Pirate albums are LPs or CDs that at first sight appear to be regular releases, but in fact are bootlegs pretending to be official albums; also included are a few bootlegs that were available through official channels plus several semi-official albums (from countries that have no copyright laws). In this section the CDs Legendary Masters to iSelect are covered. Also see Counterfeits.

Legendary Masters Legendary Masters
(Lighthouse 8 290089), 2001 (Russia).

The Man Who Sold The World/If I'm Dreaming My Life/Ziggy Stardust/Dancing In The Street/Rebel Rebel/Life On Mars/Changes/The Jean Genie/Let's Dance/Sorrow/I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday/Absolute Beginners/Wild Is The Wind/Space Oddity/Under Pressure/Love You Till Tuesday/Diamond Dogs.

Greatest Stars The Greatest Stars
(Lighthouse 8 290089), 2001 (Russia).

Same as Legendary Masters above but with different artwork.

Rock Collection Rock Collection
(Warner Bros WB32589CD), 2001 (Russia).

Same as Greatest Hits '2000. Like with Very Best, the name of an official music label is abused.

King Of World Music King Of World Music
(Alba AR 29-2001), 2001 (Russia).

Space Oddity/Ziggy Stardust/Memory Of A Free Festival/The Supermen/Starman/The Man Who Sold The World/She Shook Me Cold/Running Gun Blues/The Width Of A Circle/Lady Stardust/The Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud/Suffragette City/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide/Changes/Life On Mars/Quicksand/Five Years/Black Country Rock.

King Of World Music Легенды Зарубежного Рока
(SBA GL20240), 2001 (Russia).

Time/Young Americans/Tonight/Aladdin Sane/Moonage Daydream/Ching-A-Ling/Don't Look Down/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide/Never Let Me Down/Time Will Crawl/Ziggy Stardust/Queen Bitch/Drive-In Saturday/New York's In Love/Golden Years/Soul Love/Life On Mars/In The Heat Of The Morning/Song For Bob Dylan/Sweet Thing (Reprise)/I Keep Forgettin'.

The title translates as "Legends Of Foreign Rock". Which is all too well, as not all tracks on this compilation are considered Bowie's best!

All Time Hits All Time Hits (1980-2002)
(Music Box MB CD 150/2403), 2002 (Russia).

Let's Dance/What In The World/Blue Jean/Kooks/The Man Who Sold The World/Changes/The Jean Genie/Starman/Boys Keep Swinging/John I'm Only Dancing (Again)/Hang On To Yourself/Oh! You Pretty Things/Space Oddity/China Girl/Ashes To Ashes/Golden Years/Life On Mars/Suffragette City/"Heroes".

The subtitle is a little odd, as three quarters of this compilation predates 1980.

MTV Music History MTV Music History
(Halahup HAL 089), 2002 (Russia).

Future Legend/Suffragette City/Space Oddity/Young Americans/See Emily Play/Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (Reprise)/Lady Stardust/Friday On My Mind/Amsterdam/I Keep Forgetting/Something In The Air/Hang On To Yourself/Run/The Man Who Sold The World/Across The Universe/Don't Look Down/Star/It's No Game (Part 1)/Modern Love/All The Young Dudes/Future Legend/Diamond Dogs/Here Comes The Night/Criminal World/Moonage Daydream/Under Pressure/Win/After All/Song For Bob Dylan/Working Class Hero/Rock 'N' Roll With Me/Fill Your Heart/Julie/Five Years/Fascination/Dancing In The Street/Girls/Cat People/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide/Please Mr. Gravedigger.

Both CDs of this 2CD open with 'Future Legend', the first labelled as 'Rare Archive Version'. This however, is just the regular version with homemade additional sound effects.

Ziggy Stardust Rock Stars
(Balalayka 4 608042 003353), 2002 (Russia).

