This section of Albums covers the albums 1. Outside (1996) to Glastonbury 2000 (2018). For general information David Bowie albums, please see Album info. Please note that soundtracks and compilations are listed under Soundtracks and Compilations respectively.

OutsideOutsideOutsideOutside 1. Outside Editions on vinyl
(Arista/BMG 74321 31065 2), September 1995 (UK)

Leon Takes Us Outside/Outside/Hearts Filthy Lesson/A Small Plot Of Land/Segue- Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette)/Hallo Spaceboy/The Motel/I Have Not Been To Oxford Town/No Control/Segue- Algeria Touchshriek/The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)/Segue- Ramona A. Stone/I Am With Name/Wishful Beginnings/We Prick You/Segue- Nathan Adler/I'm Deranged/Thru' These Architects Eyes/Segue- Nathan Adler/Strangers When We Meet.

Bonus tracks on Australian 1. Outside Version 2 (Arista/BMG 74321 36009 2): Hallo Spaceboy (Pet Shop Boys Remix)/Under Pressure (live)/Moonage Daydream (live)/The Man Who Sold The World (1995)/Strangers When We Meet (Edit)/The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Bowie Mix).

Bonus tracks Japanese 1. Outside Version 2 (Arista/BMG BVCA-2801/02): Hallo Spaceboy (Pet Shop Boys Remix)/Under Pressure (live)/Moonage Daydream (live)/The Man Who Sold The World (1995)/Strangers When We Meet (Edit)/The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Rubber Mix).

Bonus track 2004 US (ISO/Columbia CK 92100) reissue: Get Real.

Bonus disc 2004 Limited 2CD Edition (Columbia COL 511934 9): The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Trent Reznor Alternative Mix)/The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Rubber Mix)/The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Simple Text Mix)/The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Filthy Mix)/The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Good Karma Mix By Tim Simenon)/A Small Plot Of Land (Basquiat)/Hallo Spaceboy (12" Remix)//Hallo Spaceboy (Double Click Mix)/Hallo Spaceboy (Instrumental)/Hallo Spaceboy (Lost In Space Mix)/I Am With Name (Album Version)/I'm Deranged (Jungle Mix)/Get Real/Nothing To Be Desired.

The LP (Arista/RCA 74321307021), called Excerpts From Outside (second), features edited versions of Leon Takes Us Outside/The Motel and lacks No Control/Segue- Algeria Touchshriek/Wishful Beginnings/Thru' These Architects Eyes/Segue- Nathan Adler #2/Strangers When We Meet. Reissued in 2012 by Music On Vinyl (MOVLP500). In 2013, a run of 500 copies on green vinyl appeared in conjunction with the David Bowie Is exhibition in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. The complete album was released for the first time in 2015 as a 2LP on white vinyl (Friday Music FRM-40711). This 2LP was reissued in 2019 on both white/black and blue/green swirl vinyl.

The Japanese CD additionally features 'Get Real'. The second European issue of the CD, called 1. Outside Version 2 (Arista/BMG 74321 36009 2) (third), adds the Pet Shop Boys Remix of 'Hallo Spaceboy', but drops 'Wishful Beginnings'. The Australian and Japanese editions of 1. Outside Version 2 came as 2CDs (see bonus disc track listings above); the Japanese edition maintained Wishful Beginnings/Get Real on CD1 and came with a lyric/interview insert plus poster. Of the six tracks on the Australian bonus CD, two are already are present on CD1!

Reissued in 2003 in Europe (ISO/Columbia 511934 2) and in 2004 in the US (see above) as midprice editions, both restoring 'Wishful Beginnings'. Yet another reissue, but this time an interesting one, was the 2004 Limited 2CD Edition (bottom, see above for tracklisting of CD2), which was also available in a limited box set with Earthling and hours... Judging from the running time printed on the cover, the idea was to include the longer 'I Am With Name (Album Version)' used a B-side of 'The Hearts Filthy Lesson'. Instead, the bonus CD includes the same version as found on the album. This edition was reissued in 2007 in Japan as a mini LP paper sleeve replica (Sony MHCP 1340/1), featuring the Excerpts From Outside cover. Also see this box which was released to contain the entire Sony mini LP set.

For detailed info about this album, its singles, promos and more, visit Zig Dust's Outside Page Version 2.

