also on the 10" and CD-single) of 'Under The God'.

The Invader: see 'Saviour Machine'.

Is It Any Wonder (Bowie): two versions of 'Fame' were played on the 1997 Earthling tour, one rock version and one dance version, the latter often referred to as 'Is It Any Wonder'. This version can be found on a/o the L Dopa (L Dopa L-697-1/2) and Quicklive 2CD's. Also see 'Fun'.

Is There Life After Marriage (Bowie): an instrumental take of Cream's 'I Feel Free' from the Scary Monsters sessions, released under this title on Vampires Of Human Flesh (Midnight Beat MBCD 021).

Isn't It Evening (The Revolutionary) (Madeloni/Bowie): track from Earl Slick's Zig Zag with Bowie on vocals. A Danny Michel Remix can be downloaded from Earl Slick's page at myspace.com.

It Ain't Easy (Davies): a Ron Davies cover recorded for Hunky Dory (it appeared in 1971 on a rare Hunky Dory sampler), but eventually released on The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars. This song also served as B-side for the 1972 'Space Oddity' US promo EP (RCA EP-45-103) and 1973 Japanese 'Space Oddity' (RCA SS-2252) 7". Only one live version, recorded for the 1971 In Concert: John Peel BBC program, is available on Bowie At The Beeb and Divine Symmetry.

It's Gonna Be Me (Bowie): together with 'Who Can I Be Now', this Young Americans outtake appeared on several bootlegs before it was officially released as an extra track on the Rykodisc version. The 2007 Special Edition of Young Americans featured an alternate version with a string arrangement. In 2016, this song was finally released 'in context' on The Gouster, an early version of Young Americans. Performed live only in 1974 on the Pre-Soul (Cracked Actor) and Soul Tours (I'm Only Dancing).

It's Gonna Rain Again (Bowie): performed live at Glastonbury 1971 (Pilton, Worthy Farm, 23-06-71).

It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City (Springsteen): the liner notes of Sound + Vision II (on which it first appeared) claim this Springsteen cover is a Station To Station outtake, but this seems incorrect. It's a given that Bowie worked on the track during the Young Americans sessions, but most likely it was recorded earlier, during the Diamond Dogs sessions. The song has also been released on the 8 From Sound + Vision promo and Best Of Bowie 74/79 CD.

It's No Game (Part 1) (Bowie): released as a single from Scary Monsters in Japan only (RCA RSP-10). In 2012, both parts were issued as A- and B-side of a picture disc released with the limited edition Bowie & Sukita book 'Speed of Life'. A St. Vincent Mix was included in a Peloton exercise app.

It's No Game (Part 2) (Bowie): from Scary Monsters. On the Greek cassette version (RCA 20175), the tape feed off is missing. An early version was released on Vampires Of Human Flesh (Midnight Beat MBCD 021).

It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (But I Like It) (Jagger/Richards): on later 1974 and early 1976 shows, Bowie sometimes included a snatch of this Rolling Stones song into 'Diamond Dogs'. An example of this can be found on I'm Only Dancing.

It's Tough (?): a Tin Machine II outtake that surfaced almost simultaneously from two different sources in 2008. Three takes appeared on a collection of outtakes sourced from cassette. A better quality version of one of these, sourced from an early Tin Machine II promo CD also containing an alternate version of 'One Shot', was used in a YouTube movie. Apparently this track was replaced at a late stage with 'If There Is Something'.

It's True My Love (Bowie): in 2019, a cassette with three 1965 demoes was auctioned at Omega, the other songs being 'How Can I Forget You' and 'I Live In Dreams'. In 2020, an acetate with the same song was sold at Wessex Auctions, here titled 'I Do Believe I Love You'.

I've Been Waiting For You (Young): a Neil Young cover sung by Reeves Gabrels on the second Tin Machine tour. It has appeared on the Oy Vey, Baby video and Shakin' All Over (ROCKS 92009/10) bootleg 2CD. This Neil Young song was later covered on Heathen and released as a CD-single (Columbia 38K 003369) in Canada. A longer version (3'16" vs 3'00") appeared exclusively on the Heathen SACD. After the Tin Machine performances, this song again was played live on Heathen and Reality concerts.

I've Got Lightning: alternative title for 'Lightning Frightening'.

I've Gotta Buzz: see 'You're Holding Me Down'.


Jacko Under Pressure: another officially released Go Home Productions mashup, combining Michael Jackson's 'Rock With You' with 'Under Pressure. Released on both 10" picture disc and 12" coloured vinyl (both Half Inch Recordings HI005).

Janine (Bowie): from the Philips David Bowie. Originally scheduled as B-side to the withdrawn US 'All The Madmen' single (Mercury 73173). This mono version was later reissued on the Five Years and Conversation Piece compilations. A demo with John Hutchinson has appeared on The Mercury Demos. Conversation Piece includes the demo, the mono mix, a previously unreleased early mix and a 2019 remix. As with many of the older tracks, only recordings for BBC radio have survived. The 1969 The Dave Lee Travis Show is available on Bowie At The Beeb and the 40th Anniversary Edition of Space Oddity. The version recorded for 1970 Sunday Show was released on The Width Of A Circle; see the BBC Performances section for more information.

