This section of Albums covers the albums Tin Machine II (1991) to Santa Monica '72 (1995) and its reissues. For general information David Bowie albums, please see Album info. Please note that soundtracks and compilations are listed under Soundtracks and Compilations respectively.

Tin Machine IITin Machine IITin Machine IITin Machine IITin Machine II Tin Machine: Tin Machine II Editions on vinyl
(London/Victory 828 272-2), September 1991 (UK)

Baby Universal/One Shot/You Belong In Rock 'N' Roll/If There Is Something/Amlapura/Betty Wrong/You Can't Talk/Stateside/Shopping For Girls/A Big Hurt/Sorry/Goodbye Mr. Ed.

Also available on vinyl (London/Victory 828 272-1). The Argentian (London/PolyGram 828 272; third) and South Korean (London SZPR-100; fourth) LPs have different sleeves. The Russian LP (SNC Records ME 1807-8) drops 'Stateside' and the 'Hammerhead' excerpt closing the album. Reissued in 2020 on silver and regular vinyl and in 2022 on turquoise vinyl (all as Music On Vinyl MOVLP2715).

Released in the US with censored sleeve (Victory 314 511 216-2; second) and in a limited edition, slightly modified, uncensored digipack (Victory 314 511 575-2). Also see this Japanese promo CD. Re-released only twice: in 2006 as a Japanese mini LP (Victor VICP 63333; bottom) and in 2020 on Music On CD (MOCCD13972).

Tin Machine Live - Oy Vey Baby Tin Machine Live: Oy Vey, Baby Editions on vinyl
(Victory 828 328-2), October 1992 (UK)

If There Is Something/Amazing/I Can't Read/Stateside/Under The God/Goodbye Mr. Ed/Heaven's In Here/You Belong In Rock 'N' Roll.

Recorded 1991 and 1992 in Tokyo, Chicago, Boston, New York and Sapporo. See individual tracks for the exact venues and dates. Also released as an LP (London/Victory 828 328 1).

The Oy Vey, Baby video was recorded entirely at Hamburg, Docks, 24-10-91.

Black Tie White NoiseBlack Tie White Noise Black Tie White Noise Editions on vinyl
(Arista/BMG 74321 13697), April 1993 (UK)

The Wedding/You've Been Around/I Feel Free/Black Tie White Noise/Jump They Say/Nite Flights/Pallas Athena/Miracle Goodnight/Don't Let Me Down & Down/Looking For Lester/I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday/The Wedding Song/Jump They Say (Alternate Mix)/Lucy Can't Dance.

Limited Edition 2CD+DVD: CD2 Real Cool World/Lucy Can't Dance/Jump They Say (Rock Mix)/Black Tie White Noise (3rd Floor US Radio Mix)/Miracle Goodnight (Make Believe Mix)/Don't Let Me Down & Down (Indonesian Vocal Version)/You've Been Around (Dangers 12" Remix)/Jump They Say (Brothers In Rhythm 12" Remix)/Black Tie White Noise (Here Come Da Jazz)/Pallas Athena (Don't Stop Praying Remix No 2)/Nite Flights (Moodswings Back To Basics Remix)/Jump They Say (Dub Oddity) DVD see Music Videos.

Released on vinyl only in The Netherlands, Spain, Colombia, Brazil and South Korea. The LP drops 'The Wedding' and 'Looking For Lester' and places 'Pallas Athena' after 'Don't Let Me Down & Down'.

Released in the USA by Savage Records (747855021223), but withdrawn shortly after the label ceased trading in June 1993. Re-released in the USA by Virgin America in 1995 (724384098728). The Japanese CD (Arista/BMG BVCA-612) was released in a different box with a photo booklet and featured 'Pallas Athena (Don't Stop Praying Mix)' as a third bonus track. The first 1500 copies sold through Virgin Megastores in Australia came in a numbered box with the same biography inlay ("Looking For Bowie") as the promo CD. In France, the promo CD Arista/BMG DB002 was commercially released as Arista/BMG 74321145502. On CDs (Arista/BMG 74321 14071-2) and cassettes from South East Asia, 'Don't Let Me Down & Down' (Indonesian Vocal) replaces 'Jump They Say' (Alternate Mix).

Reissued in 2003 as a Limited Edition 2CD+DVD (EMI 7243 584814 0 2). The bonus CD (bottom) included hard-to-find remixes, most of which were previously available only on 12" or promo; the DVD was a reissue of the Black Tie White Noise video.

Buddha Of SuburbiaBuddha Of SuburbiaBuddha Of Suburbia The Buddha Of Suburbia Editions on vinyl
(Arista/BMG 74321 170042), December 1993 (UK)

Buddha Of Suburbia/Sex And The Church/South Horizon/The Mysteries/Bleed Like A Craze, Dad/Strangers When We Meet/Dead Against It/Untitled No. 1/Ian Fish, UK Heir/Buddha Of Suburbia.

Soundtrack to the 4-part serial for BBC 2. Released on vinyl in Brazil only (Arista/BMG 150.8220). Hanif Kureishi's book and Bowie's soundtrack CD were bundled in a translucent plastic box as Arista/BMG 4321178222. Initially slated for a UK release only, but in 1995 this soundtrack appeared on Virgin 7243 8 40988 2 7 in the US (second).

Finally re-released in 2007 (EMI 5004632) with the artwork of the US edition in colour.

Santa Monica '72Santa Monica '72Santa Monica '72Santa Monica '72Santa Monica '72 Santa Monica '72 Editions on vinyl
(Golden Years GY 002), July 1994 (UK)

See Semi-official albums. Alternate semi-official titles containing the same concert are Live 1972, Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars "Live" and Rarest Live.

Released officially in 2008 as Live Santa Monica '72.