This section of Albums covers the albums David Bowie (1967) to The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars (1972). For general information David Bowie albums, please see Album info. Please note that soundtracks and compilations are listed under Soundtracks and Compilations respectively.

David BowieDavid BowieDavid BowieDavid BowieDeram AnthologyDeram AnthologyDeram AnthologyDeram AnthologyDeram Anthology David Bowie Editions on vinyl
(Deram DML/SML 1007), June 1967 (UK)

Uncle Arthur/Sell Me A Coat/Rubber Band/Love You Till Tuesday/There Is A Happy Land/We Are Hungry Men/When I Live My Dream/Little Bombardier/Silly Boy Blue/Come And Buy My Toys/Join The Gang/She's Got Medals/Maid Of Bond Street/Please Mr. Gravedigger.

Deluxe Edition: CD1: the original album in stereo and mono; CD2: Rubber Band (Single Version)/The London Boys/The Laughing Gnome (Single Version)/The Gospel According To Tony Day (Mono)/Love You Till Tuesday (Single Version)/Did You Ever Have A Dream (Mono)/When I Live My Dream (Single Version)/Let Me Sleep Beside You (Mono)/Karma Man (Mono)/London Bye Ta Ta (Mono)/In The Heat Of The Morning (Mono)/The Laughing Gnome (Stereo)/The Gospel According To Tony Day (Stereo)/Did You Ever Have A Dream (Stereo)/Let Me Sleep Beside You (Stereo)/Karma Man (Stereo)/In The Heat Of The Morning (Stereo)/When I'm Five/Ching-A-Ling (Stereo)/Sell Me A Coat (1969)/Love You Till Tuesday (BBC)/When I Live My Dream (BBC)/Little Bombardier (BBC)/Silly Boy Blue (BBC)/In The Heat of the Morning (BBC).

The original debut album, released in mono and stereo (Deram DML 1007/SML 1007). The US edition (Deram DE 16003/DES 18003; second), which has a blue instead of white rim, was released in August. This edition omits 'We Are Hungry Men' and 'Maid Of Bond Street' and mis-spells 'Little Bombardier' ("Little Bombadier") and 'Silly Boy Blue' ("Silly Boy Blues"). Both mono editions use slightly different mixes of 'Uncle Arthur' and 'Please Mr. Gravedigger'. The US mono edition was counterfeited in the late 80s.

Reissued on LP with the same front cover photo in Japan (in 1973; King DL-44) and France (in 1981; Deram 291029). The Deluxe Edition (see below) was released as a 2LP (Deram 532-760-1) and reissued in April 2018 (Deram 671 544-3) on blue and red vinyl.

The first edition on CD (London 800 087-2; third), using white lettering, already appeared in 1983 in Germany. A further 1988 German edition (Deram MCPS 800 087-2; fourth) and an odd 12-track 1998 US/Canada edition (Rebound 314 520 515-2; fifth) use the same cover. The latter drops 'Silly Boy Blue' and 'Little Bombardier'. Finally, a Japanese mini LP edition of The Deram Anthology compilation (Deram/Universal UICY-9411; sixth) used the artwork of the debut album.

The 2010 Deluxe Edition (Deram 531 79-5; seventh) features both the stereo and mono editions of the album, plus a bonus disc full of extra tracks. Besides the contemporary single A- and B-sides, it includes an original 1968 version of 'London Bye Ta-Ta', stereo mixes of several tracks, as well as the previously unreleased 18-12-67 Top Gear BBC session. CD1 of the Japanese SHM CD (Deram UICY 94402/3; eighth) comes in replica sleeve of the original UK album, CD2 of original 1970 edition of The World Of David Bowie. This edition also features a replica of the original UK album label.

Old habits die hard: half a year after the critically acclaimed Deluxe Edition, Deram followed up with a budget release containing just the stereo version (Deram 532 908-6).

The Deram material has appeared on numerous compilations, both on vinyl and CD. Please see the Early Works section for an overview.

David BowieMan Of Words, Man Of MusicSpace OdditySpace OdditySpace OdditySpace OdditySpace OdditySpace Oddity David Bowie/Space Oddity Editions on vinyl
(Philips SBL 7912), November 1969 (UK)

Space Oddity/Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed/Don't Sit Down/Letter To Hermione/Cygnet Committee/Janine/An Occasional Dream/Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud/God Knows I'm Good/Memory Of A Free Festival.

1990 Rykodisc (RCD 10131)/EMI (CDP 79 1835 2) bonus tracks: Conversation Piece/Memory Of A Free Festival (part 1)/Memory Of A Free Festival (part 2).

