This section of Promos covers the Bowie Collection (1997) to the Scarlett Johansson Anywhere I Lay My Head (2008) promo CDs. Please see Promo info for more information about which promos are included and which are not.

Singles Collection sampler The Bowie Collection
(EMI PE 97004), 1997 (Spain)

Ashes To Ashes/Dancing In The Street.

Numbered Spanish promo for the 1997 reissue of the Singles Collection.

The Radio Edits The Radio Edits
(Virgin 7087 6 12257 2 3/DPRO-12257), 1997 (US)

Looking For Satellites (Edit)/Seven Years In Tibet (Edit)/I'm Afraid Of Americans (Edit).

The Edit of 'Looking For Satellites' is unique to this promo.

Advance Listening Sampler The Best Of Bowie 1969-1974—Advance Listening CD
(EMI CDPP 029), 1997 (UK)

Same tracks as on The Best Of Bowie 1969/1974.

BowieNet BowieNet
1998 (US)

Distributed to subscribers of BowieNet. To play the exclusive track 'Fun', one has to log-in first. This HyperCD also contains videos of 'Under Pressure' and 'Space Oddity', recorded at Bowie's 50th birthday concert in New York, Madison Square Garden, 09-01-97.

Advance Listening Sampler The Best Of Bowie 1974-1979—Advance Listening CD
(EMI CDPP 048), 1998 (UK)

This advance copy is more interesting than EMI CDPP 029 promo, as it differs from the stock release in having the single edits of 'John I'm Only Dancing (Again)' and 'DJ' rather than the album versions.

Advance Listening Sampler Sinmix Presents The B.L.A.S.T. Modern Rock Program #34
(ALTSIN CD 34), 1998 (US)

This promo features the full-length bilingual versions of 'Helden' and 'Héros', but they have been sourced from vinyl.

Advance Listening Sampler War Child
(BMG), 1998 (The Netherlands)

A promo CD for Dutch radio, with a commercial spoken by Bowie, an interview with Dutch actor Thom Hoffman and three edits of an instrumental version of 'No Control'.

17-track Album Sampler 17-Track Album Sampler
(EMI CDLRL 015), 1999 (EC)

Letter To Hermione/Black Country Rock/Kooks/Suffragette City/Watch That Man/Rosalyn/Rebel Rebel/Right/Word On A Wing/Art Decade/Sons Of The Silent Age/Fantastic Voyage/Because You're Young/Criminal World/Don't Look Down/Time Will Crawl/Amazing.

Sampler promoting the remastered EMI re-releases.

TPTAGTH/Thursday's Child promo The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
(Virgin DPRO 14338), 1999 (US)

The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Edit)/The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Call Out Hook #1)/The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Call Out Hook #2)/Thursday's Child (Edit)/Thursday's Child (Call Out Hook #1)/Thursday's Child (Call Out Hook #2).

Promoting the first Japanese/Australian and European single from hours... Neither track was released as a single in the US!

hours promohours promo hours...
(Virgin 7087 6 14375 0 8/DPRO-14375), 1999 (US)

Thursday's Child/Something In The Air/Survive/If I'm Dreaming My Life/Seven/What's Really Happening/The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell/New Angels Of Promise/Brilliant Adventure/The Dreamers.

Musically identical to the regular release, but with an "Interactive Element" - an introduction and explanation of BowieNet and a link that launches your browser to that site. There also is a French promo in card sleeve (Virgin VISA 4833; bottom).

hours promo hours... 5 tracks
(Virgin VISA 4835), 1999 (France)

Thursday's Child/Something In The Air/Survive/Seven/The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell.

hours promo We All Go Through
(Virgin VISA 4900), 1999 (France)

We All Go Through/Making Of hours... (video)/Photos de David Bowie par F.W.Ockenfels III (video).

This promo was later included with a special French 2CD edition of hours...

hours and Brilliant Minutes hours... and brilliant minutes
(Virgin CDPRO1920), 1999 (Canada)

Suffragette City/Thursday's Child/Art Decade/Something In The Air/Because You're Young/Survive/Sons Of The Silent Age/Seven/Word On A Wing/If I'm Dreaming My Life/Letter To Hermione/The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell/Rebel Rebel/Time Will Crawl.

A Canadian hours... promo combines tracks from the new album with songs from the remastered back catalogue.

Special DJ Sampler Special DJ Sampler
(EMI/Virgin PCD-2188), 1999 (Japan)

The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell/Thursday's Child/Space Oddity/The Man Who Sold The World/Changes/Starman/The Jean Genie/Sorrow/Diamond Dogs/Fame/Golden Years/Sound And Vision/"Heroes"/Boys Keep Swinging/Fashion/Let's Dance/Dancing In The Street.

This Japanese sampler too promotes both hours... and the 1999 EMI remasters.

