With some exceptions, the box sets covered in this section are usually nothing more than two or three regular titles bundled together in a slipcase. This is the reason they have been separated from the regular compilations. For the true collectors boxes, such as Five Years and Who Can I Be Now?, see the regular compilation section.

Golden Years Golden Years—The 24K Gold Collection
(Rykodisc RCD 80132-134, 80140-143, 80171), 1992 (US)

Limited edition box containing the complete Rykodisc AU20 series: The Man Who Sold The World, Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust, Young Americans, Station To Station, Low, Heroes and ChangesBowie. This box was made available only through BMG Direct.

Earthling/Outside 1. Outside/Earthling
(BMG 7432 1 68502 2), December 1999 (France).

Outside Version 2 and Earthling in a custom box.

..Diamond Dogs/"Heroes" Diamond Dogs/"Heroes"
(EMI 7243 5 41096 0 7), October 2002 (France).

This and most subsequent slipcases contain the 1999 remasters.

The Man Who Sold The World/Hunky Dory/Space Oddity The Man Who Sold The World/Hunky Dory/Space Oddity
(EMI 7243 5 91854 0), 2003 (UK).

Again the EMI remasters in a custom slipcase, this time a series of three sets released in the UK.

Reality/Heathen Aladdin Sane/Diamond Dogs
(EMI 7243 5 92018 0), 2003 (UK).
Scary Monsters/"Heroes" Scary Monsters/"Heroes"
(EMI 7243 5 92068 0), 2003 (UK).


Reality/Heathen Reality/Heathen
(Columbia/ISO 514817 2), 2003 (France).


Reality/Heathen Earthling/hours...
(Sony 50997 5133672), September 2004 (France).


Reality/Heathen 1. Outside/Heathen
(Sony 50997 5082222 7), September 2004 (France).


Outside/Earthling/hours Outside/Earthling/hours...
(Columbia 517535 2), September 2004.

A box set containing the Limited 2CD Edition remasters of 1. Outside, Earthling and hours... Only 2000 numbered copies were made.

Never Let Me Down/Tonight Never Let Me Down/Tonight
(EMI 7243 8 64385 0 8), September 2004 (EC).

Yet another effort to clear the stock of EMI remasters, here in this series of five "Limited Edition" slipcases.

Low/"Heroes" Low/"Heroes"
(EMI 7243 8 64388 0 5), September 2004 (EC).


Scary Monsters/Lodger Scary Monsters/Lodger
(EMI 7243 8 64389 0 4), September 2004 (EC).


Aladdin Sane/Diamond Dogs/Hunky Dory Aladdin Sane/Diamond Dogs/Hunky Dory
(EMI 7243 8 64395 0 5), September 2004 (EC).


Let's Dance/Station To Station/Young Americans Let's Dance/Station To Station/Young Americans
(EMI 7243 8 64396 0 4), September 2004 (EC).


hours.../EarthlingOutside/Heathen hours.../Earthling
(Columbia COL 513367 9), November 2004 (EC).

Two Columbia slipcase reissues. Probably released to clear the inventory, two months after more interesting 2CD reissues of 1. Outside, Earthling and hours... had appeared. Released in the same slipcase in Australia in 2006 (Sony 5 099751 336792). The 2005 French edition has different artwork (Sony 35443 300401 4 7; bottom).

Outside/Heathen The Man Who Sold The World/Hunky Dory
(EMI 7243 521901 0 2), September 2005 (France).


Outside/Heathen Station To Station/Let's Dance
(EMI 7243 521906 0 7), September 2005 (France).


Outside/HeathenOutside/HeathenOutside/HeathenOutside/Heathen 1. Outside/Heathen
(Columbia COL 517550 2), November 2004 (EC).

The 2005 French edition has different artwork (Sony 35443 300401 5 4; second). This was reissued in September 2010 (Sony 88697 74720 2 2; third) in yet another slipcase.

A so-called "slider-pack" (Sony/BMG 88697149542; bottom) was initially distributed exclusively through Tesco UK in October 2007 and released in Europe in February 2008

EMI box setEMI box set David Bowie (EMI box)
March 2007 (Japan).

All titles from the mini LP reissue series (Space Oddity to Tin Machine; see individuals albums) contained a coupon. If all 17 were sent in by Japanese residents, they would receive this box to store the CDs in.

The Japanese record store Disc Union prepared their own sets of boxes, plus replicas of the original vinyl release OBIs. The Ziggy Stardust box (0412P-SP135) contained Space Oddity to Pin Ups, the Low box (0412P-SP142) Diamond Dogs to Lodger and the Let's Dance box (0412-SP146) Scary Monsters to Tin Machine. The latter was accompanied by a large box based on the Space Oddity design to contain all three boxes.

Sony box set David Bowie (Sony box)
June 2007 (Japan).

Similar to above, but this time for the mini LP reissues of 1. Outside to Reality. The complete box including the five 2CDs was released as a complete set in Europe and the US in December.

Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane
(EMI 2165510), September 2008 (France).

On the slipcase the cover of the 30th Anniversary Edition of Ziggy Stardust is printed, but it actually contains the 1999 remaster!

Space Oddity/Hunky Dory Space Oddity/Hunky Dory
(EMI 2165520), September 2008 (France).


Reality/A Reality Tour Reality/A Reality Tour
(Sony/BMG 88697378502), October 2008 (EC).

Bundle of CD and DVD. Released in Australia in 2010 (Sony 50997 512555 2 9).

Diamond Dogs/Scary Monsters/"Heroes" Diamond Dogs/Scary Monsters/"Heroes"
(EMI 50999 684578 0 8), September 2009 (France).


Low/Young Americans Low/Young Americans
(EMI 50999 684485 0 9), September 2009 (France).


Heroes/Lodger "Heroes"/Lodger
(EMI 50999 684486 0 8), September 2009 (France).


Space Oddity/The Man Who Sold The World Space Oddity/The Man Who Sold The World
(EMI 50999 646951 0 5), September 2010 (France).


Live Santa Monica '72/Aladdin Sane Live Santa Monica '72/Aladdin Sane
(EMI 50999 646950 2 0), September 2010 (France)


Let's Dance/Black Tie White Noise Let's Dance/Black Tie White Noise
(EMI 50999 646949 2 4), September 2010 (France)


Zeit! 77-79 EMI Studio Classics
(EMI 50999 027745 0 3), May 2011 (Canada)

The 1999 remasters of "Heroes", Lodger and Scary Monsters.

Original Albums Classics Original Albums Classics
(Sony 88691 90617 2 7), January 2012 (UK)

A slipcase with 1. Outside, Earthling and hours... in card sleeves. 1. Outside contains 'Get Real' as a bonus track. The artwork erroneously lists 'I'm Afraid Of Americans' as Nine Inch Nails V1 Mix.

Zeit! 77-79 Zeit! 77-79
(EMI DBZEIT 7779), May 2013 (EC)

A slipcase with the 2005 remasters of Stage and the 1999 remasters of Low, "Heroes" and Lodger.