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StageStageStageLegacy Stage Editions on vinyl
(RCA PL 02913), September 1978 (UK)

Hang On To Yourself/Ziggy Stardust/Five Years/Soul Love/Star/Station To Station/Fame/TVC 15/Warszawa/Speed Of Life/Art Decade/Sense Of Doubt/Breaking Glass/"Heroes"/What In The World/Blackout/Beauty And The Beast.

1991 Rykodisc (RCD 10144/45)/EMI (CDS 79 8617 2) bonus track: Alabama Song.

2005 Edition (EMI 7243 862532 2 1): Warszawa/"Heroes"/What In The World/Be My Wife/Blackout/Sense Of Doubt/Speed Of Life/Breaking Glass/Beauty And The Beast/Fame/Five Years/Soul Love/Star/Hang On To Yourself/Ziggy Stardust/Art Decade/Alabama Song/Station To Station/Stay/TVC 15.

2017 Edition (A New Career In A New Town): Warszawa/"Heroes"/What In The World/Be My Wife/The Jean Genie/Blackout/Sense Of Doubt/Speed Of Life/Breaking Glass/Beauty And The Beast/Fame/Five Years/Soul Love/Star/Hang On To Yourself/Ziggy Stardust/Suffragette City/Art Decade/Alabama Song/Station To Station/Stay/TVC 15.

Recorded at the Philadelphia, Spectrum Arena (28 and 29-04-78), Providence, Civic Center (05-05-78) and Boston, New Boston Garden Arena (06-05-78). Released in the UK on yellow vinyl and in the Netherlands on both yellow and blue vinyl (RCA PL-2913). The first reissue on vinyl did not appear until 2018, when the 2017 remaster was released as a 3LP (Parlophone DB 77825).

While David Live was never released on CD by RCA, Stage was (RCA PD 89002-2) in 1985. Stage also featured in the Rykodisc/EMI reissue programme, featuring 'Alabama Song' as a bonus track. Reissued in 2005 (second), with 'Be My Wife' and 'Stay' as additional bonus tracks. Maybe even more important, the original running order of the concert set list was restored and the fades between the songs removed, much improving the live experience of the album. Also available on DVD Audio (EMI 7243 8 63436 9 7; bottom), which additionally features a photo gallery. Furthermore, 'TVC 15' on the 5.1 mix differs from the album version; the ending of the song has been taken from a different performance.

The 2017 Edition in A New Career In A New Town adds 'The Jean Genie', 'Suffragette City', meaning that only 'Rock 'N' Roll Suicide' and 'Rebel Rebel' remain unreleased. It became the default version when it was released as a standalone album in 2018.

lodger Lodger Editions on vinyl
(RCA BOWLP 1), May 1979 (UK)

Fantastic Voyage/African Night Flight/Move On/Yassassin/Red Sails/DJ/Look Back In Anger/Boys Keep Swinging/Repetition/Red Money.

1991 Rykodisc (RCD 10146)/EMI (CDP 79 7724 2) bonus tracks: I Pray, Olé/Look Back In Anger (1988).

The gatefold sleeve and lyric on the inner sleeve were dropped when the LP was reissued by RCA in the 1980s. There is a Canadian pressing (RCA AQL 1-3254) on orange vinyl, probably with a similar history as the red Low and purple Scary Monsters. In 1991, Lodger was the last in the EMI Sound + Vision series to be released on vinyl (EMI EMD 1026); Rykodisc had already stopped reissuing on vinyl from David Live onwards. The 2017 remaster (Parlophone DB 77826) was released separately in 2018.

First released on CD in 1985 (RCA PD 84234). The 1991 Rykodisc/EMI reissue featured bonus tracks (see above), which were left off the 1999 EMI remaster (EMI 7243 521909 0 4). The same remaster was reissued in 2007 in Japan as a mini LP replica (EMI TOCP-70152); also see this box in which the entire series could be stored. Released as a Super High Material CD (SHM CD) in Japan in 2009 (EMI TOCP-95052) in the same artwork as the mini LP.

Scary Monsters Scary Monsters... And Super Creeps Editions on vinyl
(RCA BOWLP 2), September 1980 (UK)

It's No Game (#1)/Up The Hill Backwards/Scary Monsters/Ashes To Ashes/Fashion/Teenage Wildlife/Scream Like A Baby/Kingdom Come/Because You're Young/It's No Game (#2).

