This section of Promos covers a selection of promo CDRs (plus a few cassettes) that were intended for internal use at the record company only. These CDRs are very rare and sometimes contain remixes that are otherwise unavailable. They come without artwork, usually only with a printed insert listing the titles.

Recently it has come to light that many promos that used to be listed on this page are fakes. For this reason, all CDRs have been discussed with experts. Most fakes can be exposed by a combination of clues that I will not reveal here for obvious reasons. Another discouraging fact is that the majority of them were sold on eBay by known forgers. These titles have been maintained on this page under Fakes. I won't add any additional fakes, as this is beyond the scope of this web site, but my strong advise would be to steer clear from any titles not mentioned directly below. If you are in the possession of an in-house CDR that you are positive to be genuine, please get in touch.

Buddha Of Suburbia
(Ariola), 1993.

Cassette: Buddha Of Suburbia/Strangers When We Meet/Sex And The Church.

CDR: Buddha Of Suburbia.

Although probably not strictly intended for in-house use, the Dutch cassette is as rare, if not much rarer, than some of the CDRs listed below. It is the only source for a longer version of 'Strangers When We Meet' (5'10" vs 4'58"). About 10 in-house promo CDRs were pressed containing a censored version of 'Buddha Of Suburbia', with the word 'bullshit' reversed. These CDRs, blank and without a specific insert, must rank among the very first CDRs.

(Virgin), 1995.

Cassette: Mind Change/I Am With Name/Small Plot Of Land/Get Real.

'Mind Change' is an alternate title for 'Nothing To Be Desired'. The interesting track on this tape is ' A Small Plot Of Land', which is the Basquiat version with a longer intro (3'14" vs. 2'49").

Telling Lies
(Virgin), 1996.

Cassette: Version #2/Version #3.

This tape was duplicated on 17-06-96, so a few months before the song's official internet premiere. #2 is an unreleased studio recording very close to the live version, #3 was re-titled to Feelgood Mix.

Radio Singles
(BMG), 1997.

Cassette: Little Wonder (Radio Edit Single)/Looking For Satellites (Single Fade)/Battle For Britain (Single Edit)/Seven Years In Tibet (Single Edit).

An odd tape, as none of the four edits correspond with the edits that appeared as singles, meaning they're all unique edits.

Little Wonder
(Virgin), 1997-98.

Cassette: Danny Saber Remixes: Final/Vocal Up/No Vocal/Unplugged/Dance Mix Final/Dance Mix Vocal Up/No Vox.

CDR: Junior Vasquez's Ambient Intro Mix/Junior Vasquez's Club Mix/Junior Vasquez's Club Dub/Junior Vasquez's 7" Mix/Junior Vasquez's Club TV Mix/Junior Vasquez's Club Instrumental/Junior Vasquez's 4/4 Mix/Danny Saber's Club Mix/ Danny Saber's Space Mix.

The period 1997-98 represents the transition from cassette to CDR. The in-house tape contains variations of the two Danny Saber remixes. The CDR probably is from 1998, but it is authentic. It contains familiar remixes under slightly different names, plus two otherwise unavailable remixes (Junior Vasquez's 7" Mix and Junior Vasquez's Club TV Mix).

Funhouse—Danny Saber Remixes
(Virgin), 1998

#2 Clownboy Mix/#3 Clownboy Mutant Mix/#5 Clownboy Mix Voc. Up/#7 Clownboy Instr.

The sound quality is not up to CD quality, it sounds it has been sourced from a cassette. This promo has unofficially been reissued on Glastonbury Messiah (BOW 2000).

(Virgin), 1998

Fun Fade 2 (w/o crowd @ top & shorter fade)/Trying To Get Into Heaven.

Before its release as a single AA-side, this promo used to be the only source of 'Tryin' To Get To Heaven'.

(-), 1998

Cassette: Soft Chorus Final/Hard Chorus Final/Both Soft & Hard.

Dated 18 September and with "final mixes" on the cassette label, this tape is the only source for the original version of 'Safe'.

Hours (Not Finished Mixes)
(Virgin), 1999

Seven/Survive/Something In The Air/The Dreamers/Thursday's Child.

Contains unfinished mixes. 'Seven' is listed as 'Seven Days'.

(Virgin), 1999

Remix by Beck: Version A/Version B

Beck Remix

Demo Version

Marius De Vries: Master Mix W/ Fade/Master Mix Full Length (30/04/00)

Marius De Vries: Updated Master (5/18/00)

Several in-house promo's exist, of which the Marius De Vries promo's are the most interesting as these variations are otherwise unreleased. All are at a slower pace than the released version and the 30/04/00 Full Length version contains several lines from 'Sorrow'!