Jangir (Bowie/Gabrels): an instumental from Omikron: The Nomad Soul, performed by Bowie and Reeves Gabrels. The title could be a misspelling, as the sector in the game itself is called Jahangir. At present there is no concensus which of the many instrumentals in this game actually represents this title.

The Jean Genie (Bowie): released as a single in 1972 (RCA 2302); a remixed version later appeared on Aladdin Sane. The original single mix was reissued on the bonus disc of the 30th Anniversary Edition of Aladdin Sane and on Re:Call 1. A 2'51" edit has appeared on a South African sampler EP (RCA 46-104). The 40th Anniversary Edition picture disc (EMI DBJEAN 40) has the recently rediscovered live version from Top Of The Pops on the B-side. A monitor mix, with a more upfront guitar, can be found on Naked And Wired (GEMA BOW 005). The 4'03" video clip of the song is seen on The Video Collection and the Best Of Bowie DVD. A live version with guest Jeff Beck on guitar, incorporating a few lines from 'Love Me Do', was performed at the final Ziggy show. For unspecified reasons, it was omitted from Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture (while the Ryko edition even credits Lennon/McCartney as song writers for 'Love Me Do'!). This historical live version was officially released on the Moonage Daydream soundtrack and later also appeared on the 50th Anniversary Edition of Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture. Other live versions are found on Live Santa Monica '72, David Live, Cracked Actor, I'm Only Dancing, Live Nassau Coliseum '76, the 2017 Edition of Stage, Welcome To The Blackout, the Glass Spider DVD and Look At The Moon!. 'Jean Genie' is found on a very large number of bootlegs, as it was played in 1972, 1973, 1974, 1976, 1978, 1983, 1987, 1990 (occasionally including 'Maria' (Bernstein/Sondheim)), 1996 (both of the Bridge Benefit concerts), 1997 (with Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins on Bowie's 50th birthday concert), several concerts in 2000 and occasionally in 2003.

Jeepster (Bolan): a few lines from this T-Rex song were incorporated into 'Maggies Farm' at Bradford, St. George's Hall, 02-07-89, captured on Now (TM 721/722).

Jerusalem (Bowie): this previously unknown song appeared in demo form on Conversation Piece.

Jewel (Gabrels): this track, from Reeves Gabrels' Ulysses (Della Notte), features Dave Grohl, Frank Black and David Bowie on guest vocals.

Joe The Lion (Bowie): from "Heroes". A 1991 remixed version appeared as a bonus track on the Rykodisc re-release. B-side of the 1979 US 'John I'm Only Dancing 1972' remix single (RCA PD 11887). Up to 1995, 'Joe The Lion' was only rehearsed for the 1978 tour and played live on the two Brussels try-outs on 18 and 19-05-83. A 1978 live version recorded during rehearsals at Earl's Court, London, appeared on the AA-side of the 'Alabama Song' 40th Anniversary picture disc (Parlophone DBALAS 40), whereas a 1983 live version is found on the Serious Moonlight Tour '83 bootleg (ETS 2536/7/8)). Two Dallas rehearsals (with Stevie Ray Vaughan still on guitar) also feature this song (26-04 on JR Is Watching You (Scrash SCR 901) and 27-04 on Complete Dallas Rehearsals Vol. 1 (Star Spangled Music SSM003)). In 1995/1996, it was regularly played on the US leg of the Outside tour. (and released on )

John I'm Only Dancing (Bowie): a number of versions exists; the 1974 Young Americans version is discussed below as 'John I'm Only Dancing (Again)'. The original version of this song was released as a single in September 1972 (RCA 2263). A completely different re-recording from the Aladdin Sane sessions ('sax version') erroneously appeared on the first UK pressings ChangesOneBowie. Around 1976 the sax version also appeared on repressings of the UK single (still using the same catalogue number). In 1979, a slightly shorter remix (2'46" vs 2'49") of the original version was released either as B-side of the 1974 version (UK, RCA BOW 4), or as A-side (US, RCA PD 11887). All three versions have appeared on CD as well: the original version on a/o ChangesBowie and the 30th Anniversary Edition of Ziggy Stardust; the sax version on Sound + Vision I, The Best Of David Bowie 1969/1974 and the 30th Anniversary Edition of Aladdin Sane; and the 1979 remix as a bonus track on the Ryko/EMI re-release of Ziggy Stardust. An early mix of the sax version was included on a tape auctioned at Omega in 2019. A 2'51" video clip of the original version is featured on The Video Collection and the Best Of Bowie DVD. Official live versions are issued on the Sound + Vision Plus CD-single (reissued on the 30th Anniversary Edition of Aladdin Sane) and on Live Santa Monica '72. Unofficially the song has appeared on Aladdin Sane Watch That Man (MIW 7 MW 7; re-released on 2CD as Soul Asylum (BLY 003/4)) and A Cat From London (YOU J-003). In 1990, the song was played occasionally on the Sound + Vision tour (Paris Au Printemps (BOW 431/432)).