Bowie At The Beeb sampler Bowie At The Beeb Sampler
(EMI BEEBPRO 6872), 2000 (UK)

In The Heat Of The Morning/Let Me Sleep Beside You/Amsterdam/Kooks/Hang On To Yourself/Changes/Oh! You Pretty Things/Lady Stardust.

Four years after the BBC Session 1969-1972 [Sampler], this EMI promo really introduced upcoming Bowie At The Beeb CD. It is stylishly packaged in a box, both the cover and CD resembling a reel-to-reel tape. See Bowie At The Beeb for a one-track replacement disc (EMI BEEBREP 2) containing the missing version of 'Ziggy Stardust'.
(Risky Folio —), 2000 (US)

CD 1  I'm Afraid Of Americans1/Hearts Filthy Lesson2/I'm Deranged3/Hallo Spaceboy4/Telling Lies3/The Motel3/The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)4/Battle For Britain (The Letter)1/Seven Years In Tibet1/Little Wonder1.
CD 2  Fun (Dillinja Mix)/Little Wonder (Danny Saber Dance Mix)/Dead Man Walking (Moby Mix 1)/Telling Lies (Paradox Mix).

A 2CD distributed only to BowieNet members, who contributed to the artwork and liner notes. 1 from New York, Radio City Music Hall, 15-10-97, 2 Long Marston, Phoenix Festival, (18-07-96; incorrectly listed as 20-07-97), 3 Amsterdam, Paradiso, 10-06-97 and 4 Rio de Janeiro, Metropolitan, 02-11-97. CD2 is a CD Extra that also has the original web site.

Reissued in 2020 in modified form as a streaming-only album and in 2021 as a CD.

The Music Of David BowieThe Music Of David Bowie The Music Of David Bowie 1970-1976
(—), 2000 and onward (US)

The Man Who Sold The World/Oh! You Pretty Things/Changes/Life On Mars/Starman/Ziggy Stardust/Suffragette City/John I'm Only Dancing/The Jean Genie/Drive-In Saturday/Diamond Dogs/Rebel Rebel/Changes/Young Americans/Fame/Golden Years/TVC 15.

The Man Who Sold The World/The Width Of A Circle/Black Country Rock/She Shook Me Cold/Oh! You Pretty Things/Life On Mars/Quicksand/Andy Warhol/Song For Bob Dylan/Queen Bitch/Changes/Moonage Daydream/Starman/Ziggy Stardust/Suffagette City/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide/John I'm Only Dancing/The Jean Genie/Drive-In Saturday/Pani In Detroit/Watch That Man/Diamond Dogs/Sweet Thing/Rebel Rebel/Rock 'N' Roll With Me/Changes/Young Americans/Somebody Up There Likes Me/Fame/Golden Years/Word On A Wing/Stay/TVC 15.

Music publishers collect the royalty payments due to songwriters and composers and promote their compositions to other recording artists, the entertainment industry and other public performance organisations. These two discs (1CD and 2CD editions) are examples of the made-to-order CDRs used to promote Bowie's compositions controlled by the Chrysalis Music Group in the USA. Early examples have paper labels on the discs and later examples use white faced printable discs. As they rarely appear for sale, we can't know how the track lists and artwork vary from disc to disc.

Also see the Baby New Year Music Publishing Sampler below.

Baby New Year Music Publishing Sampler Baby New Year Music Publishing Sampler
(—), 2001 (US)

The Hearts Filthy Lesson/Thru These Architect's Eyes/What's Really Happening/Seven/Something In The Air/The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell/New Angels Of Promise/Segue - Algeria Touchshriek/Brilliant Adventure/Looking For Satellites/Little Wonder/The Last Thing You Should Do/Segue - Nathan Adler/Thursday's Cild/The Dreamers/If I'm Dreaming My Life/Dead Man Walking.

A rather strange CD credited to David Bowie/Reeves Gabrels. A "mood indicator" (Happy, Dark, Romantic, etc) sticker on the jewel case suggests this CD may have been pressed to stimulate the use of these Outside, Earthling, and hours... tracks as backing music for documentaries.

I Am Iman I Am Iman
(—), 2001 (US)

The Wedding/Wild Is The Wind/Loving The Alien/As The World Falls Down/Abdulmajid.

"This compilation of Bowie tracks was hand selected by David to celebrate Iman's new book", according to the liner notes. A promo CDR (with stickered label) accompanying the first print of "I Am Iman". Approximately 200 copies were signed by Bowie.

Heathen Sampler Heathen Sampler
(Columbia/ISO XPCD 2693), 2002 (UK)

Slow Burn/Everyone Says 'Hi'/I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship/Sunday (Moby Remix).

Although the sleeve times 'Sunday' at 5'10", this sampler actually contains a 3'09" edit of the Moby Remix.

Best Of BowieBest Of Bowie Best Of Bowie—6 Track Sampler
(EMI CDBOWIE 001), 2002 (UK)

Space Oddity/Life On Mars/The Jean Genie/"Heroes"/Under Pressure/Let's Dance.

