This section of Promos covers a selection of CD-ROMs given away with computer magazines and newspapers. Please see Promo info for more information about which promos are included and which are not.

CD-ROM Today
(—), 1994 (UK)

Jump CD-ROM demo.

This CD-ROM was given away with the July 1994 issue of the computer magazine "CD-ROM Today". Besides a short, non-interactive demo of the Jump CD-ROM, it also features the full 'Black Tie White Noise' video clip.

CD-ROM Magazine Interactive
(—), 1994 (US)

Jump CD-ROM demo.

Another demo of the Jump CD-ROM, presented with the December 1994 issue of "CD-ROM Magazine", this time in the form of a QuickTime™ movie.

Nautilus CD
(—), 1995 (US)

Jump CD-ROM demo.

Once again a Jump demo (in the same format as the CD-ROM Today disc), on a sampler CD-ROM given away with the February 1995 issue of "Macworld".

CD PowerPlay (#43)
(—), 1999 (Australia)

Something In The Air.

A virtual live performance of 'Something In The Air' from the Omikron: The Nomad Soul game is presented as an "all new music video" on this CD-ROM, given away with the December 1999 issue of the Australian "PowerPlay" magazine. Demo's of the game itself featured on CD-ROM's given away with November 1999 issues of the French "Gen4" and UK "PCZone" magazines. Both the virtual performance and the demo are downloadable from the Nomad Soul site.

The Month The Month
(—), 2003 (UK)

David Bowie Exclusive Feature.

Included with the September 2003 issue of The Sunday Times, this feature is mainly based on the Reality EPK.