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v 20.7 (10-06-18): finally added the Record Store Day 2017 and 2018 releases (BOWPROMO, Cracked Actor, Welcome To The Blackout, Bowie Now), plus Live In Berlin (1978).

v 20.6 (04-02-18): added A New Career In A New Town. The rest of the impressive backlog will hopefully be cleared in the coming weeks!

v 20.5.2 (22-02-17): added the excellent 'Exploring Life On Mars' BBC Radio 2 programme, broadcast last January, which featured previously unreleased bits and pieces from 'Buzz The Fuzz', 'Even A Fool Learns To Love', 'Queen Bitch', 'Life On Mars?', 'Quicksand', 'Andy Warhol' and 'Song For Bob Dylan'.

v 20.5.1 (22-01-17): added a previously undocumented mix of 'The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell'. Thanks Maarten Kwant!

v 20.5 (17-01-17): added the Tokyo "David Bowie Is" 'Lady Stardust' picture disc and 'Blackstar' 12", plus the No Plan EP. Thanks Matt Dornan!

v 20.4.2 (01-01-17): cleared the backlog!

v 20.4.1 (21-12-16): added yet another version of 'Magic Dance', an in-house promo CDR with Deepsky remixes of 'I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship', two more Chinese hours... pirate CDs and various repacked box sets; fixed the links to Bassman. Thanks Christian Attfield, Fredrik Bergstrom, Maarten Kwant and Alan Morgan.

v 20.4 (27-11-16): added Who Can I Be Now?, the Lazarus musical soundtrack, the Legacy compilation and the three songs demoed with the Lower Third in 1965 (see 'Born Of The Night').

v 20.3.1 (25-05-16): added the 40th Anniversary Edition of ChangesOneBowie, a longer edit of 'Memory Of A Free Festival (Part 1)' and a 1'30" excerpt of 'Love You Till Tuesday'. Also a few corrections. Thanks Maarten Kwant and various forum members!

v 20.3 (29-02-16): added the Bowie At The Beeb 4LP, the 1966 RSD reissue (vinyl and CD), plus the soundtracks Bird People, While We're Young and The Martian.

v 20.2 (12-02-16): clearing the backlog part 2: special edition singles and albums for the 'David Bowie Is' exhibitions, 40th Anniversary pictures discs and LP reissues on coloured vinyl.

v 20.1 (08-02-16): clearing the backlog part 1: Five Years.

v 20.0 (11-01-16): on this very sad day, I added what turns out to be David's final album, (Blackstar).

v 19.3 (22-11-14): added the album Nothing Has Changed and the digital download of 'Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)'.

v 19.2.4 (12-11-14): added 'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore, the Sweet Home Alabama, Rush and Guardians Of The Galaxy soundtracks, plus the 2014 repack of Sound + Vision. Thanks Christian Attfield, Stephen Cohen and Alan Morgan for their corrections.

v 19.2.3 (10-04-14): added the Tin Machine and Jump They Say promo cassettes with unique edits, plus two Heathen + Bonus pirate CDs. Thanks Maarten Kwant!

v 19.2.2 (02-04-14): added the soundtracks Tinsel Town, Kleise Ta Matia, Pirate Radio, Les Invincibles, Ashes To Ashes - Series 3, Les Petits Mouchoirs, 20 Feet From Stardom, Good Vibrations, Amor À Vida - Internacional and The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty; added the download edition of The Best Of Bowie 1980/1987. Thanks Fredrik Bergstrom and Alceu Lourenço.

v 19.2.1 (15-03-14): total spring cleaning thanks to Christian Attfield.

v 19.2 (07-12-13): added The Next Day Extra, 'Sound And Vision 2013', Arcade Fire's Reflektor and the latest reissue of Peter And The Wolf; updated and improved the song entries for 'Awaken 2', 'Everyone Says 'Hi'', 'I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spacecraft', 'Jangir', 'Looking For A Friend', 'Qualisar' and 'Thrust'. Thanks Christian Attfield, Matt Dornan, Maarten Kwant, Alan Morgan and Rajiv Udani.

