Soundtracks includes full Bowie albums, as well as soundtracks with that include just one (not necessarily exclusive) track; this section covers Lost Highway (1997) to Detroit Rock City (1999). Only the songs featuring Bowie are listed.

Lost Highway Lost Highway
(Nothing/Interscope INTD-90090), February 1997 (US)

I'm Deranged (Edit)/I'm Deranged (Reprise).

Two edits, different from the version on 1. Outside, respectively open and close the CD. Other artists include Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins and Lou Reed.

The Saint The Saint Editions on vinyl
(Virgin 7243 8 44131 2 5), March 1997 (UK)

Little Wonder (Danny Saber Dance Mix).

On the US edition (Virgin 7243 8 44131 2 5), 'Dead Man Walking' (the album version from Earthling) replaces the 5'33" Danny Saber Dance Mix. Other artists include dance acts such as Orbital, Chemical Brothers and Underworld. Both the UK and US releases were also released as promo LPs (Virgin VUSLPDJ 126 and Virgin SPRO-12261 respectively).

Trainspotting #2 Trainspotting #2
(EMI 7243 8 21265 2 2), April 1997 (UK)

Golden Years.

In this case it was not the movie, but the soundtrack that got a sequel. The original soundtrack does not feature Bowie, but it has Iggy Pop's 'Lust For Life' and 'Nightclubbing'.

Hackers 2 Hackers2
(Edel America 37172 EDL), October 1997 (US)

Little Wonder (Danny Saber Dance Mix).

Another soundtrack with this remix. Also the rest of the tracklisting is quite similar to that of The Saint, with artists like The Prodigy, Moby and Leftfield.

Ice StormIce StormIce StormIce Storm The Ice Storm
(Velvel VEL-79713), October 1997 (US)

I Can't Read.

A reworking of this Tin Machine track, recorded during the Earthling sessions. Other artists include Traffic, Frank Zappa and Harry Nilsson. The Spanish (Nuevos Medios NM 15 734 CD; second) and German (Velvel VEL 79713-2; third) editions have variations of the same artwork and use the respective (sub)titles La Tormenta de Hielo and Eis Sturm. The Japanese edition (Velvel SLCS-7333; bottom) uses completely different artwork.

Wedding Singer The Wedding Singer
(Maverick/Warner Bros. 9362-46840-2), February 1998 (US)

China Girl.

This soundtrack is filled mostly with 80s heroes like Culture Club, The Smiths and The Police.

Whatever Whatever
(Medicine 45571 9607 2), July 1998 (US)


This track from Space Oddity appears alongside tracks by Rush, The Ramones and Roxy Music.

Radiofreccia Radiofreccia
(Wea 954836858-2), 1998 (Italy)

Rebel Rebel.

The first disc of this 2CD soundtrack is by Italian artist Ligabue, the other has artists like Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and Creedance Clearwater Revival.

A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries
(EMI/Angel CDQ 7243 4 97060 2 6), November 1998 (US)


Bill Withers, Deep Purple and 10CC are among the other artists on this soundtrack.

The Sound Of Gran Turismo The Sound Of Gran Turismo™
(The Right Stuff 7243 4 95063 2 9), November 1998 (US)

Scary Monsters.

This "soundtrack" to the Gran Turismo PlayStation game includes a remastered version of 'Scary Monsters' and artists like Blur, Placebo and Supergrass.

The 13th Floor The 13th Floor—The Album
(BMG 7432 1 70793 2 1), June 1999 (US)

Little Wonder (Edit).

Not to be confused with the score by Harald Kloser, which was issued a nearly identical cover, but spells the title as The Thirteenth Floor. This soundtrack also features a/o HIM, Fatboy Slim and Filter.

Detroit Rock City Detroit Rock City
(Mercury 314 546 389-2), August 1999 (US)

Rebel Rebel.

Other artists include Kiss, Van Halen and Marilyn Manson.