Pirate albums are LPs or CDs that at first sight appear to be regular releases, but in fact are bootlegs pretending to be official albums; also included are a few bootlegs that were available through official channels plus several semi-official albums (from countries that have no copyright laws). In this section the CDs Greatest Hits First Presentation to Beautiful Pops Explosion are covered. Also see Counterfeits.

Greatest Hits First Presentation Greatest Hits First Presentation
(ARC G1), 1988 (Japan)

Five Years/Ziggy Stardust/1984/Changes/Starman.

An odd 3" CD-single that pretended to introduce the then upcoming Rykodisc reissues. The five tracks, however, have been taken from vinyl.

Rare Rare
(RCA PL 45406), 1989 (Japan)

Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola/Round And Round/Amsterdam/Holy Holy (1972)/Panic In Detroit (Live)/Young Americans/Velvet Goldmine/"Helden"/John I'm Only Dancing (Again)/Alabama Song/Crystal Japan.

This is a Japanese pirate CD of the official compilation LP, that has never officially been released on CD. All tracks have been sourced from vinyl.

Best Best
(TF T-2019), 1990 (Japan)

Space Oddity/Changes/Rebel Rebel/Ziggy Stardust/1984/Golden Years/Young Americans/Suffragette City/Diamond Dogs/Lady Stardust/TVC 15/Sound And Vision/The Jean Genie/"Heroes"/Fame/Starman.

Billboard Hits USA Billboard Hits US
(Thecodisk B-0033), 1990 (Japan)

Starman/Changes/John I'm Only Dancing/TVC 15/Fame/Space Oddity/Ziggy Stardust/I Can't Explain/Rebel Rebel/Sound And Vision/"Heroes".

Best Selection Best Selection
(VC-3037), 1990 (Japan)

The Man Who Sold The World/Changes/Space Oddity (demo)/Soul Love (live1)/Ziggy Stardust (live2)/Suffragette City (live3)/Panic In Detroit/The Jean Genie (live1)/Fame (live1)/Speed Of Life/Sound And Vision/Joe The Lion/Rebel Rebel (US)/TVC 15/Warszawa (live4)/"Heroes" (live1).

1 from the Live In Stockholm 1979 bootleg LP (Audifön ACR 25; Gothenburg, Scandinavium, 04-06-78), 2 Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture, 3 David Live and 4 Stage.

David Bowie David Bowie
(SH-1733), 1992? (Japan)

Same tracks as on Billboard Hits US above.

Big Artist Album Big Artist Album
(AILE GR-42), 1992? (Japan)

Ziggy Stardust/Yound American/"Heroes"/Fame/Golden Years/Sound And Vision/Beauty And The Beast/1984/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide/Five Years/Starman/Changes.

David Bowie David Bowie
(Excellent EX-100), 1992? (Japan)

Sound And Vision/Ziggy Stardus/Starman/Changes/Quicksand/Song For Bob Dylan/The Bewlay Brothers/I Can't Explain/Five Years/Soul Love/It Ain't Easy/Lady Stardust/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide.

Starman Starman
(Office 55 GPO-168), 1992 (Japan)

Starman/Fame/Space Oddity/Sound And Vision/Golden Years/Young Americans/Changes/1984/"Heroes"/Five Years/Lady Stardust/Ziggy Stardust.

Beautiful Pops Explosion Beautiful Pops Explosion
(Tone TNCD-1049), 1993? (Japan)

Fame/"Heroes"/The Jean Genie/Changes/Ziggy Stardust/Sound And Vision/Starman/I Can't Explain/Rebel Rebel/John I'm Only Dancing/TVC 15/Space Oddity.