A compilation that puts 'Run' and 'I Keep Forgettin'' on the front to attract customers should be met with suspicion, but this Russian 2CD beats everything. Out of the 40 tracks on this title, 16 have been misplaced or misnamed! According to the artwork, it should play:

Diamond Dogs/Moonage Daydream/Run/Under Pressure/Criminal World/All The Young Dudes (live)/Something In The Air/Ziggy Stardust/Suffragette City/Julie/Rock N' Roll With Me (live)/Five Years/Candidate/Rock N' Roll Suicide (live)/Modern Love/Don't Look Down/I Keep Forgettin'/Star/Space Oddity/The Man Who Sold The World/Fascination/Panic In Detroit/Cat People/Ashes To Ashes/Amsterdam/Sweet Thing (Reprise)/Girls/Sweet Thing/Young Americans/Working Class Hero/Here Comes The Night/Changes/Hang On To Yourself/Slow Burn/Dancing In The Street/Friday On My Mind/Lady Stardust/Fill Your Heart/After All.

... but it actually plays:

Diamond Dogs/Moonage Daydream/Run/Afraid/Criminal World/All The Young Dudes (live)/Something In The Air/Ziggy Stardust/Suffragette City/Julie/Rock N' Roll With Me (live)/Five Years/Lady Stardust/Fashion/Rock N' Roll Suicide (live)/Girls/Star/Space Oddity/It's No Game/Young Americans/The Man Who Sold The World/Fascination/Panic In Detroit/Don't Look Down/Ashes To Ashes/I Keep Forgettin'/Friday On My Mind/Cat People/Sweet Thing (Reprise)/Sweet Thing/Working Class Hero/Here Comes The Night/Changes/Hang On To Yourself/Slow Burn/Changes/Amsterdam/See Emily Play/Fill Your Heart/After All.

Note that 'Changes' appears twice!

Hunky Dory Hunky Dory
(SomeWax SW112-2), 2002 (Russia).

A hologram CD of this classic album.

Hunky DoryHunky Dory

Heathen + Bonus
(F/R Company), 2002 (Russia).

According to the artwork this is an EC release, but the company name and barcode are non-existing. The bonus tracks listed are China Girl/I'm Afraid Of Americans/Dead Man Walking/Under Pressure/As The World Falls Down, but the CD additionally playes Nature Boy/The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell.

A different version (bottom), on Panda Music and with an equally non-existing barcode, uses Under Pressure/I'm Afraid Of Americans/Magic Dance/As The World Falls Down/Fashion as bonus tracks.

Ziggy's Resurrection Ziggy's Resurrection
(Polydor 4 029758 469224), 2003 (Russia).

Ashes To Ashes/Criminal World/China Girl/New Killer Star/Cactus/Let's Dance/Changes/Pablo Picasso/Slow Burn/Cat People/Rebel Rebel/I've Been Waiting For You/Golden Years/Heathen/Modern Love/Reality/The Man Who Sold The World/Everyone Says 'Hi'.

'Rebel Rebel' is the 2002 re-recording.

Music Star Collection Music Star Collection
(FullHouse F 31047), 2003 (Russia).

The track listing is identical to All Time Hits (1980-2002).

Selección 5 Estrellas Selección 5 Estrellas
(Send Music 85.049/M 51133/34-2002), 2003 (Spain).

Same as Los Legendarios Del S.XX.

Star Series Star Series
(Landy Star 87), 2004 (Russia).

Liza Jane/Black Country Rock/Good Morning Girl/The Man Who Sold The World/"Heroes"/China Girl/I Wish You Would/Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere/Criminal World/Ashes To Ashes/I Keep Forgettin'/Time Will Crawl/As The World Falls Down/Tin Machine/Tonight/New York's In Love/Dead Against It/Blue Jean/Under The God/If There Is Something.

Another somewhat eccentric Russian compilation. Several titles are misspelt and 'The Man Who Sold The World' is listed as 'The Supermen'.

Star Series All Gold Of The World
(RDM CD RDM 0406481), 2004 (Russia).

Space Oddity/The Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud/Memory Of A Free Festival/The Width Of A Circle/Black Country Rock/She Shook Me Cold/The Man Who Sold The World/Running Gun Blues/The Supermen/Starman/Ziggy Stardust/Suffragette City/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide/Changes/Life On Mars/Quicksand/Five Years/Lady Stardust.

Like King Of World Music, this compilation draws heavy on Bowie's earliest work.

Ziggy Stardust Ziggy Stardust
(Somewax SW264-2), 2004 (Russia).

Another unofficial, but beautiful hologram edition.

Greatest Hits Part 1 Greatest Hits Part 1
(EMI 26007-1/2), 2010 (Russia).

