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Get Real (Bowie/Eno): released as an extra track on the Japanese 1. Outside CD. It also appeared on the 'Strangers When We Meet' CD-single (RCA/BMG 74321 32940 2), the 2004 US and Limited 2CD Edition reissues of 1. Outside and Re:Call 5. A Sounds Right Mix by Brian Eno was released as a digital single in 2024.

Girl Loves Me (Bowie): from Blackstar.

Girls (Bowie): written for Tina Turner's Break Every Rule, but Bowie released his own version as the B-side of 'Time Will Crawl' (EMI EA 237). The first 12" released of the latter (EMI 12 EA 237) contains a full length version (Extended Edit: 5'34" vs. 4'18"), while on the second (EMI 12 EAX 237), a Japanese version is found. This last version was also released as an extra track on the special Japanese pressing of the Never Let Me Down CD (EMI CP32-5398). The Extended Edit was re-released on the 1995 Virgin reissue of Never Let Me Down and on Loving The Alien. In 2007, the Single Version, Extended Edit, as well as a longer Japanese Version (5'33" vs. 4'00") were released as part of two Time Will Crawl EPs.

Glad I've Got Nobody (Jones): early 1965 demo from Early On.

Glass Spider (Bowie): LP (4'55") and CD (5'30") versions can be found on Never Let Me Down. The first was reissued in digital form as part of the 'vinyl edition' of Never Let Me Down and on Re:Call 4 from Loving The Alien. A Nine Inch Nails-like remake appeared on Never Let Me Down 2018. Opener of the Glass Spider tour (available on Glass Spider and in two versions on the Special Edition DVD) and featured on almost every 1987 bootleg.

Gloria (Van Morrison): this Them cover was played on the 1990 Sound + Vision tour, mostly in a medley with 'The Jean Genie'. Featured on Milton Keynes 5th August 1990 (GEMA BOW 003/004) and Rock In Rio 1990 (Mistral MM 9107/8). In Cleveland (Richfield Coliseum, 20-05-90), Bono from U2 joined Bowie on stage for this song. This duet is available on The Unreleased Stuff (Switch On! SO 2001-10-1) and on the U2 bootleg The Unforgettable Duets (Kobra Records KRCD 34).

Go Now (Banks/Bennet): this Moody Blues cover was sung by Tony Sales on the 1991/92 Tin Machine tour and released on Oy Vey, Baby (video only). Another officially released live version (recorded somewhere in Japan) is released on NME's 40th anniversary 3CD Ruby Trax.

God Bless The Girl (Bowie): initially an exclusive bonus track on both Japanese editions of The Next Day. Later in 2013, it was compiled on the bonus disc of The Next Day Extra.

God Knows I'm Good (Bowie): from the Philips David Bowie. A remix appeared on the 50th Anniversary Edition of Space Oddity. The only live version available of this song was performed live in the studio for the 1970 The Sunday Show, which was officially released on The Width Of A Circle. See the BBC Performances section for additional info.

God Only Knows (Wilson/Asher): a Beach Boys cover from Tonight.

Going Down (Bowie): unrelated to the 1968 Ernie Johnson rock opera, but included on the same tape and elsewhere unavailable.

Golden Years (Bowie): released in edited form as single in 1975 (RCA 2640), appearing the following year in full length on Station To Station. The single version (3'22" vs. 4'03") was reissued on the Single Version EP, part of the 2010 Deluxe Edition of Station To Station, and compilations such as The Best Of David Bowie 1974/1979 and Best Of Bowie. Different edits are included on the Spanish (3'10") and Australian/New Zealand (3'43") editions of The Best Of Bowie LP. A special "BBC Version" was released on Absolutely Rare (no label), but this 'dry mix' of the single version, introduced by a DJ, can hardly be called different. An instrumental version was used as an extro on the US TV movie "Stephan King's Golden Years". This film has also been released on video. In 2011, four remixes by KCRW DJs (Anthony Valdez KCRW Remix, Eric J. Lawrence KCRW Remix, Chris Douridas KCRW Remix and Jeremy Solek KCRW Remix) were officially released on CD-single (EMI BOWGY 2011) and 12" (EMI 12 BOWGY 2011). An iPhone app allowed users to remix the song from eight stems. In 2022, a TOKiMONSTA Remix was included in a Peloton exercise app. The performance of 'Golden Years' on "Soul Train" has often been used as a video clip. Rumoured to be played on the 1976 tour (but no evidence in the form of a recording), it only became a regular on playlists of the 1983 (Serious Moonlight), 1990 and 2000 (Glastonbury 2000) tours.