EarthlingEarthling Earthling Editions on vinyl
(Arista/BMG 7432143077-2), February 1997 (UK)

Little Wonder/Looking For Satellites/Battle For Britain (The Letter)/Seven Years In Tibet/Dead Man Walking/Telling Lies/The Last Thing You Should Do/I'm Afraid Of Americans/Law (Earthling On Fire).

Bonus tracks 2004 US (ISO/Columbia CK 92098) reissue: Little Wonder (Danny Saber Dance Mix)/I'm Afraid Of Americans (NIN V1 Mix)/Dead Man Walking (Moby Mix 2)/Telling Lies (Adam F Mix).

Bonus disc 2004 Limited 2CD Edition (Columbia COL 511935 9): Little Wonder (Censored Video Edit)/Little Wonder (Junior Vasquez Club Mix)/Little Wonder (Danny Saber Dance Mix)/Seven Years In Tibet (Mandarin Version)/Dead Man Walking (Moby Mix 1)/Dead Man Walking (Moby Mix 2)/Telling Lies (Feelgood Mix)/Telling Lies (Paradox Mix)/I'm Afraid Of Americans (Show Girls OST Version)/I'm Afraid Of Americans (Nine Inch Nails V1 Mix)/I'm Afraid Of Americans (Nine Inch Nails V1 Clean Edit)1/V-2 Schneider (TAO Jones Index)/Pallas Athena (TAO Jones Index).

Also released as a limited edition LP (Arista/BMG 7432144944-1). The LP was reissued in 2013 (Music on Vinyl MOVLP815) in three flavours: green, blue (both limited to 2.000 copies) and black vinyl.

Initial French pressings came with a promotional CD called Limited Edition 3 Track Sampler (Arista/BMG 74321458262). The Hong Kong issue (Arista/BMG 7432143077 2) has a bonus CD with a Chinese version of 'Seven Years In Tibet' (called 'A Fleeting Moment'). Finally, the South Korean edition (BMG AD-2146) has 'Under Pressure' as a bonus track.

Reissued in 2003 in Europe (ISO/Columbia 511935 2) and in 2004 in the US (see above). Reissued once again in 2004 as a Limited 2CD Edition (bottom, see above for tracklisting of CD2). Also available in a limited box set with 1. Outside and hours... Reissued in Japan in 2007 as a mini LP (Sony MHCP-1342/3). Also see Pirates.

1 Although the bonus CD lists 'I'm Afraid Of Americans (NIN V1 Clean Edit)', actually the Edit is included. CD1 contains a mastering error as there is a break of 36 seconds of silence before 'Telling Lies' starts.

hours...hours...hours...hours...hours... hours... Editions on vinyl
(Virgin CDV 2900), October 1999 (UK)

Thursday's Child/Something In The Air/Survive/If I'm Dreaming My Life/Seven/What's Really Happening/The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell/New Angels Of Promise/Brilliant Adventure/The Dreamers.

Bonus tracks 2004 US and 2012 Collector's Edition reissues: Something In The Air (American Psycho Remix)/Survive (Marius de Vries Mix)/Seven (Demo)/The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Stigmata Film Version)/We All Go Through.

Bonus disc 2004 Limited 2CD Edition: Thursday's Child (Rock Mix)/Thursday's Child (Omikron: The Nomad Soul Slower Version)/Something In The Air (American Psycho Remix)/Survive (Marius de Vries Mix)/Seven (Demo Version)/Seven (Marius de Vries Mix)/Seven (Beck Mix #1)/Seven (Beck Mix #2)/The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Edit)/The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Stigmata Film Version)/The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Stigmate Film Only Version)/New Angels Of Promise (Omikron: The Nomad Soul Version)/The Dreamers (Omikron: The Nomad Soul Longer Version)/1917/We Shall Go To Town/We All Go Through/No One Calls.

The first release on vinyl appeared in June 2015 (Music on Vinyl MOVLP1400) on green, blue (both limited to 2.000 copies) and black vinyl. In the US, the album was released in October 2015 by Friday Music (FRM-48155), also on blue vinyl. The latter was reissued on both blue/gold and red/orange swirl vinyl in 2019.