John I'm Only Dancing (Again) (Bowie): released as a single (RCA BOW 4) in an edited version (3'26"); the full length version (6'57") appeared on 12" (RCA BOW 12 4) and later as an bonus track on the Rykodisc version of Young Americans. The single version has been re-released on Rare, an Advanced Listening promo for The Best Of David Bowie 1974/1979 and Re:Call 2, part of the Who Can I Be Now? set. Performed on the second leg of the Diamond Dogs tour (Cracked Actor) and the Soul Tour (I'm Only Dancing).

Johnny Downloader (Bowie/Eno): an early version of 'I'm Afraid Of Americans' with alternative lyrics. Released on the Brilliant Adventure EP.

Join The Gang (Bowie): from the 1967 David Bowie debut album. See the Early Works section.

Judgement Day: see 'Baby It's Too Late Now'.

Julie (Bowie): B-side of the 'Day-In Day-Out' single (EMI EA 230); re-released on the 1995 Virgin issue of Never Let Me Down and on Re:Call 4 from Loving The Alien.

Jump They Say (Bowie): in edited form (Radio Edit, 3'54" instead of 4'22") released as the first single from Black Tie White Noise (Arista/BMG 74321 13696 7); reissued as such on Best Of Bowie, Nothing Has Changed and Re:Call 5. In advance of the album Excerpts 1993, a promotional CD (Arista/BMG DB 001) with a 3'26" excerpt of 'Jump They Say' was issued. Besides the Radio Edit, the EC CD-single (Arista/BMG 74321 13696 2) also contains a JAE-E Edit (credited as 'Alternate Mix' on the Black Tie White Noise CD), a Club Hart Remix and a Leftfield Remix. In the UK, a 2CD-single set (Arista/BMG 74321 139422 and 74321 139432) was released, containing the following new mixes: Hard Hands Mix, JAE-E Remix (CD 1), Brothers In Rhythm Mix and Brothers In Rhythm Instrumental (CD 2). The Radio Edit and the Leftfield Remix are respectively called 7" Version and Leftfield 12" Vocal on this 2CD. The vinyl 12" (Arista/BMG 74321 13942 1) contains the elsewhere unavailable Dub Oddity Mix and JAE-E Dub, the latter only present on pressings outside the UK (Arista/BMG 74321 13696 1). In 1998, the JAE-E Dub was included as a bonus track on the From A Phoenix... The Ashes Shall Rise 2CD (Major Tom MT001/2)). Promo-only remixes are: Leftfield Instrumental on UK 12" (Arista/BMG LEFT 1), and on US CDs the Brothers In Rhythm Edit (Savage SADJ-50042-2) and Rock Mix (Savage SADJ-50044-2). To keep things simple, the Radio Edit and JAE-E Edit are called Album Edit and Single Version on the US Savage/BMG SADJ-50039-2 promo CD, and Album Version Edit and Radio Edit 1 on the Savage/BMG SADJ-50036-2 promo CD; on the latter the JAE-E Remix is called Extended Radio Version! Three remixes were reissued in 2003 on the Limited Edition 2CD+DVD of Black Tie White Noise: Rock Mix, Brothers In Rhythm Mix (as Brothers In Rhythm Mix 12" Remix) and Dub Oddity. Summarising, the following mixes are officially available (promo 12"es and CD-singles are mentioned only when remixes are exclusive or have different names):

The 4'02" video clip to this song is featured on the Black Tie White Noise video and the Best Of Bowie DVD. On the Jump CD-ROM you can create your own promo using previously unreleased takes. The music video on the CD-ROM uses a slightly different mix compared to the Radio Edit; this version was later posted on YouTube. Played live on The Arsenio Hall Show (06-05-93) and on the Outside tour (No Trendy Réchauffé).

Just For One Day (Heroes) (Bowie/Eno/Guetta): David Guetta initially released his "Heroes" remix 'Just For One Day (Heroes)' on white-label 12", but apparently Bowie was so content with it that he allowed an official release featuring an Extended Club Mix and Dub Version on 12" (Virgin DINST263). The CD-single (Virgin 72435 479822 8) dropped the Dub but added a Radio Edit on CD-single. The Dub Mix does appear on a Danish promo CDR, while an otherwise unavailable Club Version can be found on a UK CDR. The Extended Mix was reissued on Club Bowie and the US reissue of Best Of Bowie; the latter also has a video of this remix. Finally, David Guetta's 2003 Fuck Me I'm Famous mix album (Virgin 591144) contains a different 5'15" Radio Edit that actually is the Extended Club Mix with 30 seconds chopped off the start.

Just One Moment Sir (Bowie): from the Ernie Johnson rock opera.