The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
(Virgin), 1999

150 BPM Mix.

(Windswept), 1999

Stigmata — Pretty Things.

The 150 BPM Mix was reissued on the 2004 Limited 2CD Edition of hours... The untitled 3'56" remix of the soundtrack version on the Windswept promo remains unreleased in any other form.

Best Of Bowie
(EMI), 2002

International 30"—Version 1 (Cat People/Fame/Fashion/China Girl/Heroes)/International 30"—Version 2 (Space Oddity/Fame/Ashes To Ashes/Under Pressure/The Jean Genie/Rebel Rebel/Ashes To Ashes/Let's Dance)/International 20" (Cat People/Fame/Fashion/Heroes)/International 15" (Under Pressure/Ashes To Ashes/Dancing In The Street)/UK 30" (Space Oddity/Starman/The Jean Genie/Rebel Rebel/Ashes To Ashes/Let's Dance/Under Pressure)/UK 20" (Space Oddity/Starman/The Jean Genie/Rebel Rebel/Ashes To Ashes/Let's Dance)/UK 10" (Changes)/UK 60" Radio Ad (Space Oddity/Starman/Changes/Life On Mars/The Jean Genie/Rebel Rebel/Heroes/Ashes To Ashes/Let's Dance/Under Pressure/Dancing In The Street).

A sampler with several medleys, probably intended for radio advertisements.

Gemini Spaceship—Deepsky Remixes
(Columbia), 2002

Deepsky's Space Cowboy Vocal Remix/Deepsky's Space Cowboy Dub/Deepsky's Space Cowboy Vocal Edit.

Asian Remixes #1
(EMI), 2003 (UK)

China Girl Riff & Vox (Radio)/China Girl Riff & Vox (Club)/Let's Dance Club Bolly (Extended Mix)/Let's Dance Club Bolly (Radio Mix 1)/China Girl Club Mix/China Girl Club Mix—Radio Edit.

Asian Remixes #2
(EMI), 2003 (UK)

Let's Dance Club Bolly (Extended Mix)/Let's Dance Club Bolly (Radio Mix 1)/China Girl Club Mix/China Girl Club Radio Edit (3)/China Girl Cinemix/Let's Dance Club Bolly (Radio Mix 2)/Let's Dance Club Bolly (Nocturnal Mix)/China Girl Club Mix—Radio Edit (1)/China Girl Club Mix—Radio Edit (2)/China Girl Club Mix—Radio Edit (4)/Let's Dance Red Shoes Mix/Let's Dance Bollyclub Mix/Let's Dance Bollymovie Mix.

Both promos are just labelled Asian Remixes. Several of these Schtung mixes were later used on Club Bowie and Best Of Bowie.

Club Bowie—Rare And Unreleased 12" Mixes
(Virgin), 2003

The Scrumfrog vs David Bowie: Loving The Alien (Original Club Mix)/Let's Dance (Trifactor vs Deeper Substance Remix)/David Guetta vs David Bowie: Just For One Day (Heroes) (Club Mix)/Starman (Metrophonic Remix)/Solaris vs Bowie: Shout (Original Mix)/China Girl (Riff & Vox Club Remix)/Solaris vs Bowie: Shout (Phazon Dub)/Magic Dance (Danny S Cut N Paste Remix)/Let's Dance (Club Bolly Extended Remix).

This early promo contains the otherwise unavailable Metrophonic Remix of 'Starman'. The 'Shout' Phazon Dub is mislabelled Amazon Dub. A later promo CDR had a tracklisting identical to the official release, minus the video of 'Let's Dance (Club Bolly Mix)'.

David Bowie/Arcade Fire
(Rough Trade), 2005

Wake Up/Five Years.

Promoting the download-only iTunes release of this live performance.

Benassi vs Bowie: DJ
(Positiva), 2009

Extended Version/Planet Funk Remix/Mobbing Remix/Alex Gopher Remix.

Benassi vs Bowie: DJ
(Positiva), 2009

Original Mix/Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney Remix/E-Squire Remix/Rivaz Funk Remix/Dan McKie & Andy Morris Remix/Dan McKie & Andy Morris Dubstrumental.


The titles listed below were originally listed between the genuine promos above, but research has led to the conclusion that many of them are (very probably) fakes. I have kept these promos here as a reference. When they appear on eBay, make sure you do not pay large sums of money for them! If you are in the possession of any of the titles below, it would be helpful to verify if they indeed are fakes. Carefully check the remixes and make sure that these are not simply re-edited versions of the official versions.

