Illustrated db Discography

Up to a few years ago, anybody looking for a complete David Bowie 7" single discography would be mildly disappointed by what can be found online. Recently though, long-time collector Chas Pearson has started David Bowie 7" singles, a site dedicated exclusively to Bowie's singles. It's a work in progress, which already has built up to a very comprehensive resource.

While Chas is extending his web site, probably the most complete overview still is Marshall Jarman's World 7" Records Discography. However, even this excellent and nowadays hard to find book has its imperfections. It only treats the singles up to and including 1981, disregarding the EMI years. Besides, most picture sleeves and labels are included as B&W pictures; only the rarest and prettiest picture sleeves are included with a colour picture. Finally, it appears that despite Marshall's meticulate research over the years, a couple of the more 'exotic' issues have been overlooked. Several of these have been listed in the forum under Missing singles discography.