The first 450.000 copies came with a lenticular inlay (second). The Japanese edition (Virgin VJCP-68160) adds 'We All Go Through' as a bonus track. In France, a special edition (Virgin 7243 8 48716 0 4) included a bonus CD with 'We All Go Through', a video section with an interview ('Making of hours...'), photo's and the video clip of 'Thursday's Child'. Two unofficial vinyl editions and three CD's are discussed under Pirates.

Reissued in 2003 in Europe (ISO/Columbia 511936 2) and in 2004 in the US (ISO/Columbia CK 92099), with artwork similar to the lenticular inlay (third). The 2004 Limited 2CD Edition (Columbia COL 511936 9; fourth, see above for tracklisting of CD2) contained previously unavailable versions recorded for Omikron: The Nomad Soul. Also available in a limited box set with 1. Outside and Earthling. Even though hours... was never offially released on vinyl, it was released in 2007 as a Japanese mini LP (Sony MHCP-1344/5) featuring the same bonus disc. The latest reissue is the Collector's Edition from 2012 (Friday Music/Columbia FRM-48157), containing the same bonus tracks as the 2004 US reissue.

HeathenHeathen Heathen Editions on vinyl
(Columbia/ISO 508222 2), June 2002 (UK)

Sunday/Cactus/Slip Away/Slow Burn/Afraid/I've Been Waiting For You/I Would Be Your Slave/I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship/5:15 The Angels Have Gone/Everyone Says 'Hi'/A Better Future/Heathen (The Rays).

Also available as limited edition 2CD (Columbia/ISO 508222 9), the bonus disc containing: Sunday (Moby Remix)/A Better Future (Remix By Air)/Conversation Piece (Written 1969 - Recorded 1970 - Re-recorded 2002)/Panic In Detroit (Outtake From A 1979 Recording).

Bonus disc 2007 Japanese mini LP reissue (Sony MHCP-1346/7): Sunday (Moby Remix)/A Better Future (Remix By Air)/Conversation Piece/Panic In Detroit/Wood Jackson/When The Boys Come Marching Home/Baby Loves That Way/You've Got A Habit Of Leaving/Safe/Shadow Man.

Also available on vinyl (Columbia/ISO 508222 1) and as a CD shipped in a 12" x 12" gatefold package (Columbia/ISO 508222 0). Unlike the latter, the LP came in a single sleeve. The vinyl edition was reissued in 2011 (ISO/Columbia/Music On Vinyl MOVLP470). In 2013, a run of 500 copies on "Heathen orange" vinyl was released in conjunction with the David Bowie Is exhibition in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Released in 2015 on blue vinyl (Friday Music FRM-86630) and again in 2018 on platinum/orange swirl and brown marbled vinyl (same catalogue number).

The Japanese edition (Sony/ISO SICP-155), which has 'Wood Jackson' as a bonus track, is also available as a 2CD (Sony/ISO SICP-153/4). The Super Audio CD (Columbia/ISO 508222 6) has a 5.1 surround mix, longer versions of Slip Away/Slow Burn/I've Been Waiting For You/5:15 The Angels Have Gone/Safe (see individual tracks for more info), a shorter version of 'A Better Future' and adds When The Boys Come Marching Home/Wood Jackson/Conversation Piece and the forementioned 'Safe' as bonus tracks.

Reissued in 2006 in The Vinyl Classics series, using the same artwork but in a slipcase and with a custom CD resembling a vinyl LP (Sony/BMG 82876867452). Miniature replicas of vinyl albums sleeves were all hip in 2007 in Japan and Heathen too was released in a 'paper jacket'. This edition features a disc full of bonus tracks, for which see above.

RealityReality Reality Editions on vinyl
(Columbia/ISO 512555 2), September 2003 (UK)

New Killer Star/Pablo Picasso/Never Get Old/The Loneliest Guy/Looking For Water/She'll Drive The Big Car/Days/Fall Dog Bombs The Moon/Try Some, Buy Some/Reality/Bring Me The Disco King.

Limited edition 2CD (Columbia/ISO COL 512555 9) additionally contains Fly/Queen Of All The Tarts (Overture)/Rebel Rebel.