Good Morning Girl (Bowie): B-side of 1966 'Do Anything You Say' single (Pye 7N 17079). See the Early Works section.

Goodbye Mr. Ed (Bowie/H. Sales/T. Sales): from Tin Machine II. Live versions have appeared on the Oy Vey, Baby CD (Tokyo, NHK Hall, 06-02-92) and video (Hamburg, Docks, 24-10-91).

Goodbye 3d (Threepenny) Joe (Bowie): a song considered for David's second (aborted) Deram album. A demo appeared on Spying Through A Keyhole and Conversation Piece.

The Gospel According To Tony Day (Bowie): B-side of 'The Laughing Gnome' (Deram DM 123), first reissued in 1973 on Images. A newly created stereo version was included on the Deluxe Edition of David Bowie.

Gotta Get A Job: see 'You Got To Have A Job'.

The Gouster (Bowie): recorded during early sessions for Young Americans. A studio take appeared on the bootleg 3 x 7" set 'The Gouster' (Sigma Sound Records SSR45-001/002/003).

Growin' Up (Springsteen): this early Bruce Springsteen cover was released on the Rykodisc version of Pin Ups and the 30th Anniversary 2CD Edition of Diamond Dogs. Prior it had appeared on a single track US promo CD (Rykodisc RCD PRO 9005).

Gunman (Bowie/Belew): on Adrian Belew's Young Lions. In 2007, an Instrumental Remix was released on Adrian Belew's Dust. This instrumental is preceeded by some studio banter in which David asks which accent to adopt for his spoken section: 'I'm not sure where to go, if I should be American or English on this'. He then uses a British accent for 'Gunman/My sort of star/We're bleeding for you/We put you there' that is completely over the top!


Hallo Spaceboy (Bowie/Eno): a Pet Shop Boys Remix was released as the third single from 1. Outside (RCA/BMG 74321 35384 2). The 7" was released on pink vinyl (BMG/RCA 74321 353847). This remix featured as an extra track on 1. Outside Version 2 and was also included on the compilations Best Of Bowie, Nothing Has Changed and Re:Call 5. A 12" Remix, Lost In Space Mix and Double Click Mix can be found on the US Virgin SPRO-11513 promo 12", whereas a 7'41" Instrumental appeared exclusively on the UK BMG SPACE 3 promo 12". In 2004, all remixes but the Pet Shop Boys single version were included on Limited 2CD Edition of 1. Outside. The 12" Remix appeared in 2007 on the Pet Shop Boys compilation Disco 4 as Pet Shop Boys Extended Mix. The Moonage Daydream soundtrack features an edit of the Remix, labelled Remix Moonage Daydream Edit.

The Pet Shop Boys also appear in the 4'23" video clip, which was released and the Best Of Bowie DVD. On the US leg of the Outside tour, 'Hallo Spaceboy' was performed together with Nine Inch Nails; on the 50th birthday gig in New York with Foo Fighters. A live version from The Phoenix Festival (Long Marston, 18-07-96) was first released on the bonus CD-single (Arista/BMG 74321458262) that came with the French issue of Earthling and later also appeared on the Phoenix - The Album. An edited (3'13" vs 5'37") Moonage Daydream Mix of this live version was included on Moonage Daydream. No Trendy Réchauffé even features two performances, one of which was intended as a live video for the single (but never released as such). This song was also performed on the Earthling tour (, Look At The Moon!), on the concerts of 2000 (BBC Radio Theatre, London, June 27, 2000 and Glastonbury 2000) and 2002, and on the Reality tour (A Reality Tour 2CD/DVD).