Space Oddity/Starman/Ziggy Stardust/Moonage Daydream/Five Years/Black Country Rock/Hang On To Yourself/Let's Spend The Night Together/Suffragette City/The Jean Genie/Changes/Aladdin Sane/Velvet Goldmine/The Man Who Sold The World/Oh! You Pretty Things/Drive-In Saturday/Sorrow/The Prettiest Star/Life On Mars/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide/All The Yound Dudes/John I'm Only Dancing/Rebel Rebel/Diamond Dogs/Young Americans/Sound And Vision/Golden Years/Can You Hear Me/Wild Is The Wind/Knock On Wood/TVC 15/1984/It's Hard To Be A Sain In The City/Look Back In Anger/John I'm Only Dancing (Again)/The Secret Life Of Arabia/DJ/Beauty And The Beast/Breaking Glass/Boys Keep Swinging/"Heroes".

Decent artwork and collection of songs for this Russian pirate 2CD in digipack, which is pretending to be an official EMI release. The track listing seems to be poaching largely from The Best Of Bowie 1969/1974 and 1974/1979.

Greatest Hits Part 2 Greatest Hits Part 2
(EMI 260013-1/2), 2010 (Russia).

Let's Dance/Ashes To Ashes/Under Pressure/Fashion/Modern Love/China Girl/Scary Monsters/Up The Hill Backwards/Alabama Song/Cat People/This Is Not America/Loving The Alien/Absolute Beginners/When The Wind Blows/Blue Jean/Day-In Day-Out/Time Will Crawl/Underground/Fame 90/Under The God/Baby Universal/Jump They Say/Buddha Of Suburbia/Leon Takes Us Outside/Outside/The Hearts' Filthy Lesson/Hallo Spaceboy/Little Wonder/Dead Man Walking/I'm Afraid Of Americans/Thursday's Child/Survive/Seven/Slow Burn/I've Been Waiting For You/Everyone Says 'Hi'/New Killer Star.

This set duplicates The Best Of Bowie 1980/1987 before continuing with a fair selection of tracks from 1990 onwards.

Greatest Hits Part 2 Greatest Hits
(Parlophone 35826 1/2), 2016 (Russia).

Space Oddity/Black Country Rock/The Man Who Sold The World/Changes/Life On Mars/Oh! You Pretty Things/Velvet Goldmine/Starman/Ziggy Stardust/Suffragette City/John, I'm Only Dancing/The Jean Genie/Drive-In Saturday/Aladdin Sane/Let's Spend The Night Together/Rebel Rebel/Fame/Golden Years/Sound And Vision/Boys Keep Swinging/"Heroes"/Ashes To Ashes/Let's Dance/China Girl/Modern Love/Blue Jean/Dancing In The Street/Absolute Beginners/Time Will Crawl/Under The God/Jump They Say/Buddha Of Suburbia/Outside/Little Wonder/Thursday's Child/Everyone Say's "Hi"/New Killer Star/Where Are We Now?/Lazarus.

This compilation too plays it safe and does not include too many eccentric choices. Golden Years/"Heroes"/Ashes To Ashes/Let's Dance/China Girl/Modern Love/Dancing In The Street/Absolute Beginners are the single versions.

Greatest Hits Part 2 Greatest Hits
(Zebra Studio AZ-7), 2016 (Russia).

Starman/Ziggy Stardust/Ashes To Ashes/Rebel Rebel/China Girl/Young Americans/Life On Mars/Under Pressure/Sorrow/Alabama Song/Five Years/Absolute Beginners/Sound And Vision/Moonage Daydream/Suffragette City/Lazarus/Queen Bitch/Lady Stardust/Space Oddity/Golden Years/Blue Jean/Let's Dance/Wild Is The Wind/Soul Love/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide/Changes/Modern Love/The Jean Genie/It Ain't Easy/Up The Hill Backwards/John, I'm Only Dancing/Fame/Oh! You Pretty Things/Dollar Days/Diamond Dogs/"Heroes"/Fashion/The Man Who Sold The World.

Ashes To Ashes/China Girl/Young Americans/Absolute Beginners/Golden Years/Let's Dance/Modern Love/"Heroes"/Fashion are the single edits.