Limited CD+DVD tour edition (Columbia/ISO 512555 3; bottom) includes 'Waterloo Sunset' as a bonus track and on the DVD live versions of New Killer Star/Pablo Picasso/Never Get Old/The Loneliest Guy/Looking For Water/She'll Drive The Big Car/Days/Fall Dog Bombs The Moon/Try Some, Buy Some/Reality/Bring Me The Disco King recorded at the Riverside Studios, London, 08-09-03.

Bonus disc 2007 Japanese mini LP reissue (Sony MHCP-1348/9): Waterloo Sunset/Fly/Queen Of All The Tarts (Overture)/Rebel Rebel/Love Missle F1 11/Rebel Never Gets Old (Radio Mix)/Rebel Never Gets Old (7th Heaven Edit)/Rebel Never Gets Old (7th Heaven Mix).

The first release on vinyl appeared in 2014 (Music on Vinyl MOVLP875) on green, orange (both limited to 2.500 copies) and black vinyl. The album repeared as Friday Music FRM-90576 on clear (2017), orange/white swirl (2018), and clear/blue swirl (2019) vinyl.

'Rebel Rebel' on the bonus disc is the 2002 re-recording. The Japanese edition (Sony/ISO SICP-446), which has 'Waterloo Sunset' as a bonus track, is also available as a 2CD (Sony/ISO SICP-444/445). Special editions are a Super Audio CD containing a 5.1 surround mix (Columbia/ISO CS 90752 6) and a tour edition (see above). The Canadian tour edition (ISO/Columbia CK 91871) includes just five live versions on the bonus DVD (New Killer Star/Never Get Old/Days/Reality/Bring Me The Disco King), whereas the Asian tour edition (Columbia/ISO COL 512555 5) does not include 'Waterloo Sunset' as a bonus track. Initially released in the Boston and Seattle regions of the US only was a DualDisc edition (Columbia/ISO CN 90743). The CD-side contains the album, whereas the DVD-side contains the album in 5.1 surround sound plus bonus material (photo gallery, lyrics, biography and discography). Of most interest is the otherwise unavailable Reality film featuring full length videos of Never Get Old/The Loneliest Guy/Bring Me The Disco King/New Killer Star. About half a year later this edition was released countrywide in the US.

Reissued in 2007 in Japan as a 'paper jacket' 2CD, including a disc with bonus tracks (see above). Also see this box which was released to contain the entire Sony mini LP set.

See Pirates for an unofficial release on white vinyl and an odd Russian CD.

Glass Spider Glass Spider
(EMI 3910022), 2007

Intro/Up The Hill Backwards/Glass Spider/Day-In Day-Out/Bang Bang/Absolute Beginners/Loving The Alien/China Girl/Rebel Rebel/Fashion/Scary Monsters/All The Madmen/Never Let Me Down/Big Brother/'87 And Cry/"Heroes"/Sons Of The Silent Age/Time Will Crawl/Young Americans/Beat Of Your Drum/The Jean Genie/Let's Dance/Fame/Time/Blue Jean/Modern Love.

The Special Edition DVD featured a bonus 2CD recorded in Montreal, Olympic Stadium, 30-08-87. For more info on this and other DVDs, see Videos. This title was incorporated (in a better mix) in the Loving The Alien box set and released as a standalone 2CD in 2019.

Live Santa Monica '72 Live Santa Monica '72 Editions on vinyl
(EMI BOWLIVE 201072), June 2008 (UK)

Introduction/Hang On To Yourself/Ziggy Stardust/Changes/The Supermen/Life On Mars/Five Years/Space Oddity/Andy Warhol/My Death/The Width Of A Circle/Queen Bitch/Moonage Daydream/John I'm Only Dancing/Waiting For The Man/The Jean Genie/Suffragette City/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide.

A deluxe edition including a poster and a set of four promo post cards. Also released in a limited edition on 180 gram vinyl (EMI BOWLIVELP 201072).

Finally, 35 years after Ziggy In Concert (Berkeley 1806/1807), the first bootleg of this concert (and the first Bowie bootleg ever!) and 14 years after the semi-official Santa Monica '72, this legendary concert was officially released. Advance promo CDRs contained an uncompressed version of this recording.

Storytellers VH1 Storytellers
(EMI DBVH1), July 2009 (EC).

Life On Mars/Rebel Rebel/Thursday's Child/Can't Help Thinking About Me/China Girl/Seven/Drive In Saturday/Word On A Wing.