1992 Rykodisc (RCD 20147)/EMI (CDP 79 9331 2) bonus tracks: Space Oddity (1979)/Panic In Detroit (1979)/Crystal Japan/Alabama Song.

The Belgian (RCA LP 13647) and Greek (RCA RCLP 20175) pressings came in a gatefold sleeve. A small number of records of the UK edition appeared on purple vinyl, probably pressed by a fan working at the RCA plant (there are pink vinyl copies of the contemporary 'Alabama Song' single as well). Not reissued on vinyl until 2018, when the 2017 remastere (Parlophone DB 77828) from the A New Career In A New Town set was released as a standalone LP. See Pirates for an unofficial picture disc.

Released in 1985 on RCA CD (RCA PD 83647). The 1992 Rykodisc/EMI remaster contained four bonus tracks (see above). Remastered in 1999 (EMI 7243 521 895 0 2) and released as a SACD (EMI 7243 54331 8 2) with a stereo mix in 2003. The lastest CD re-release is a 2007 Japanese mini LP replica (EMI TOCP-70153). Released as SHM CD in Japan in 2009 (EMI TOCP-95053) in the same artwork as the mini LP.

Let's DanceLet's Dance Let's Dance Editions on vinyl
(EMI AML 3029), April 1983 (UK)

Modern Love/China Girl/Let's Dance/Without You/Ricochet/Criminal World/Cat People/Shake It.

1995 Virgin (CDVUS96) bonus track: Under Pressure.

Also released as picture disc (EMI AMLP 3029) and as Original Master Recording (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. MFSL 1-083). The 2018 remaster (Parlophone DB 83881) was released separately from the Loving The Alien box set in 2019. In 2020, a limited run of 1.500 was released on translucent blue vinyl through HMV stores.

Let's Dance was the first album to be released simultaneously on LP and CD (EMI CDP 7 46002 2). A special Japanese CD was released in the Eternity Gold Series (EMI CP43-5772). The 1995 Virgin reissue included a bonus track (see above), which was left off a 1998 reissue (EMI 7243 493094 2 5) and the 1999 remaster (EMI 7243 521896 0 1). Released as a SACD (EMI 7243 54331 9 2) with a stereo mix in 2003 and finally as a mini LP replica (EMI TOCP-70154) in Japan in 2007. Released as SHM CD in Japan in 2009 (EMI TOCP-95054) in the same artwork as the mini LP.

Ziggy Stardust - The Motion PictureZiggy Stardust - The Motion Picture Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture
Editions on vinyl (RCA PL 84862), October 1983 (UK)

Hang On To Yourself/Ziggy Stardust/Watch That Man/Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud-All The Young Dudes-Oh! You Pretty Things/Moonage Daydream/Space Oddity/My Death/Cracked Actor/Time/The Width Of A Circle/Changes/Let's Spend The Night Together/Suffragette City/White Light-White Heat/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide.

Recorded in London, Hammersmith Odeon, 03-07-73, at Bowie's final Ziggy Stardust show. 1000 promotional copies were pressed on clear vinyl (RCA CPL2 4862SP). A semi-official 1991 reissue from Czechia (BMG/Globus International 210100-1312) was pressed on red, blue, blue and splattered blue, splattered blue and splattered yellow, splattered green and splattered yellow and plain black vinyl (five editions in total). The 30th Anniversary Edition from 2003 (EMI ZIGGYRIP3773; see below for details) was also released as a red vinyl 2LP including a poster.

It is interesting to note that in the booklet of the 1992 Rykodisc/EMI edition 'Love Me Do' is credited McCartney/Lennon, which suggests was 'The Jean Genie/Love Me Do' was scheduled for inclusion. Reissued in 2003 in a 30th Anniversary Edition (EMI 7243 5 81799 2 7). On the new edition, remixed by Tony Visconti, the original running order was restored, with 'Changes' following 'Moonage Daydream'. This 2CD also features the intro and finale music, 'The Width Of A Circle' in its full 15 minute glory, as well as—finally—Bowie's complete farewell speech. 'The Jean Genie' and 'Round And Round', however, are still absent. Also available as a special edition (a boxed set including a poster and ticket replica; EMI 7243 5 82394 2 3).

Part of this show—including 'The Jean Genie' and the full farewell speech—was broadcast in 1974 on ABC's "Movie of the Week" program. Bootleg recordings of this broadcast are a/o found on the His Master's Voice (The Amazing Kornyfone TAKRL 1935) LP or David Bowie & Jeff Beck In Concert 1973 (SGRS 001) CD.

