Pirate albums are LPs or CDs that at first sight appear to be regular releases, but in fact are bootlegs pretending to be official albums; also included are a few bootlegs that were available through official channels plus several semi-official albums (from countries that have no copyright laws). In this section the ArsNova Series to Dance are covered. Also see Counterfeits.

ArsNova Series ArsNova Series
(ArsNova), 1999 (Russia).

A complete reissue series, covering the debut album (AN99-0461), Space Oddity (AN99-0367), The Man Who Sold The World (AN99-0371), Hunky Dory (AN99-0372), Ziggy Stardust (AN99-0338), Aladdin Sane (AN99-0336), Pin Ups (AN99-0357), Diamond Dogs (AN99-0401), Young Americans (AN99-0389), Station To Station (AN99-0374), Low (AN99-2057), "Heroes" (AN99-0272), Lodger (AN99-0340), Scary Monsters (AN99-0358), Let's Dance (AN99-0406), Tonight (AN99-0273), Never Let Me Down (AN99-0405), Tin Machine (AN99-2056), Black Tie White Noise (AN99-0388), The Buddha Of Suburbia (AN99-0413) and Outside (AN99-0366).

All titles are more or less direct clones of official albums, with Space Oddity to Scary Monsters copies of the Ryko/EMI reissues.

Golden Collection 2000Golden Collection 2001 Golden Collection 2000
(Lighthouse ANT010100), 1999 (Russia).

Space Oddity/Life On Mars/The Jean Genie/Fame/Lady Stardust/Ziggy Stardust/Under Pressure/Let's Dance/Dancing In The Street/Day-In Day-Out/You've Been Around/Nite Flights/I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday/Dead Man Walking/If I'm Dreaming My Life/The Dreamers/Thursday's Child (Rock Mix).

The cover lists 'Little Wonder' but the CD actually plays 'Dead Man Walking'. Reissued with the imaginative title Golden Collection 2001 (Lighthouse 8 289887; bottom).

Thursday's Child Thursday's Child - Greatest Hits '2000
(PL.COLL.'2000), 1999 (Russia).

Thursday's Child/Black Tie White Noise/The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell/Little Wonder/Changes/Seven/Without You I'm Nothing/China Girl/Something In The Air/Modern Love/Under Pressure/Let's Dance/Blue Jean/Jump They Say/The Jean Genie/Ashes To Ashes/Golden Years/Peace On Earth-Little Drummer Boy.

Greatest Hits '2000 Greatest Hits '2000
(851010@2-DB-GH), 1999 (Russia).

Thursday's Child/The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell/Let's Dance/Dancing In The Street/Fame/Rebel Rebel/Knock On Wood (live)/Fashion/Under Pressure/Modern Love/Jump They Say/Hallo Spaceboy/Little Wonder/This Is Not America/Space Oddity/Absolute Beginners.

Greatest Hits '2000 Greatest Hits '2000
(Brons/Dance OK! 657), 2000 (Russia).

Thursday's Child/Let's Dance/China Girl/Under Pressure/Jump They Say/Little Wonder/Hallo Spaceboy/What's Really Happening/Ziggy Stardust/Ashes To Ashes/Fame/Blue Jean/I'm Deranged/Golden Years/Changes/Young Americans/Thursday's Child (Rock Mix).

New year, but again the same title and opening song. The booklet and disc list this title as Brons 657, the back inlay as Brons 655.

Hit Collection Hit Collection 2000
(ES/DJ's Club), 2000 (Russia).

Same tracks as on Greatest Hits '2000 above.

Gold 2000 Gold 2000
(Hit Sound AS 03-00), 2000 (Turkey).

Survive/Fame 90/Under Pressure/Space Oddity/Jump They Say/Ziggy Stardust (live)/Let's Dance/The Hearts Filthy Lesson/Dancing In The Street/Little Wonder/Absolute Beginners/Black Tie White Noise/Hallo Spaceboy/Young Americans (live)/Thursday's Child/Strangers When We Meet/I Feel Free/Seven/Blue Jean (live).

'Under Pressure', 'Jump They Say' and 'Hallo Spaceboy' are included in remixed form as the Rah Mix, JAE-E Edit and Pet Shop Boys Remix respectively. The live tracks have been taken from Milton Keynes 5th August 1990 (GEMA BOW 003/004).

Maximum Series Maximum Series
(CD-Maximum CDM 2000-3XX), 2000 (Russia).

A series of Russian pirate CDs, most covering two titles per CD. See this separate page for information about all 15 CDs.

2000 Collection 2000 Collection
(Hit Sound AS 03-00), 2000 (Russia).

Fame/Let's Dance/Ashes To Ashes/Golden Years/Battle for Britain (The Letter)/Under Pressure/DJ/Sorrow/Starman/Five Years/Moonage Daydream/Drive-In Saturday/Ziggy Stardust/Lady Stardust/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide/Survive/Thursday's Child/Space Oddity.

Various Russian titles Various Russian titles
90s and onwards (Russia)

In Russia, it is common practice to illegally reproduce official albums. Except for Earthling and hours... discussed above, recently also the US edition of The Best Of Bowie 1969/1974, All Saints and Christiane F. were counterfeited. These pirates carry the official catalogue numbers but are easily recognized by the poor reproduction of the artwork, which generally consists of a single folded page.

Dance Dance
(DB8385), 2001 (Germany)

Let's Dance (Disconet Remix)/Blue Jean (Extended Dance Mix)/Dancing With The Big Boys (Extended Dance Mix)/Tonight (Vocal Dance Mix)/Tumble And Twirl (Extended Dance Mix)/Loving The Alien (Extended Dance Mix)/Don't Look Down (Extended Dance Mix)/This Is Not America (Disconet Remix)/Magic Dance (A Dance Mix)/Megamix.

At the end of 1985, EMI planned to release an album with remixes from Let's Dance and Tonight. The seven tracks on Dance (EMI ST-17175), Loving The Alien/Let's Dance/Shake It/Blue Jean/China Girl/Dancing With The Bigs Boys/Modern Love, were seemlessly segued into "an endless music mix" by Rusty Gardner and Paul Sabu. However, the idea was shelved and nothing but a few proof sleeves for the album's artwork ever surfaced.

In 2001 a CD called Dance appeared, but from the tracklisting and the catalogue number it is immediately apparent that this is just a pirate/bootleg. For the front insert however, the bootleggers used the artwork of the original proof sleeve.