DVD: Life On Mars/Rebel Rebel/Thursday's Child/Can't Help Thinking About Me/China Girl/Seven/Drive In Saturday/Word On A Wing/Survive/I Can't Read/Always Crashing In The Same Car/If I'm Dreaming My Life.

Recorded at Manhattan Center Studios, New York, 23-08-99 as part of the VH1 Storytellers series. A CD+DVD release, the DVD adding four bonus tracks that were not originally broadcast. The German edition came in a slip case. The digital download includes the four bonus tracks.

A Reality Tour A Reality Tour
(Columbia 8 8697 58827 2 4), January 2010 (EC)

Rebel Rebel/New Killer Star/Reality/Fame/Cactus/Sister Midnight/Afraid/All The Young Dudes/Be My Wife/The Loneliest Guy/The Man Who Sold The World/Fantastic Voyage/Hallo Spaceboy/Sunday/Under Pressure/Life On Mars/Battle For Britain (The Letter)/Ashes To Ashes/The Motel/Loving The Alien/Never Get Old/Changes/I'm Afraid Of Americans/"Heroes"/Bring Me The Disco King/Slip Away/Heathen (The Rays)/Five Years/Hang On To Yourself/Ziggy Stardust/Fall Dog Bombs The Moon/Breaking Glass/China Girl.

Compared to the DVD, this 2CD adds three bonus tracks. Additionally, this title includes more of Bowie's banter between the songs and an unedited version of 'Cactus'. The digital download features five bonus tracks. Released as a 3LP box set (ISO/Columbia 88985348411) on blue vinyl in October 2016.

The Next DayThe Next Day The Next Day Editions on vinyl
(ISO/Columbia 8876 54618 6 2), March 2013 (EC)

The Next Day/Dirty Boys/The Stars (Are Out Tonight)/Love Is Lost/Where Are We Now?/Valentine's Day/If You Can See Me/I'd Rather Be High/Boss Of Me/Dancing Out In Space/How Does The Grass Grow?/(You Will) Set The World On Fire/You Feel So Lonely You Could Die/Heat.

Deluxe Edition (ISO/Columbia 8876 54619 2 7) bonus tracks: So She/Plan/I'll Take You There.

The Next Day Extra (ISO/Columbia 888837878128) bonus CD: Atomica/Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix By James Murphy For The DFA)/Plan/The Informer/I'd Rather Be High (Venetian Mix)/Like A Rocket Man/Born In A UFO/I'll Take You There/God Bless The Girl/So She.

Released on vinyl as a 2LP (ISO/Columbia 88765461861), including a copy of the Deluxe Edition on CD (ISO/Columbia 8876549048 2). A limited edition of 1.000 was released on red vinyl, "designed" by Paul Smith. Released on yellow vinyl for the David Bowie Is exhibition in Japan in 2017 (Sony/ISO 88765 461861). The most exclusive edition is a run of 50 copies on blue vinyl for Unicef.

Both the regular (ISO/Columbia SICP 3788) and Deluxe (ISO/Columbia SICP 30127) editions in Japan contain the exclusive bonus track 'God Bless The Girl'.

In November 2013, a three disc edition was released as The Next Day Extra (bottom), containing a CD with bonus tracks (see above), plus a DVD with the promo videos of Where Are We Now?/The Stars (Are Out Tonight)/The Next Day/Valentine's Day. The bonus disc was released as a separate download as The Next Day Extra EP.


BlackstarBlackstar ★ (Blackstar) Editions on vinyl
(ISO/Columbia 8887517386212), January 2016 (EC)

Blackstar/'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore/Lazarus/Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)/Girl Loves Me/Dollars Days/I Can't Give Everything Away.

The Deluxe Edition (ISO/Columbia 888751871625) adds three lithographs, which were also sold separately.

Released on vinyl (ISO/Columbia 88875173871) in a special die-cut sleeve. Additional to the standard edition, there is a Limited Edition on clear vinyl (ISO/Columbia 888751888517. The clear vinyl album was also sold with the bundle of three lithographs (ISO/Columbia 888751888517).

See the Lazarus musical soundtrack for three more songs recorded during the Blackstar sessions.

