This section of Compilations covers the albums Rock Galaxy (1981) to Early Years (1987). Soundtracks and most of the albums containing Decca/Deram material are treated under Soundtracks and Early Works respectively, while several semi-official compilations are discussed under Pirates.

Rock Galaxy Rock Galaxy Editions on vinyl
(RCA NL 43493), June 1981 (Germany)

Double LP with Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust.

ChangesTwoBowie ChangesTwoBowie Editions on vinyl
(RCA BOWLP 3), November 1981 (UK)

Aladdin Sane/Oh! You Pretty Things/Starman/1984/Ashes To Ashes/Sound And Vision/Fashion/Wild Is The Wind/John I'm Only Dancing (Again)/DJ.

Contains the single edits of Ashes To Ashes/Fashion/DJ. Also available on CD (RCA PD 84202). Reissued on black and blue vinyl (Parlophone CTBLP2018) in April 2018.

David Bowie David Bowie Editions on vinyl
(RCA RS 1001/SF 8287/SF 8244), 1981?*

A box set made for the Norwegian book club "Bokklubben Nye Bøker", containing Aladdin Sane, Ziggy Stardust and Hunky Dory.

At The Tower Philadelphia At The Tower Philadelphia Editions on vinyl
(RCA PL 42993), January 1982 (The Netherlands)

Reissue of Rock Concert.

Portrait Of A Star Portrait Of A Star Editions on vinyl
(RCA PL 37700), August 1982 (France)

A 3LP box with Lodger, "Heroes" and Low. This is one of the few albums containing the full length bilingual "Héros", the French/English version of "Heroes".

Rare Rare Editions on vinyl
(RCA PL 45406), December 1982 (UK)

Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola/Round And Round/Amsterdam/Holy Holy (1972)/Panic In Detroit (live)/Young Americans/Velvet Goldmine/"Helden"/John I'm Only Dancing (Again)/Alabama Song/Crystal Japan.

Includes the single edits of 'Young Americans' and 'John I'm Only Dancing (Again)' and the English/German version of "Heroes". This title was reissued only as a counterfeit CD.

Space Oddity/The Man Who Sold The World Space Oddity/The Man Who Sold The World Editions on vinyl
(RCA NL 37727), 1983 (France)

Two early albums in a single sleeve.

David Bowie Editions on vinyl
(RCA TRC 5005), 1983 (South Africa)

An untitled album in the Best Buy Series, comparable to the French double LP above. This compilation has the complete Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane albums.

Golden Years Golden Years Editions on vinyl
(RCA BOWLP 4), August 1983 (UK)

Fashion/Golden Years/Red Sails/Joe The Lion/Look Back In Anger/Scary Monsters/I Can't Explain/Wild Is The Wind/Ashes To Ashes.

Also available on CD (RCA PD 84792).

Fame And Fashion Fame And Fashion (David Bowie's All Time Greatest Hits) Editions on vinyl
(RCA PL 84919), May 1984 (UK)

Space Oddity/Changes/Starman/1984/Young Americans/Fame/Golden Years/TVC 15/"Heroes"/DJ/Fashion/Ashes To Ashes.

Also available on CD (RCA PD 84919).

Love You Till Tuesday Love You Till Tuesday Editions on vinyl
(Deram BOWIE 1), May 1984 (UK)

See Early Works.

Early Years Early Years Editions on vinyl
(RCA NL 89494), 1985 (France)

A 3LP box with Aladdin Sane, Hunky Dory and The Man Who Sold The World.