19.1 (11-09-13): updated The Next Day and its singles, added the 'Drive-In Saturday' and 'Life On Mars' 40th Anniversary pictures discs, the V&A 1. Outside on green and Heathen on orange vinyl, The Toy Soldier EP, plus many small corrections. Thanks to Matt Dornan and Alan Morgan.

v 19.0 (09-01-13): added the new single 'Where Are We Now?' and a preliminary entry for The Next Day; other new additions are 'The Jean Genie' picture disc, a previously overlooked 'Cat People' edit (on a Dutch promo 7"), plus the Perks Of Being A Wallflower and Io E Te soundtracks; applied several corrections. Thanks Matt Dornan, Alan Morgan, Chas Pearson and Roman Wynnycky.

v 18.0.8 (29-11-12): added the Live In Santa Monica '72 and Ziggy Stardust promo CDRs, plus the Greatest Hits Part 1 & 2 pirate CDs.

v 18.0.7 (26-11-12): added The Riot Squad compilation The Last Chapter: Mods & Sods, plus corrected a few entries. Thanks Matt Dornan, Alan Morgan, Chas Pearson.

v 18.0.6 (25-09-12): added the Mott The Hoople compilation, restored search and filed some updates under Old news. Thanks Ruud den Ouden and Alan Morgan.

v 18.0.5 (10-06-12): added the 'Starman' Record Store Day picture disc and the 40th Anniversary Edition of Ziggy Stardust.

v 18.0.4 (31-05-12): added a newly discovered edit of 'The Hearts Filthy Lesson' and 'Let It Be' from Live Aid; edited the 'Rebel Rebel' entry. Thanks Matt Day, Matt Dornan, Colin McIntyre and Ruud den Ouden.

v 18.0.3 (15-03-12): the site has been moved to a different host!

v 18.0.2 (09-02-12): added the 2012 Collection Edition of hours..., the Original Album Classics box set and the long overlooked 'Real Emotion'; corrected a few entries.

v 18.0.1 (16-01-12): added the Music Of David Bowie samplers and multiple corrections and additions. Thanks Stephen Cohen, Matt Day, Alan Morgan and Colin McIntyre.

v 18.0 (14-11-11): links to Teenage Wildlife site have been replaced with links to the Vinyl discography; added the 'Golden Years' remix CD-single and 12"; updated the Dana Gillepsie section of the BOWPROMO review plus more corrections as suggested on the forum. Thanks Maarten Kwant , Colin McIntyre and Alan Morgan.

v 17.9.2 (15-05-11): many updates and corrections as suggested on the forum, plus a few new things: semi-official albums have been moved to their own section, surprisingly titled Semi-official albums; added the Birthday Celebration 2CD and DVD, yet another semi-official German Serious Moonlight DVD and a previously unknown in-house promo of hours... Thanks Matt Day, Matt Dornan and Alan Morgan.

v 17.9.1 (21-10-10): added the 2010 Station To Station Special and Deluxe editions, plus a couple of French box sets.

v 17.9 (20-08-10): re-arranged the Early Works section: completely rewrote the introduction, sorted the albums chronologically rather than alphabetically and updated many entries. Added the What Goes Up, The Runaways, The Kids Are All Right and Dexter Season 4 soundtracks, the Heathen (The Rays) [Live In Berlin] and Original John Peel Session: 23rd May 1972 digital downloads and a previously overlooked French reissue of ChangesBowie. Thanks Matt Dornan, Alan Morgan, Hans Morgenstern and all forum contributors.

v17.8.4 (02-07-10): updated the forum to phpBB v3.0.7, split the former Digital downloads into Digital albums and Digital singles and EPs; added a recent batch of EPs to the latter, the Bus Palladium and Hot Tub Time Machine to soundtracks and applied several minor additions and changes. Thanks go out to Matt Dornan, Alan Morgan, Chas Pearson and Nathan Watson.

v 17.8.3 (01-04-10): added in-house promos of 'Little Wonder' and 'Seven' with exclusive content, two Japanese promos for Scarlett Johansson's Anywhere I Lay My Head, a Columbian 'Jump They Say' promo 12", Ziggy Stardust pirate LPs on coloured vinyl, plus a couple of corrections and additions. Thanks Steen Christiansen, Matt Day, Thomas Kramml, Maarten Kwant, Harry van Oers and Matt Widmark.

