This section lists DVDs with live concerts and video clips. Official video tapes are discussed under Videos and a few promo videos under Promo videos. This overview is not complete; see The Videography for a more comprehension overview.

Best Of Bowie Best Of Bowie
(EMI 07243 4 90103 9 0), 2002

Oh! You Pretty Things1/Queen Bitch1/Five Years1/Starman2/John, I'm Only Dancing/The Jean Genie/Space Oddity/Drive-In Saturday3/Life On Mars/Ziggy Stardust4/Rebel Rebel5/Young Americans6/Be My Wife/"Heroes"/Boys Keep Swinging/DJ/Look Back In Anger/Ashes To Ashes/Fashion/Wild Is The Wind/Let's Dance/China Girl/Modern Love/Cat People7/Blue Jean/Loving The Alien/Dancing In The Street/Absolute Beginners/Underground/As The World Falls Down/Day-In Day-Out/Time Will Crawl/Never Let Me Down/Fame 90/Jump They Say/Black Tie White Noise/Miracle Goodnight/The Buddha Of Suburbia/The Hearts Filthy Lesson/Strangers When We Meet/Hallo Spaceboy/Little Wonder/Dead Man Walking/Seven Years In Tibet/I'm Afraid Of Americans/Thursday's Child/Survive.

A double DVD set. Video clips, plus live performances from: 1 Old Grey Whistle Test (08-02-72), 2 Top Of The Pops (14-04-72), 3 Russell Harty Plus (17-11-73), 4 Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture, 5 Top Pop (07-02-74), 6 Dick Cavett Show (04-12-74) and 7 Serious Moonlight. On top of this, no less than nine 'easter eggs' are included:

  1. 'Oh! You Pretty Things' (Old Grey Whistle Test, Take 2) — DVD 1: click on 'Play All', every second time the alternative version will appear.
  2. Interview with David Bowie and Russell Harty (before 'Drive-In Saturday') — DVD 1: click on the hyphen on the tracklisting display.
  3. Screen ad for forthcoming Ziggy Stardust DVD — DVD 1: click on the lightning bolt logo on the tracklisting display.
  4. 'Jazzin' For Blue Jean' (21 minute promo) — DVD 1: click on the ) symbol on the tracklisting display. You will notice the picture change on the right hand side. Highlight and click to play.
  5. 'Blue Jean' (MTV performance recorded at The Wag Club) — DVD 1: whilst you are playing the 'Jazzin' For Blue Jean' video, when the girl goes to the jukebox (at 1'40"), click on Enter when you see the David Bowie image appear.
  6. 'Day-In Day-Out' (Extended Mix) — DVD 2: click on 'Play All', every 2nd time the Extended Mix will appear.
  7. 'Miracle Goodnight' (remix) — DVD 2: play the 'Miracle Goodnight' video, wait 5 minutes on the tracklist display and click Enter.
  8. 'Seven Years In Tibet' (Mandarin version) — DVD 2: click on the Mandarin symbol on the subtitle page.
  9. 'Survive' (live in Paris 1999) — DVD 2: click on 'Play All', every second time the live version will appear.
Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
(EMI 7243 4 92869 9 3), 2002

Under Pressure/All The Young Dudes/"Heroes".

Compared to the original double video, this 2DVD features the rehearsal of 'Under Pressure' as bonus material.

Motion PictureMotion Picture Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture
(EMI 4929879), 2003

Hang On To Yourself/Ziggy Stardust/Watch That Man/Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud-All The Young Dudes-Oh! You Pretty Things/Moonage Daydream/Changes/Space Oddity/My Death/Cracked Actor/Time/The Width Of A Circle/Let's Spend The Night Together/Suffragette City/White Light-White Heat/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide.

The official 30th Anniversary Edition DVD (bottom) features a 5.1 Dolby/DTS mix. It was preceeded in 2002 by a semi-official Brazilian edition, which was packaged with 'DVD Total' magazine (DVD Total N2160; top).