Hammerhead (Bowie/H. Sales): released as a B-side of the 'You Belong In Rock 'N' Roll' (London/Victory INT 869 403-2) and 'One Shot' (London/Victory 869 574-2) CD-singles. The last 0'58" of this song form the unaccredited extro on the US, UK, German and Israeli editions of the Tin Machine II album. An alternate mix/take is found among the Tin Machine II outtakes.

Hang On To Yourself (Bowie): the original version of the song was released by Bowie under the name of Arnold Corns. It first served as a B-side to 'Moonage Daydream' (B&C CB 149) and was released three months later as A-side, backed by 'Man In The Middle' (B&C CB 189). This version was re-released on both single (Mooncrest MOON 25 in 1974) and 12" (Krazy Kat Past 2 in 1985), before eventually turning up on the Rykodisc version of The Man Who Sold The World and Re:Call 1. A demo is available on Freddi & The Dreamer - The Arnold Corns Sessions (Switch On! 99-04); also see 'All The Madmen'. A more familiar version of the song, of course, is found on The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars. Released on single as B-side of both 'John I'm Only Dancing' (RCA 2263) and the US editions of 'The Jean Genie' (RCA 74-0838). A tape with a early mix was sold at Omega in 2019. For two 1972 BBC versions (both of which appeared on Bowie At The Beeb), see BBC Performances. 'Hang On To Yourself' was played on 1972, 1973 and 1978, 1983, 1990 and 2003/4 tours. Official live versions have appeared on Live Santa Monica '72, Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture, Stage, Welcome To The Blackout, the 40th Anniversary Edition picture disc of 'Breaking Glass' (from 30-06 rather than 01-07-78 on the former; Parlophone DBBG 40) and the A Reality Tour 2CD/DVD.

Harlequin (Bowie): performed on 'The Looking Glass Murders' and released on The Width Of A Circle. The video had previously appeared on the Love You Till Tuesday DVD, which uses the more common title 'The Mirror' for this song.

The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Bowie/Eno/Gabrels/Garson/Kizilcay/Campbell): the first single from 1. Outside. A 3'33" Edit was released in advance on The Outside Sampler (Virgin DPRO-11008). The Edit and album version are respectively called Radio Edit and Bowie Mix on the CD-single (RCA/BMG 74321 30703 2), which additionally features an Alt. Mix (by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails). The US CD-single (Virgin 7243 8 38518 2 9) also features a Simenon Mix; this mix is called Good Karma Mix on the US Virgin SPRO-11038 promo 12". On the regular (Arista/BMG 74321 30338 1) and picture disc 12" (BMG/RCA 74312 13901-2) the following additional remixes were found: Rubber Mix, Simple Text Mix and Filthy Mix. A 2'00" edit of the Alt. Mix was included on a cassette given away with RAW magazine, whereas an otherwise unavailable 3'08" of the album version was included on the The BMG Summer Sampler '95—Rev Up Your Christmas (BMG REV 1) sampler. The Rubber Mix was later included on the bonus CD of the Japanese issue of 1. Outside Version 2 and on the Japanese 'Hallo Spaceboy' CD-single (BMG/Arista BVCA-8820), whereas the Good Karma Mix reappeared on the UK 'Dead Man Walking' CD-single (RCA/BMG 74321475842). The Bowie Mix and Edit were reissued as B-sides of the 'Hallo Spaceboy' CD-single (RCA/BMG 74321 35384 2) and 7" respectively (BMG/RCA 74321 329407); the Edit also features on the US edition of Best Of Bowie, the 3CD edition of Nothing Has Changed and Re:Call 5. An Argentinian BMG sampler (BMG PCD 150) wrapped up all but the Simenon/Good Karma Mix on a single promo CD. The bonus CD of the 2004 Limited 2CD Edition of 1. Outside contains all five remixes. A summary of the remixes and edits:

Plus for completists:

  • Album Version 3'08" edit (The BMG Summer Sampler '95—Rev Up Your Christmas sampler)
  • Alt. Mix 2'00" edit (RAW magazine cassette)