40th Anniversary 2CD Edition bonus disc: Space Oddity (demo)/An Occasional Dream (demo)/The Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud (B-side)/Let Me Sleep Beside You (live)/Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed (live)/Janine (live)/London Bye Ta-Ta (Stereo Version)/The Prettiest Star (Stereo Version)/Conversation Piece (Stereo Version)/Memory Of A Free Festival (Part 1)/Memory Of A Free Festival (Part 2)/Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (Alternate Album Mix)/Memory Of A Free Festival (Alternate Album Mix)/London Bye Ta-Ta (Alternate Stereo Mix)/Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola (Full Length Stereo Version).

Issued in a different cover (second) in the US as David Bowie/Man Of Words, Man Of Music (Mercury 61246), without 'Don't Sit Down' (which is not listed on the cover of the Philips issue). Both editions appeared in a gatefold sleeve. All subsequent re-releases were called Space Oddity, the first of which appeared in 1972 on RCA (LSP 4813), in an updated Ziggy sleeve (third). The RCA reissues dropped 'Don't Sit Down', which subsequently would be unavailable for almost 20 years. Initial pressings of the RCA reissue came with a poster of the album cover.

The 1990 Rykodisc remaster (RALP 0131-2) was a 2LP on clear vinyl, with the bonus tracks (see above) on side 3; the EMI edition (EMC 3571) squeezed these onto a single LP and came on plain black vinyl. In 2000, the 1999 remaster appeared as part of the Simply Vinyl series (EMI/Simply Vinyl SVLP 263). Reissued on blue vinyl (DBISHLP 2015) for the 'David Bowie Is' exhibition in Groningen. This LP came with the US artwork (second), but, contrary to the original release, included 'Don't Sit Down'.

The 2015 remaster from the Five Years box (Parlophone DB 69731) was released as a standalone LP in 2016. A limited edition multi-coloured 'Space Vinyl' (3000 copies) of this was released exclusively through Paul Smith shops. The first 1969 copies of the 2019 Mix (Parlophone DBSOLP50; see below) were pressed on silver vinyl, whereas numbers 1970-2019 were golden. The latest (but unlikely the last) reissue is as a 2020 picture disc (Parlophone DBSOPD 1972; bottom), which copies the artwork and poster of the 1972 release.

First issued on CD in 1985 on RCA PD 84813. The 1990 Rykodisc/EMI re-release contained bonus tracks (see above). As part of its 1999 remaster series, EMI released this album with a cover adopted from the original Philips artwork (EMI 7243 521898 0 9; fourth). Musically, it was identical to the Philips LP, including 'Don't Sit Down'. In 2007, the remaster was released as a mini LP replica in Japan (EMI TOCP-70141), meticuously copying the original album artwork except for the Philips logo (fifth); also see this box in which the entire series could be stored. Released as a Super High Material CD (SHM CD) in Japan in 2009 (EMI TOCP-95041) in the same artwork as the mini LP.

The 40th Anniversary Edition (EMI DBSOCD 40; sixth), released in 2009, was welcomed for its remastered sound close to the original album, but especially for its bonus disc. The demos were previously unreleased and later re-appeared (together with four additional demos from the same recording) on Clareville Grove Demos and Conversation Piece. The live tracks are from the Dave Lee Travis BBC session. The CD from the Five Years box was released separately in a jewel case (Parlophone 0825646283453).

Remixed in 2019 by Tony Visconti as part of the Conversation Piece set, but also released as a standalone "50th Anniversary Mix" (Parlophone DBSOCD50; seventh). The 2019 mix drops 'Don't Sit Down', but adds 'Conversation Piece' after 'Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud'. Note that Conversation Piece additionally includes remixes of the acoustic version of 'Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud' and 'Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola'.

The Man Who Sold The World The Man Who Sold The World The Man Who Sold The WorldThe Man Who Sold The WorldThe Man Who Sold The WorldThe Man Who Sold The World The Man Who Sold The World Editions on vinyl
(Mercury 6338 041), April 1971 (UK)

The Width Of A Circle/All The Madmen/Black Country Rock/After All/Running Gun Blues/Saviour Machine/She Shook Me Cold/The Man Who Sold The World/The Supermen.

1990 Rykodisc (RCD 10132)/EMI (CDP 79 1837 2) bonus tracks: Lightning Frightening/Holy Holy (Ziggy Stardust re-recording)/Moonage Daydream (Arnold Corns)/Hang On To Yourself (Arnold Corns).