Remember 60's Vol. 4 Remember - 60's Vol. 4
(BR Music BD 3013-9), 2004

Space Oddity.

This Dutch compilation DVD contains David's mimed performance at the Swiss TV show "Hits A Go Go" from 02-11-69. Other artists include Small Faces, Harry Nilsson and Moody Blues.

40 Jaar Top 40 1969-1970 40 Jaar Top 40 - 1969-1970
(Universal 981 936-7), 2004

Space Oddity.

Another Dutch DVD, this time featuring the live performance at the Ivor Novello Awards on 10-05-70. An accompanying CD (Universal 981 936-9) features the album version of 'Space Oddity'.

A Reality Tour Live Aid
(Warner Vision 2564618952), 2004

TVC 15/Rebel Rebel/Modern Love/"Heroes"/Do They Know It's Christmas.

This 4DVD contains Bowie's complete set, including the finale. As a bonus, the 'Dancing In The Street' video is featured as well.

A Reality Tour A Reality Tour
(Columbia 202418.9), 2004

Rebel Rebel/New Killer Star/Reality/Fame/Cactus/Sister Midnight/Afraid/All The Young Dudes/Be My Wife/The Loneliest Guy/The Man Who Sold The World/Fantastic Voyage/Hallo Spaceboy/Sunday/Under Pressure/Life On Mars/Battle For Britain (The Letter)/Ashes To Ashes/The Motel/Loving The Alien/Never Get Old/Changes/I'm Afraid Of Americans/"Heroes"/Bring Me The Disco King/Slip Away/Heathen (The Rays)/Five Years/Hang On To Yourself/Ziggy Stardust.

Recorded live at the The Point, Dublin, 22 and 23-11-03 in 5.1 Dolby surround.

Black Tie White Noise Black Tie White Noise
(EMI 07243 4 90634 9 5), 2005

You've Been Around/Nite Flights/Miracle Goodnight/Black Tie White Noise/I Feel Free/I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday.

First included on the Limited Edition 2CD+DVD edition of the Black Tie White Noise album. Released in 2005 as a separate DVD.

Love You Till Tuesday
(Universal 982336-0), 2005

Love You Till Tuesday/Sell Me A Coat/When I'm Five/Rubber Band/The Mask/ Let Me Sleep Beside You/Ching-A-Ling/Space Oddity/When I Live My Dream.

Bonus: When I Live My Dream/Columbine/The Mirror/Threepenny Pierrot/When I Live My Dream (Reprise).

Features a 5.1 Dolby mix, 'The Looking Glass Murders' (recorded in Edinburgh, Gateway Theatre, 01-07-70) and a photo gallery.

Dick Cavett: Rock Icons Dick Cavett: Rock Icons
(Shout! Factory D3D 33030), 2005

1984/Young Americans.

Two live performance from one of Bowie's most notorious of TV performances. The third song performed, 'Footstompin'', is available as audio on RarestOneBowie.

The Midnight SpecialTotal Rock Review Burt Sugarman's The Midnight Special - Million Sellers
(Guthy Renker Entertainment MU0001), 2006

Space Oddity.

This DVD was a pilot to an 8-DVD set spanning the years 1973-1980. Bowie appears only on this title with a performance of 'Space Oddity' on the 1980 Floor Show.

Normally, I would advise to steer clear from any 'in depth review' DVDs, but an exception has been made for Total Rock Review (bottom). This title presents a far more complete overview of the 1980 Floor Show, covering Sorrow/Everything's Alright/Space Oddity/I Can't Explain/Time/The Jean Genie/I Got You Babe, albeit in rather shabby quality.

Serious MoonlightSerious MoonlightSerious MoonlightSerious Moonlight Serious Moonlight
(EMI 0946 341539 9 7), 2006

Look Back In Anger/"Heroes"/What In The World/Golden Years/Fashion/Let's Dance/Breaking Glass/Life On Mars/Sorrow/Cat People/China Girl/Scary Monsters/Rebel Rebel/White Light-White Heat/Station To Station/Cracked Actor/Ashes To Ashes/Space Oddity/Young Americans/Fame.