The US promo (Virgin 70876 17558-2-4; bottom) contains Space Oddity/Fame/Golden Years/Let's Dance/I'm Afraid of Americans (V1).

Reality Reality
(Columbia 2003 SAMPCD 13278 2), 2003 (Austria)

Full album promo in slimline case.

Club Bowie Club Bowie
(EMI/Virgin), 2003 (EC/UK)

A 3-track CDR sampler (bottom), featuring Let's Dance (Trifactor vs Deeper Substance Remix)/Let's Dance (Club Bolly Extended Mix)/The Scumfrog vs David Bowie: This Is Not America.

Also see this in-house promo with an unreleased Metrophonic Remix of 'Starman'.

Black Tie White Noise Black Tie White Noise
(EMI), 2003 (UK)

Black Tie White Noise (US Radio Mix)/I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday/The Wedding Song/Nite Flights (Back To Basics Remix Edit).

Promo CDR (no catalogue number) for the 2CD+DVD reissue. The inclusion of the last track is a bit odd, as it's not included on the Black Tie White Noise reissue but on the 4CD re-release of Sound + Vision.

Sound + Vision Sampler Sound + Vision Sampler
(EMI), 2003 (UK)

Changes/London Bye Ta-Ta/Sound And Vision/Be My Wife/Boys Keep Swinging/Modern Love/Blue Jean/Jump They Say.

Promo CDR (no catalogue number) for the Sound + Vision 4CD reissue.

Best Of Bowie Let's Dance—Club Bolly Remixes
(Virgin 70876-18286-2-7), 2003 (US)

Let's Dance (Club Bolly Extended Mix)/Let's Dance (Bolly Clubmix).

Promoting the 2003 US reissue of Best Of Bowie.

Go Home Productions Sampler Go Home Productions Promotional Sampler #1
(Avalon), 2004 (UK)

Go Home Productions Promo Mix/I'm Afraid Of Making Plans For Americans/Fame (Go Home Productions Remix).

The Promo Mix contains 1'50" of 'David X', a mashup of 'Let's Dance' with the vocals of Liberty X 'Got To Have Your Love'.

The Color Of Beauty The Beauty Of Color
(—), 2005 (US)

Fascination/I've Been Waiting For You/I'm Deranged/Don't Let Me Down And Down/Abdulmajid.

Comparable to the I Am Iman promo, but this is a factory pressed disc (without a catalogue number) rather than a CDR.

The Platinum Collection Sampler The Platinum Collection Sampler
(EMI Bowie 2), 2005 (UK)

The Jean Genie/Space Oddity/Fame/"Heroes"/Let's Dance/Ashes To Ashes.

In card sleeve.

Remember That NightRemember That Night David Gilmour: Remember That Night
(EMI CDEMDJ 732), 2007 (EC)

Wish You Were Here/The Blue (featuring Crosby & Nash)/Comfortably Numb (featuring David Bowie).

There are two promos for the David Gilmour DVD Remember That Night containing 'Comfortably Numb', which is otherwise unavailable on CD. Besides the 3-track mentioned above, there's a US 5-track (Columbia 88697 14335 2; bottom), containing Wish You Were Here/On An Island (featuring Crosby & Nash)/Comfortably Numb (featuring David Bowie)/Shine On You Crazy Diamond (featuring Crosby & Nash)/The Blue (featuring Crosby & Nash).

The Platinum Collection Sampler David Bowie
(Sony/BMG —), 2007 (EC)

Strangers When We Meet/Hallo Spaceboy (Lost In Space Mix)/I'm Afraif Of Americans/V-2 Schneider (TAO Jones Index)/Thursday's Child/Seven (Demo Version)/Slow Burn/You've Got A Habit Of Leaving/New Killer Star/Rebel Never Gets Old (Radio Mix).

A sampler for the Limited Edition Boxset, featuring a track from each album and its bonus disc.

Anywhere I Lay My HeadAnywhere I Lay My Head Scarlett Johansson: Anywhere I Lay My Head
(Warner), 2008 (Japan)

Falling Down/Fanning Street.

This promo contains the two songs with contributions from David. A second promo only contains 'Falling Down'. Both do not have a dedicated catalogue number.

Anywhere I Lay My Head Live In Santa Monica '72
(EMI), 2008 (UK)

This advance promo CDR is worth mentioning as it contains an uncompressed mix that many prefer to the end product. The tracks, however, each are separated by a couple of seconds of silence.

Anywhere I Lay My Head The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars - 40th Anniversary Sampler
(EMI), 2012 (US)

Starman/Ziggy Stardust/Suffragette City/Moonage Daydream/The Supermen/Velvet Goldmine/Sweet Head.

A desirable sampler CDR, as the last three tracks are the bonus tracks from the DVD before they were compressed to death.