Pirate albums are LPs or CDs that at first sight appear to be regular releases, but in fact are bootlegs pretending to be official albums; also included are a few bootlegs that were available through official channels plus several semi-official albums (from countries that have no copyright laws). In this section the CDs Christiane F. to hours... are covered. Also see Counterfeits.

Christiane F Christiane F., Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo
(A.B. 9201), 1993 (Germany)

V-2 Schneider/TVC 15/"Helden"/Boys Keep Swinging/Sense Of Doubt/Station To Station/Look Back In Anger/Stay/Warszawa/Cat People.

There are two pirate CD editions, both made in Germany. The first (A.B. 9201) came with 'Cat People' from the soundtrack of the same name as a bonus track. The second edition (Remembering Mark Feld Records; no catalogue number) from 1995 is a bit more interesting, as it has Beauty And The Beast (12" version)/"Héros"-Heroes/Cat People/Baal's Hymn/Remembering Marie A./Ballad Of The Adventurers/The Drowned Girl/Dirty Song/Peace On Earth-Little Drummer Boy/Lieb' Dich Bis Dienstag/Revolutionary Song as a bonus. The second edition was reissued in 1996 (with a different CD label and the number BD9604CD1), which had the bonus tracks rearranged and from which 'Lieb' Dich Bis Dienstag' and 'Revolutionary Song' were missing altogether.

Big Artist Series Ziggy Stardust - Big Artist Series
(ARC T24P-0063), 1993? (Japan)

Five Years/Starman/Changes/Fame/Golden Years/Star/Sound And Vision/Space Oddity/1984/Young Americans/"Heroes"/Rock'N' Roll Suicide/Beauty And The Beast/TVC15/Ziggy Stardust/Lady Stardust.

David Bowie Live The Jean Genie
(The Easy Rider Years Live 9049277), 1994 (Italy)

Suffragette City/Moonage Daydream/Changes/Aladdin Sane/All The Young Dudes/Rebel Rebel/Diamond Dogs/Big Brother/Sweet Thing/The Jean Genie/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide/Knock On Wood.

All tracks from David Live.

David Bowie Live David Bowie Live
(D.V. MORE CDDV 5856), 1995 (Italy)

Knock On Wood/The Jean Genie/Rebel Rebel/Changes/All The Young Dudes/Diamond Dogs/Big Brother/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide/Aladdin Sane/1984/Moonage Daydream/Suffragette City.

This CD too poaches its contents from David Live.

A Portrait In Flesh A Portrait In Flesh
(Castle Recordings 070459-1), 1996 (EC)

Intro/1984/Rebel Rebel/Moonage Daydream/Sweet Thing/Changes/Suffragette City/Aladdin Sane/All The Young Dudes/Cracked Actor/Rock 'N' Roll With Me/Knock On Wood/It's Gonna Be Me/Space Oddity/Diamond Dogs/Big Brother/Time/The Jean Genie/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide/John I'm Only Dancing (Again).

A copy of the Strange Fascination (The Original Masters TOM CD 001/002) bootleg 2CD. The covers says this is an Australian release, but it more likely originates from Europe. Despite the fact that it probably is a bootleg, this 2CD was available in most record stores!

Earthling Earthling
(JPCD9702196), 1997 (Russia)

The song titles are not all mentioned on this disc, neither in the booklet, of which only the front and back are reproduced, nor on the CD itself. There also is a pirate CD from Bulgaria that looks much more professional. This pirate is identified by a black and white rather than in colour picture on the disc itself. See the official CD for several official limited editions.

The Forgotten Songs Of David Robert Jones The Forgotten Songs Of David Robert Jones
(SPQR Records SPQR5CD), 1997 (Germany)

That's A Promise/Silly Boy Blue (demo)/Love You Till Tuesday (demo)/Over The Wall We Go/When I Live My Dream (demo)/Let Me Sleep Beside You/Karma Man/Threepenny Pierrot/Columbine/The Mirror/When I Live My Dream/In the Heat of the Morning/London Bye Ta Ta/Life Is A Circus/Lover To The Dawn/Love Song/Little Toy Soldier/Waiting For The Man/Rupert The Riley/Buzz The Fuzz/Right On Mother/Lady Stardust.

From the tracklisting it immediately transpires that this is a bootleg, but for unknown reasons this CD was available through retail channels that normally do not sell bootlegs (like A Portrait In Flesh).

Very BestVery Best Very Best
(BMG/Arista DB 1896-2), 1998 (Bulgaria)

Rebel Rebel/Fame/Let's Dance/This Is Not America/Miracle Goodnight/Dancing In The Street/Absolute Beginners/Day-In Day-Out/Jump They Say/Under Pressure/Fashion/Space Oddity/Changes/Ziggy Stardust/Sorrow/Knock On Wood/Modern Love/Hallo Spaceboy.

'Hallo Spaceboy' is the Pet Shop Boys Remix. This disc was issued with two different inlays; the second edition (bottom) has Best Ballads on its spine instead of Very Best.

Great Hits USA Great Hits US
(Mikasa Tsusho GH 18-18), 1998 (Japan).

Starman/Changes/John I'm Only Dancing/The Jean Genie/TVC 15/Fame/Space Oddity/ Ziggy Stardust/I Can't Explain/Rebel Rebel/Sound And Vision/"Heroes".

Best Best
(Brons/Dance OK! 573), 1999 (Russia).

Let's Dance/China Girl/Under Pressure/Jump They Say/Little Wonder/Hallo Spaceboy/Ziggy Stardust/Fashion/Ashes To Ashes/Fame 90/Blue Jean/Golden Years/I'm Deranged/Young Americans/Changes/Modern Love/Outside.

The cover lists 'Fame', but the remix 'Fame 90' is included. This CD is credited to David Bovie.

Greatest Hits Greatest Hits
(Storm LC 90037), 1999 (Russia).

Little Wonder/Under Pressure/Blue Jean/Black Tie White Noise/China Girl/"Heroes"/Jump They Say/Let's Dance/The Jean Genie/John I'm Only Dancing/Modern Love/Fame 90/Golden Years/Fashion/Ziggy Stardust/Ashes To Ashes/Young Americans/Changes.

hours...hours.../Young Americanshours...hours.../Young Americanshours... hours...
1999 (Russia)

The first Russian release (top) is a well-done counterfeit of the regular hours... CD, but the booklet consists only of a single, folded page. The other Russian edition is more interesting, as it contains most of Young Americans (only 'Somebody Up There Likes Me' is missing) as a bonus.

Beside the two Russian CDs, there are (at least) three Chinese pirate CDs. The first (BG-R-0165; top) is a jewel case in a slip case. The second (936893186937) comes in a weird DVD style, black plastic case with a jewel case sized OBI. The last one (724384815820; bottom) is a jewel case with a jewel case sized OBI.

Also see two unofficial hours... pirates on vinyl.