The US edition (Mercury 61325; top) was released in November 1970. The artwork had been modified from what had been delivered to Mercury, e.g. the gatefold was dropped and the text in the speech balloon ("Role up your sleeves, take a look at your arms") removed. Moreover, the original title, Metrobolist, and (most likely) the running order too had been changed. The "cartoon cover" was also used in Japan. When the album was released in the UK nearly half a year later , the sleeve had been changed to the notorious "dress cover" (Mercury 6338 041; second). The same artwork was used for the Australian release, while in Germany, the album was released in a rather spectacular fold-out "round cover" (Mercury 6338 041; third). RCA re-released this LP in 1972, in an updated Ziggy sleeve (RCA LSP 4816; bottom), the first pressings of which came with a poster of the album cover. In Spain, the RCA album was dubbed El Hombre Que Vendio El Mundo.

Released in 1990 as a 2LP (Ryko RALP 0132-2) in the US/Canada and a single LP elsewhere (EMI EMC 3573). The 1999 remaster appeared on vinyl in 2001 on EMI/Simply Vinyl (SVLP264). The 2015 remaster from the Five Years box (Parlophone DB 69732) was issued as a standalone LP in 2016. The same remaster was released as a picture disc (Parlophone DBRSDP 2016) for Record Store Day 2016 (fourth). Ironically, many thought the 2004 pirate picture disc looked better as it also replicated the design of the original inner sleeve.

A 50th Anniversary Mix of the album by Tony Visconti was issued with the originally intended title Metrobolist. This 2020 release featured a recreation of the original artwork. Similarly to the remixed Space Oddity, the first 1971 copies (Parlophone Metrobolist 6) were pressed on white, while the numbers 1971-2020 were on gold vinyl.

See Counterfeits and the discography for a separate discussion of the counterfeits of this album and Pirates for one more unofficial picture disc.

The first release on CD (RCA PD-84654) used the 'kick cover', whereas the 1990 Rykodisc/EMI (see above) and 1999 EMI (7243 521901 0 2) reissues use the 'dress cover'; the Ryko edition also included the front covers of the other three editions. Rykodisc also released this album in the AU20 series (RCD 80132) in 1997. The Japanese mini LP (EMI TOCP-70142) is an excellent replica of the 'dress cover' that even mimicks the texture of the original sleeve. Released as SHM CD in Japan in 2009 (EMI TOCP-95042) in the same artwork as the mini LP. The 2015 remaster from the Five Years box was released separately (Parlophone 0825646283446).

Hunky DoryHunky DoryHunky DoryHunky DoryHunky DoryHunky DoryHunky Dory Hunky Dory Editions on vinyl
(RCA SF 8244), November 1971 (UK)

Changes/Oh! You Pretty Things/Eight Line Poem/Life On Mars/Kooks/Quicksand/Fill Your Heart/Andy Warhol/Song For Bob Dylan/Queen Bitch/The Bewlay Brothers.

1990 Rykodisc (RCD 10133)/EMI (CDP 79 1843 2) bonus tracks: Bombers/The Supermen (Ziggy Stardust re-recording)/Quicksand (demo)/The Bewlay Brothers (Alternate Mix).

Originally this LP came with a lyric sheet, but this was dropped in later RCA reissues. There are variations in the typeface and font colour of the title, e.g. in Australia (RCA LSP 4623; yellow), Canada (RCA SF 8244; black) and Germany (RCA LSP-4623; white). On the US edition (RCA LSP 4623; second) these were absent altogether, as both were printed on a sticker on the shrinkwrap. Released in Spain as A Pedir De Boca, with different artwork on the back (blue and set in typeface rather than handwritten). Initial pressings in New Zealand came with the artwork intended for the back on both the front and reverse of the album sleeve. Released as a picture disc (RCA BOPIC 2; third) in 1984.

The 1990 Rykodisc 2LP (RALP 0133-2)/EMI single LP (EMC 3572) came with bonus tracks (see above); both editions dropped the album title from the front sleeve. Reissued in 1997 as EMI 7243 8 21449 1 5 in the EMI 100 series. The 1999 remaster appeared on EMI/Simply Vinyl (SVLP 265) in 2001. A few copies of the Simply Vinyl reissue were produced in a sleeve lacking a black rim and given away in a BowieNet competition. This edition was withdrawn and replaced by a front cover more similar to the original UK sleeve. The 2015 remaster from the Five Years box (Parlophone DB 69733) was released as a breakout a year later and issued as a 45th Anniversary Limited Vinyl Edition on gold vinyl in 2017. The latest release on vinyl is a picture disc (Parlophone DBHDPD 1971; bottom), in a limited run of 8.000 copies.

The withdrawn "rim-less" Simply Vinyl edition was counterfeited; also see Pirates for two unofficial picture discs.