Tonight Tonight Editions on vinyl
(EMI DB 1), September 1984 (UK)

Loving The Alien/Don't Look Down/God Only Knows/Tonight/Neighborhood Threat/Blue Jean/Tumble And Twirl/I Keep Forgetting/Dancing With The Big Boys.

1995 Virgin (CDVUS97) bonus tracks: This Is Not America/Absolute Beginners/As The World Falls Down.

Reissued on vinyl as part of the Loving The Alien box set; this 2018 remaster (Parlophone PD 83883) was released separately in 2019.

Originally released on CD as EMI CDP 7 46047 2. Reissued in 1995 with three bonus tracks (see above). EMI reissued Tonight in 1998 (EMI 7243 493102 2 3) and one year later came with a remastered edition (EMI 7243 521897 0 0). In 2003, the album was reissued on the Dutch Disky budget label (Disky SI 905404). The most recent re-release is the 2007 Japanese mini LP replica (TOCP-70155). Released as SHM CD in Japan in 2009 (EMI TOCP-95055) in the same artwork as the mini LP.

Never Let Me Down Never Let Me Down Editions on vinyl
(EMI AMLS 3117), April 1987 (UK)

Day-In Day-Out/Time Will Crawl/Beat Of Your Drum/Never Let Me Down/Zeroes/Glass Spider/Shining Star (Makin' My Love)/New York's In Love/'87 And Cry/Too Dizzy/Bang Bang.

1995 Virgin (CDVUS98) bonus tracks: Julie/Girls/When The Wind Blows.

'Too Dizzy' is available only on the original LP/CD; it was deleted from all subsequent reissues.

Compared to the CD (EMI CDP 7 46677 2), the LP contained edited versions of Day-In Day-Out/Beat Of Your Drum/Glass Spider/Shining Star (Makin' My Love)/New York's In Love/'87 And Cry/Bang Bang; see the individual tracks for more info. The Japanese LP (Toshiba EMI EYS-91221) contained the longer versions as on the CD and added 'Girls (Japanese Version)' as a bonus track after 'Zeroes'. The album appeared on blue vinyl in Australia (EMI ST-240746). The Korean LP (EMI/Oasis OLE-681/PJ -17267) dropped Time Will Crawl/Glass Spider/Shining Star. The original LP configuration (minus 'Too Dizzy') was made available as a download in 2007. The 2018 remaster (Parlophone PD 83884) uses the longer CD versions; it was released separately from the Loving The Alien box in 2019.

The Japanese CD (EMI CP32-5398) included the Japanese Version of 'Girls'. Reissued in 1995 with bonus tracks (see above), which were omitted from an EMI re-release from 1998 (EMI 7243 493097 2 2). A remastered edition appeared in 1999 (EMI 7243 521894 0 3). In 2002, Never Let Me Down was released in The Netherlands as a budget title on Disky VI 795622. Finally in 2007 a mini LP replica (EMI TOCP-70156) was produced in Japan. Released as SHM CD in Japan in 2009 (EMI TOCP-95056) in the same artwork as the mini LP.

Also see Never Let Me Down 2018, released as part of the Loving The Alien box set.

From here on catalogue numbers no longer refer to LPs but to CDs.
Tin MachineTin Machine Tin Machine: Tin Machine
Editions on vinyl (EMI CDP-7-91990-2), May 1989 (UK)

Heaven's In Here/Tin Machine/Prisoner Of Love/Crack City/I Can't Read/Under The God/Amazing/Working Class Hero/Bus Stop/Pretty Thing/Video Crimes/Run/Sacrifice Yourself/Baby Can Dance.

1995 Virgin (CDVUS99) bonus track: Bus Stop (Live Country Version).

'Run' and 'Sacrifice Yourself' are not included on the LP. The LP (EMI MTLS 1044; left, top), CD (left, bottom) and cassette (EMI 264 7 91990 4) each have a different photo on the cover.

The 1995 Virgin reissue (see above) contains a bonus track. Both the 1999 EMI remaster (EMI 7243 521910 0 0) and the 2007 Japanese mini LP replica (EMI TOCP-70157) use the original LP artwork. Released as SHM CD in Japan in 2009 (EMI TOCP-95057) in the same artwork as the mini LP.

Tin Machine