Real Cool World
(Warner Bros. PRO-CD-5600), 1992

Album Edit/US Radio Remix/UK Radio Remix/Cool Dub Thing 1/Cool Dub Thing 2/Cool Dub Thing 3/12 Inch Club Mix/Cool Dub Overture/Extended Club Mix/Classic Def Mix/Def Bonus Beats/Def Club Mix.

Pallas Athena
(Arista), 1993

Half Baked Edit/Fully Cooked Mix/Fully Cooked Dub.

Jump They Say
(Arista), 1993

New Radio Mix/BIR Mix/BIR Instrumental/BIR Rollercoaster Mix/BIR Rollercoaster Dub/JAE E Remix/JAE E Hunted 12" Mix/Leftfield 12" Vocal Mix/Leftfield Dance Anthem/Leftfield Anticipation Mix.

Hallo Spaceboy—Mixed by The Pet Shop Boys
(Arista), 1995

PSB Spaced Radio Mix/PSB Spaced Out Mix/PSB Extended Remix.

Dead Man Walking
(BMG), 1997

Radio Edit/Remix Edit/House Mix/12inch Club Mix/Moby Mix/Dead Man Mix/Comatose Mix/Paradox Dub.

Supposedly a numbered French in-house promo, limited to 30 copies. This positively is a fake.

I'm Afraid Of Americans
(Virgin), 1997

Trent's Club Mix/US Club Mix/Trent's Alternative Club Mix/Trent's 12" Edit/Trent's 12" Mix/US Club Instrumental/Trent's Instrumental/Allegience Dub/Trent's Drum Mix/Trent's Drum & Bass Mix/Allegience Mix.

(Virgin), 1998

Clownboy Mix/Clownboy Mix—Vocal Up/Clownboy Mutant Mix/Clownboy Mutant Trance Mix/Clownboy Instrumental.

Probably compiled from the two genuine 'Fun' promos.

(Virgin), 1998

Fade 1/Fade 2/Remix.

(Virgin), 1999

Beck A Mix/Beck B Mix/Beck C Mix.

I'm not confident yet if this really is a fake; more info to follow.

(EMI), 2001 (France)

Soundtrack Version/Intimate Mix/Intimate Radio Mix

Everyone Says 'Hi'—The Remixes
(Columbia), 2002

Metro Remix/Metro Dub/Metro Mastermix.

I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship—Deepsky Remixes
(Columbia), 2002

Space Cowboy US Radio Mix/Space Cowboy Remix/Space Cowboy Dub Mix.

Possibly a genuine with alternative titles for the three Deepsky's remixes?

Nite Flights Back To Basics Mixes
(Virgin), 2003

Moodswings Back To Basics Club Mix/Back To The Club Mix/Back To The Dub Mix/Back To The Underground Mix.

Club Bowie—Unreleased 12" Collection
(Virgin/EMI), 2003

The Scumfrog vs David Bowie: Loving The Alien (Scumfrog 12" Club Mix)/The Scumfrog vs David Bowie: Loving The Alien (Scumfrog New Club Mix)/The Scumfrog vs David Bowie: Loving The Alien (Scumfrog 7" Dance Mix)/David Bowie: Let's Dance (Trifactor Extended 12" Mix)/David Bowie: Let's Dance (Trifactor Soul Dub)/David Bowie: China Girl (Riff's 2003 Radio Mix)/David Bowie: China Girl (Riff's 2003 Club Mix). CD2: David Bowie: Let's Dance (Trifactor Spaced Out Club Mix)/David Bowie: Let's Dance (Trifactor Spaced Out Dub Mix)/David Bowie: Let's Dance (Club Bolly Mix)/David Bowie: Let's Dance (Danny's Magic Party Mix)/David Bowie: Let's Dance (Danny's Magic Party Anthem)/David Bowie: Lets Dance (Danny's Rain Mix)/David Bowie: "Heroes" (David Guetta 12" Mix)/David Bowie: "Heroes" (Trip Hop Mix). CD3: The Scumfrog vs Bowie: This Is Not America (Scumfrog Alternate Club Mix)/The Scumfrog vs Bowie: This Is Not America (Scumfrog Club Mix)/The Scumfrog vs Bowie: This Is Not America (Patriotic Club Mix)/The Scumfrog vs Bowie: This Is Not America (Scumfrog Radio Mix)/Solaris vs David Bowie: Shout (Solaris Winter Mix)/Solaris vs David Bowie: Shout (Solaris 12" Mix)/Solaris vs David Bowie: Shout (Solaris Radio Mix)/David Bowie: China Girl (David Martin Radio Mix)/David Bowie: China Girl (David Martin 2003 Mix).

This title turned up at a time when eBay was flooded with fake titles. Over the years I have not seen convincing evidence that this isn't a fake either.