The first release on CD (RCA PD-84623; fourth) from 1985 used black lettering for the album title. The artwork of both the 1990 Rykodisc (see above; fifth) and 1999 EMI (EMI 7243 521899 0 8; sixth) reissues cropped off the black rim. Included in Rykodisc's AU20 series (RCD 80133) in 1996. Reissued as in 2007 as a Japanese mini LP replica (EMI TOCP-70143). Released as SHM CD in Japan in 2009 (EMI TOCP-95043) in the same artwork as the mini LP. The 2015 remaster from the Five Years box was released separately in a jewel case (Parlophone 0825646283439).

Also see the Divine Symmetry box set.

Ziggy StardustZiggy StardustZiggy StardustZiggy StardustZiggy Stardust The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars Editions on vinyl
(RCA SF 8287), June 1972 (UK)

Five Years/Soul Love/Moonage Daydream/Starman/It Ain't Easy/Lady Stardust/Star/Hang On To Yourself/Ziggy Stardust/Suffragette City/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide.

1990 Rykodisc (RCD 10134)/EMI (CDP 79 4400 2) bonus tracks: John I'm Only Dancing (remix)/Velvet Goldmine/Sweet Head/Ziggy Stardust (demo)/Lady Stardust (demo).

30th Anniversary 2CD Edition bonus disc: Moonage Daydream (Arnold Corns)/Hang On To Yourself (Arnold Corns)/Lady Stardust (demo)/Ziggy Stardust (demo)/John I'm Only Dancing/Velvet Goldmine/Holy Holy/Amsterdam/The Supermen/Round And Round/Sweet Head (Take 4)/Moonage Daydream (New Mix).

40th Anniversary Edition LP/DVD: Moonage Daydream (Instrumental)/The Supermen/Velvet Goldmine/Sweet Head.

Waiting In The Sky (Before The Starman Came To Earth), taken from a tape with provisional December 1971 track listing, has been added as a separate entry.

Issued in a gatefold sleeve in Germany (RCA LSP-4702). The Spanish edition was called La Ascendencia Y Caida De Ziggy Stardust Y Las Arañas De Marte. Released as Original Master Recording (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab MFSL 1-064) in 1983 and as a picture disc (RCA BOPIC 3; middle) in 1984; a second, unofficial picture disc is discussed under Pirates. The 1990 Rykodisc 2LP (RALP 0134-2)/EMI LP (EMC 3577) came with a generous selection of bonus tracks (see above). Reissued in 1997 as EMI 7243 8 55666 1 5 in the EMI 100 series. The 1999 remaster was released on vinyl in 2001 (EMI/Simply Vinyl SVLP 275). The 40th Anniversary Edition (Parlophone DBZSX 40; more info below) was repressed for Five Years and subsequently issued as a standalone album (Parlophone DB 69734) in 2016. Predictably, it was reissued as a 45th Anniversary Limited Edition on gold vinyl. The 50th anniversary release consisted of a half speed master, released on both regular vinyl (Parlophone DBZS 50) and as a picture disc (Parlophone DBZSPD 50; bottom).

First released on CD in 1985 (RCA PD-84702), followed in 1990 by the Rykodisc/EMI reissue (see above) and in 1999 by the EMI remaster (7243 521900 0 3). Special editions on CD are the Rykodisc/EMI boxed editions (RCD 90134/EMI CDEMCX 3577) from 1990, a 24kt Gold CD in the AU20 series (Rykodisc RCD 80134) from 1996, a 30th Anniversary 2CD Edition (EMI 7243 5 39826 2 1; third, more info below) from 2002, a Super Audio CD (EMI 7243 52190 0 2) with 5.1 surround sound mixes from 2003, a Japanese mini LP replica (EMI TOCP-70144) from 2007 and a 40th Anniversary Edition (EMI DBZS40; more info below) from 2012. Released as SHM CD in Japan in 2009 (EMI TOCP-95042) in the same artwork as the mini LP; an earlier Japanese Ziggy Stardust promo HQCD (EMI TOCP-65308) indicates a switch of technology for this series.

The 30th Anniversary Edition featured a disc full of bonus tracks, but had several serious flaws. One of these was that the channels had been reversed. The Japanese edition (EMI TOCP 66073-74) was quickly withdrawn and released with corrected channels; a revised European edition was also released. The revised master was later reused for the Japanese mini LP and the SACD.

The 40th Anniversary Edition CD did not contain any bonus material but sonically is the best. The DVD of the LP/DVD edition contains the album in 5.1 mixes and contains four bonus tracks (see above). This reissue too, however, was not without problems: many LPs skipped and the 2003 Ken Scott stereo mix (including bonus tracks) was compressed so heavily that it was practically unlistenable; see this US promo sampler. The 2012 remaster was included in the Five Years box and reissued separately in a jewel case (Parlophone 0825646283415).

For very comprehensive information on this album and more generally on the Ziggy era, check out Mike Harvey's excellent The Ziggy Stardust Companion.