Bonus: Ricochet video, including additional live footage. This includes a/o full versions of China Girl and Fashion (the latter audio-only).

Has a 5.1 surround mix, plus an extended version of the Ricochet video as a bonus.

The official release was preceeded in 2005 by two semi-official release from Australia (Rajon RV0426; second) and Germany (Stax International 6230474; third). The Australian edition omited 'Cat People'. A second semi-official German release (Marketing Film STAR 1609; bottom) appeared in 2010.

The audio finally was officially released on vinyl and CD as part of the Loving The Alien box set.

Glass SpiderGlass SpiderGlass SpiderGlass Spider Glass Spider
(EMI 3909649), 2007

Glass Spider/Day-In Day-Out/Bang Bang/Absolute Beginners/Loving The Alien/China Girl/Rebel Rebel/Fashion/Never Let Me Down/"Heroes"/Sons Of the Silent Age/Young Americans/The Jean Genie/Let's Dance/Time/Fame/Blue Jean/I Wanna Be Your Dog/White Light White Heat/Modern Love.

Bonus 2CD 2007 Special Edition (EMI 3910022): Intro/Up The Hill Backwards/Glass Spider/Day-In Day-Out/Bang Bang/Absolute Beginners/Loving The Alien/China Girl/Rebel Rebel/Fashion/Scary Monsters/All The Madmen/Never Let Me Down/Big Brother/'87 And Cry/"Heroes"/Sons Of The Silent Age/Time Will Crawl/Young Americans/Beat Of Your Drum/The Jean Genie/Let's Dance/Fame/Time/Blue Jean/Modern Love.

The DVD has a 5.1 Dolby/DTS surround mix.

Semi-officially released in 1999 in Hong Kong (Panorama PMVDVD901009; top) and in 2002 in Brazil (DVD World DVD011; second), the latter packaged with 'DVD World Music' magazine. The official 2007 DVD release is available in two editions: a Standard Edition (third) and a Special Edition (bottom) featuring a bonus 2CD recorded in Montreal, Olympic Stadium, 30-08-87.

Remember That Night Remember That Night
(EMI 5043119), 2007

Arnold Layne/Comfortably Numb.

A 2DVD featuring Bowie's guest appearance at David Gilmour's concert at the Royal Albert Hall, 29-05-06.

Glass Spider LiveGlass Spider Live Glass Spider Live
(Immortal IMM 940119), November 2008 (Netherlands)

Another semi-official Dutch clone of Glass Spider. Reissued with the same title in Argentina in 2009 (Atipica COD 053-03/51573; bottom).

Birthday Celebration - Live In NYC Birthday Celebration - Live In NYC
(Immortal IMM 940235), April 2011 (Netherlands)

Little Wonder/The Hearts Filthy Lesson/Scary Monsters (with Frank Black)/Fashion (with Frank Black)/Telling Lies/Hallo Spaceboy (with Foo Fighters)/Seven Years In Tibet (with Dave Grohl)/The Man Who Sold The World/The Last Thing You Should Do (with Robert Smith)/Quicksand (with Robert Smith)/Battle For Britain/The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)/I'm Afraid Of Americans (with Sonic Youth)/Looking For Satellites/Under Pressure/"Heroes"/Queen Bitch (with Lou Reed)/Waiting For The Man (with Lou Reed)/Dirty Blvd. (with Lou Reed)/White Light-White Heat (with Lou Reed)/Moonage Daydream/All The Young Dudes (with Billy Corgan)/The Jean Genie (with Billy Corgan)/Space Oddity/I Can't Read/Repetition.

Semi-official (or bootleg) release, a poor transfer of a low quality VHS tape. Also released on 2CD.