v 17.8.2 (28-02-10): added the Deluxe Edition of David Bowie, the A Reality Tour 2CD and digital download (plus three previously unreleased live videos), the Flashbacks Of A Fool and Ninja Assassin soundtracks and information about short snippets of the demo's of 'Ashes To Ashes' and 'Scary Monsters'. Thanks Matt Dornan!

v 17.8.1 (27-12-09): added information about the back catalogue re-released as SHM CDs in Japan (see Space Oddity to Tin Machine), plus additional information about different mixes of 'Amsterdam' and the acoustic 1979 version of 'Space Oddity'. Thanks Matt Dornan and Alan Morgan.

v 17.8 (22-10-09): added the 40th Anniversary Edition of Space Oddity.

v 17.7.1 (26-09-09): added the recently surfaced Young Americans reel (see 'After Today', 'I Am A Laser', 'Shilling The Rubes' and 'Young Americans'), The Astronettes Sessions, plus the What We Do Is Secret and The Boat That Rocks soundtracks; corrected info for 'The Buddha Of Suburbia'. Thanks Steen Christiansen, Martin Jones, Maarten Kwant, Richard McQueen, Alan Morgan and other members of the forum.

v 17.7 (31-08-09): added the Inglourious Basterds and Bandslam soundtracks, a previously overlooked 'Underground' instrumental, plus yet another Russian MP3 compilation. Box set compilations have been moved to a separate section. Thanks Martin Jones.

v 17.6.9 (17-08-09): added VH1 Storytellers, several new digital downloads including the Space Oddity EP, two overlooked reissues of 'Perfect Day' and an iSelect pirate. Reordered the Pirates and Counterfeits sections; only true counterfeits have been retained in that section. Thanks Alan Morgan, Maarten Kwant, Chas Pearson.

v 17.6.8 (31-05-09): added a 7" section with pointers to resources, in particular to Chas Pearson's new David Bowie 7" singles site, a red vinyl Low counterfeit (buyers beware!), a counterfeit of the 'Let's Dance' 12", plus some catching up in the remix business: better scans of the Benassi promo 12"es and additional David Guetta promo CDRs. Thanks Maarten Kwant (for many scans) and Chas Pearson.

v 17.6.7 (30-04-09): added a promo CDR of 'I've Been Waiting For You'. Thanks Roman Wynnycky!

v 17.6.6 (19-04-09): added Best Selection and a dazzling array of 12"es and CD's promoting the upcoming Benassi vs. Bowie 'DJ' remixes. Many thanks to Maarten Kwant and Alan Morgan for their help with the latter.

v 17.6.5 (08-01-09): added the following compilations: Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane, Space Oddity/Hunky Dory, iSelect and Reality/A Reality Tour.

v 17.6.4 (05-01-09): added the following soundtracks: Manderlay And Dogville, Run Fatboy Run, Kurt Cobain: About A Son, We Own The Night, The Heartbreak Kid, Ashes To Ashes and Milk.

v 17.6.3 (01-12-08): added the promo-only RCA Segue Series 12", 'Waiata', an alternate version of 'Strangers When We Meet', Glass Spider Live, cover variations for the UK 'Jump They Say' CD-single set. Furthermore, the special page dedicated to the Best Of Bowie compilation has been updated with larger thumbnails and the following additional releases: an official Russian edition, a 2CD+2DVD bundle and the recent "Gift Pack". Thanks Gary Burton, Matt Day, Scott Fuller, Maarten Kwant, Alan Morgan, Chas Pearson.

v 17.6.2 (19-10-08): updated the review of the rare BOWPROMO promo LP (all but one of the Bowie tracks are different from the Hunky Dory versions) and added more and better sounding clips. Thanks Matt Dornan, Maarten Kwant, Alan Morgan and Colin Young for helping me spot the differences.

v 17.6.1 (17-07-08): added a French 'Let's Dance' promo-only 12", a Brazilian 'Jump They Say' promo-only 12" and unofficial picture discs of Diamond Dogs, Heroes and Hunky Dory; updated the entries for 'Do Anything You Say', 'Please Mr. Gravedigger' and 'Something Happens', which was exposed as a fake. Thanks go to Matt Dornan, Maarten Kwant, Glen Robins, Mark Sawyer and various members of the forum.

Even more ancient updates are filed under Old news.