The 4'55" video clip is available on the Best Of Bowie DVD. Played live on the Outside (Ouvrez Le Chien) and Earthling tours. The performance from the 50th Birthday Concert (New York, Madison Square Garden, 09-01-97) has officially been released on Earthling In The City. A live version from the 1996 Phoenix Festival (Long Marston, 18-07-96) appeared on the Limited Edition 3 Track Sampler (Arista/BMG 74321458262). The version on is listed as being recorded at the 1997 Phoenix Festival (20-07-97), but actually is from the previous year's edition as well (with Bowie's introduction to the song taken from a different recording). To confuse matters even further, a different live version appeared on the 2021 reissue, but this one was not recorded at the 1997 Phoenix Festival either (Rio de Janeiro, Metropolitan, 02-11-97 is an unconfirmed but likely candidate)! The 1997 Phoenix version ultimately did appear on Look At The Moon!.

Heat (Bowie): closes The Next Day.

Heathen (The Rays) (Bowie): closing track of Heathen. Performed live on the 2002 Heathen tour, the 2003 Tibet House Benefit Concert (New York, Carnegie Hall, 28-02-03) and the 2003/4 Reality tour. A live version from 2003 is found on the A Reality Tour 2CD/DVD.

Heaven's In Here (Bowie): from Tin Machine. An edit fading at 2'12" was included on a US advance cassette; this version contains a few seconds of studio banter at the start of the track unavailable elsewhere. An edited version (4'14" vs. 6'01") was released on US promo 12"/CD only (EMI SPRO 4374/DPRO 4375). Live versions are featured on Live At La Cigale and the Oy Vey, Baby CD and video (CD: New York, Academy Theatre, 29-11-91). Also performed for the BBC in 1991 (see the BBC Performances section). On the 1991/92 Tin Machine tour , Bowie incorporated excerpts from other songs in 'Heaven's In Here', like 'I'm A King Bee' (Harpo), 'In Every Dream Home A Heartache' (Ferry), 'April In Paris' (Duke/Harburg), 'Somewhere' (Bernstein/Sondheim) and 'Fever' (Davenport/Cooley). A promo video is available on iTunes.

"Helden" (Bowie/Eno/Maass): this German version of "Heroes" was released as a single in Germany (RCA PB 9168). A 6'07" English/German version appeared on the German album (RCA PL 42372), while a 1982 German 12" contained both full length English-German/English-French versions (RCA PC 9821). A 1989 remix of the single version is found on Sound + Vision and the German/Swiss/Austrian edition of Best Of Bowie. Ultimately, the German and French versions of "Heroes" were compiled on the 'Heroes EP' from the A New Career In A New Town box set.

Here Comes The Night (Berns): from Pin Ups.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Bonner/Harris/Jones/Middlebrooks/Robinson/Satchell/Webster): released in 1990 as a bonus track on the Rykodisc version of David Live; also included on the 2004 EMI reissue. On the Ryko edition, it was incorrectly credited to Bowie, as it's a cover of the song 'Here Today And Gone Tomorrow' from the 1968 Ohio Players album Observations In Time.

"Heroes" (Bowie/Eno): a number of versions exists. The 3'32" version was released as the first single of the album with the same name (RCA PB 1121) and reissued a/o on Best Of Bowie. Most if not all edits released on CD (e.g. ChangesBowie and Best Of Bowie) were recreations; the real thing only appeared from Nothing Has Changed onwards. The LP version lasts 6'07" and was released on 12" in both the US (RCA 11151, promo only) and Spain (RCA PC 1121). A 5'19" edit is included on the Australian/New Zealand editions of The Best Of Bowie LP. In 1997, an Aphex Twin Remix, which has Bowie's vocals overdubbed on Glass's interpretation of the music, appeared on a special bonus 3" CD-single (Point Music SADP-5) accompanying the Japanese issue of Philip Glass's "Heroes" Symphony. A marginally shorter edit of this remix, trimming a few seconds from the fade in and out, was included in 2003 on the Aphex Twin 26 Mixes For Cash compilation. For David Guetta's remake, see 'Just For One Day (Heroes)'. All variations of "Heroes" were included on the box set A New Career In A New Town. A 3'25" video clip of the song is featured on The Video Collection and the Best Of Bowie DVD. German and French versions are discussed under "Helden" and "Héros" respectively. From 1978 onwards, the song has been played on every consecutive tour. On the 1983 Serious Moonlight tour, Bowie opened "Heroes" with an excerpt from 'Lavender Blue' (Anonymous). Officiallly released live versions are found on the B-side of the 40th Anniversary Edition "Heroes" picture disc (Marc, 09-09-77; Parlophone DBHERO 40), the Stage, Live In Berlin (1978), Welcome To The Blackout (a 5'53" vs 7'34" Moonage Daydream Edit of which appeared on Moonage Daydream), The Bridge School Concerts Vol. 1 and The Concert For New York City albums and the Serious Moonlight, Ricochet (incomplete version), Live Aid, Glass Spider, The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, Glastonbury 2000 and the A Reality Tour videos/CDs/DVDs; a video from the Isle of Wight Festival (13-06-04) is available through iTunes.

