Soundtracks includes full Bowie albums, as well as soundtracks with that include just one (not necessarily exclusive) track; this section covers Christiane F. (1981) to Labyrinth (1986). Only the songs featuring Bowie are listed.

Christiane FChristiane FChristiane FChristiane FChristiane FChristiane FChristiane F Christiane F., Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo Editions on vinyl
(RCA BL 43606), April 1981 (Germany)

V-2 Schneider/TVC 15/"Helden"/Boys Keep Swinging/Sense Of Doubt/Station To Station/Look Back In Anger/Stay/Warszawa.

This soundtrack features the single edits of 'TVC 15' and 'Stay' and the full-length German/English version of "Heroes". Also released with modified sleeves (and sometimes subtitle) in France (Christiane F. 13 Ans. Drogée, Prostituée; second), Italy (Christiana F., Noi Ragazzi Zoo Berlino; third), Spain (fourth) and Israel (fifth), all as RCA BL 43606. The 1982 US edition (RCA ABL 1-4239) has a different sleeve as well. Reissued on red vinyl (Parlophone DBCFLP 2018) in June 2018.

For almost ten years this title was available on CD only as a pirate disc, until it was officially re-issued in 2001 (EMI 5330932; bottom).

Baal David Bowie In Bertolt Brecht's Baal Editions on vinyl
(RCA APL1 4346), March 1982 (UK)

Baal's Hymn/Remembering Marie A./Ballad Of The Adventurers/The Drowned Girl/Dirty Song.

Soundtrack to the BBC play, also see 12" singles. In 2007, Baal was released as an iTunes download, see Digital singles and EPs. The first release of the entire EP on CD was not until 2018, on Re:Call 4.

Cat People
Cat People Editions on vinyl
(MCA MCF 3138), April 1982 (UK)

Cat People (Putting Out The Fire)/The Myth.

The remainder of the score is by Giorgio Moroder.

Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture Editions on vinyl
(RCA PL 84862), October 1983 (UK)

See Albums.

Love You Till TuesdayLove You Till Tuesday Love You Till Tuesday Editions on vinyl
(Deram BOWIE 1), May 1984 (UK)

See Early Works.

Falcon And The Snowman The Falcon And The Snowman Editions on vinyl
(EMI FAL 1), May 1985 (UK)

This Is Not America.

The rest of the album is performed by the Pat Metheny Group.

Absolute BeginnersAbsolute BeginnersAbsolute Beginners Absolute Beginners Editions on vinyl
(Virgin VD 2514), April 1986 (UK)

Absolute Beginners/Volare/That's Motivation

This soundtrack was released as a 10-track LP (Virgin V 2386), 22-track 2LP (second) and 18-track CD. The single LP, released one month earlier, omits 'Volare'.

The European CD release (Virgin CDV 2386) uses the same artwork as the 2LP, whereas the US edition (EMI CDP 7 90621 2) is identical to the LP. Reissed in 1991 with a different cover (Virgin VVIPD 112; bottom). Both the inlay and CD of this edition incorrectly the running time of 'Absolute Beginners' as 2'00".

Other artists on this soundtrack include Sade, Style Council and Ray Davies.

Labyrinth Labyrinth Editions on vinyl
(EMI AML 3104), June 1986 (UK)

Opening Titles Including Underground/Magic Dance/Chilly Down/As The World Falls Down/Within You/Underground.

The remainder of the score is written by Trevor Jones. Released on greenish and lavender vinyl (EMI 00602557354843) in 2017, both in a limited edition of 1.500. For some reason, all post-2017 reissues use an edited version of 'Magic Dance'.