Live Nassau Coliseum '76 Live Nassau Coliseum '76 Editions on vinyl
(Parlophone 0190295989781), February 2017 (EC)

Station To Station/Suffragette City/Fame/Word On A Wing/Stay/Waiting For The Man/Queen Bitch/Life On Mars/Five Years/Panic In Detroit/Changes/TVC 15/Diamond Dogs/Rebel Rebel/The Jean Genie.

Standalone release of an album that previously was available only as part of the 2010 special editions of Station To Station and the box set Who Can I Be Now.

BOWPROMO BOWPROMO Editions on vinyl
(Parlophone DBRSD 6973), April 2017 (EC)

Oh! You Pretty Things/Eight Line Poem/Kooks/It Ain't Easy/Queen Bitch/Quicksand/Bombers-Andy Warhol intro.

An one-sided official release of the BOWPROMO, omitting the Dana Gillespie tracks. The album comes in a box, with a reproduced folder plus five prints. The LP is a needle drop; unfortunately it runs slow and has the channels reversed.

Cracked Actor Cracked Actor Editions on vinyl
(Parlophone DBRSD 7476), April 2017 (EC)

Introduction/1984/Rebel Rebel/Moonage Daydream/Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (Reprise)/Changes/Suffragette City/Aladdin Sane/All The Young Dudes/Cracked Actor/Rock 'N' Roll With Me/Knock On Wood/It's Gonna Be Me/Space Oddity/Diamond Dogs/Big Brother/Time/The Jean Genie/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide/John, I'm Only Dancing (Again).

Recorded live at the Los Angeles Amphitheatre, 05-09-74. Footage from this concert was used for the 1975 BBC documentary Cracked Actor. Initially released only on vinyl for Record Store Day 2017, but a CD version (Parlophone CDDB 7476) followed two months later.

Live In Berlin (1978) LP Live In Berlin (1978) LP Editions on vinyl
(Parlophone DBISNY 20181), March 2018 (US)

"Heroes"/Be My Wife/Blackout/Sense Of Doubt/Breaking Glass/Fame/Alabama Song/Rebel Rebel.

Recorded live in Berlin, Deutschlandhalle, 16-05-78. Sold exclusively at the David Bowie Is exhibition in the Brooklyn Museum, New York. Also see the Live In Berlin (1978) EP.

Welcome To The Blackout Welcome To The Blackout (Live London '78) Editions on vinyl
(Parlophone DBRSD 7782), April 2018 (EC)

Warszawa/"Heroes"/What In The World/Be My Wife/Blackout/Sense Of Doubt/Speed Of Life/Sound And Vision/Breaking Glass/Beauty And The Beast/Fame/Five Years/Soul Love/Star/Hang On To Yourself/Ziggy Stardust/Art Decade/Alabama Song/Station To Station/TVC 15/Stay/Rebel Rebel.

Recorded live in London, Earl's Court Arena, 29-06 and 01-07-78. Compared to somewhat lo-fi Live In Berlin, the sound quality is excellent. Furthermore, unlike the many iterations of Stage, this album finally represents a complete 1978 concert. Released on vinyl as an Record Store Day 2018 exclusive, with the CD and downloads appearing two months later.

The 'Breaking Glass' 40th Anniversary Edition picture disc (Parlophone DBBG 40) contains Breaking Glass/Art Decade/Hang On To Yourself/Ziggy Stardust recorded at alternate evenings (see individual tracks for exact dates).

Glastonbury 2000 Glastonbury 2000 Editions on vinyl
(Parlophone 0190295568733), November 2018 (EC)

Introduction (Greensleeves)/Wild Is The Wind/China Girl/Changes/Stay/Life On Mars?/Absolute Beginners/Ashes To Ashes/Rebel Rebel/Little Wonder/Golden Years/Fame/All The Young Dudes/The Man Who Sold The World/Station To Station/Starman/Hallo Spaceboy/Under Pressure/Ziggy Stardust/"Heroes"/Let's Dance/I'm Afraid Of Americans.

Bowie's triumphant return to the Glastonbury Festival, recorded on 25-06-00. This concert was already bootlegged long before this official release, the earliest title (Glastonbury Messiah; BOW2000) appearing as early as 2000. Also available as a 2CD+DVD set (Parlophone 0190295568764).