"Héros" (Bowie/Eno): the French version of "Heroes" was released as a single in France (RCA PB 9167), Canada (RCA PB-50398) and Australia (RCA 20629). It appeared in 2007 on the compilation The Record Producers - Tony Visconti. A 6'07" English/French version appeared on the French album (RCA PL 42373), which itself was re-released in 1984 as "Take-off Heroes" (RCA NL 83857). This version was also released on a German 12" (RCA PC 9821) in 1982 and the US promo Sinmix Presents The B.L.A.S.T. Modern Rock Program #34 in 1998. Both the French and German single and album versions of "Heroes" were compiled on the 'Heroes EP' in the A New Career In A New Town box set.

Historical Collage: released on the World Weekend Premier Interview promo 2CD (Savage/BGM SADJ-50043-2) of Black Tie White Noise. This is a 14'30" medley featuring Space Oddity/Starman/Ziggy Stardust/Suffragette City/John I'm Only Dancing/The Jean Genie/Sorrow/Rebel Rebel/Changes/Young Americans/Fame 90/Golden Years/"Heroes"/Boys Keep Swinging/Ashes To Ashes/Fashion/Let's Dance/China Girl/Modern Love/Blue Jean.

Hole In The Ground (Bowie): demoed with George Underwood in 1969 and released on Conversation Piece. The song made a surprise return in 2000, when it was re-recorded for Toy. The Toy 3CD also features an Alternative Version and Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric Version.

Holy Holy (Bowie): originally released as a single in 1971 (Mercury 6052 049). A superior Spiders remake was released as B-side of 'Diamond Dogs' (RCA APBO 0293). The single version was not officially reissued until 2015, on the Re:Call 1 bonus album of the Five Years box set. The Width Of A Circle has both the very muddy-sounding original mono mix, plus a much clearer 2020 Mix. The Spiders version was reissued on Rare, the Rykodisc/EMI The Man Who Sold The World (which erroneously listed it as the original version) and Five Years. A two-reel set with an early mix of the re-recording was auctioned at Omega in 2019.

Hop Frog (Reed): Bowie provides vocals on this track from Lou Reed's The Raven.

How Can I Forget You (Bowie): a cassette with this previously unknown 1965 demo was auctioned at Omega in 2019.

How Does The Grass Grow? (Bowie/Lordan): from The Next Day.

How Lucky You Are (Bowie): two versions of this Hunky Dory outtake circulate. The first and best known is a basic demo featuring Bowie on vocals, which first appeared on the Vevey Records 24.36 Shadow Man single. Apparently it was considered for the Ryko/EMI reissue programme, as it was one of the outtakes that were leaked to fans in studio quality. In 2022, this demo was officially released on Divine Symmetry. The second version is much more polished and features Geoff MacCormack on lead vocals. This version remains obscure: it was only included (at the wrong speed) on Used Up And Empty (Diamond Duke GEMA A-8207).

Hurt (Reznor): performed as a duet with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails on the US leg of the Outside tour. This duet is found on several NIN/Bowie 1995 live CDs (Blue Lies (Moonraker 074), Children Of The Night (Kiss The Stone KTS 498), The Oddball Couple (Hawk HAWK095)). It also appeared live on the Nine Inch Nails Closure video.