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Take My Tip (Jones): the first Bowie composition to be released on vinyl. Kenny Miller recorded and released 'Take My Tip' a few months before Bowie did, as single (Stateside 405) in 1965. Bowie's own version appeared on the B-side of 'I Pity The Fool' (Parlophone R 5250), which was reissued on The Manish Boys/Davy Jones And The Lower Third and 1965!. Early On contains a version with an alternate vocal.

Teenage Wildlife (Bowie): from Scary Monsters. An alternative version is released on the Vampires Of Human Flesh (Midnight Beat MBCD 021) CD. Played live on the Outside tour (Ouvrez Le Chien, No Trendy Réchauffé).

Telling Lies (Bowie): premiered on BowieNet, with the Paradox Mix, Feelgood Mix and Adam F Mix available from 11, 18 and 25-09-96 onwards. An unreleased studio Version #2, a regular studio take instead of a remix, appeared on an in-house promo cassette. Despite the 'Internet-only' presentation of the song, first a double promo 12" (Arista LIES 1A) was released (on which the Paradox Mix and Feelgood Mix were called A Guy Called Gerard Mix and Bowie Mix respectively), followed by a limited edition 12" (BMG/RCA 74321397411) and CD-single (RCA/BMG 74321397412). Earthling contains a different verison of the song, which re-uses the vocal from the previously mentioned Version #2. In 2004, the Adam F Mix was included as a bonus track on the US re-release of Earthling, whereas the Limited 2CD Edition contained the Feelgood and Paradox remixes. In 2022, the three mixes appeared on a digital EP. Played live for the first time in Nagoya, Century Hall, 07-06-96 and performed on the Japanese and consecutive second European Outside tour, and a year later on the Earthling tour. A live version recorded in Amsterdam, Paradiso, 10-06-97 has been released on

That's A Promise (Bowie): a 1966 Bowie and The Buzz outtake, released on the THE BOZZ 220486 bootleg single. It has been re-released on eg. Pierrot In Turquoise (Clown Records IO-001). Known to be performed live by David Jones and The Lower Third on a BBC Radio One audition on 02-11-65.

That's How Strong My Love Is (Jamison): performed on Iggy's 1977 US tour with Bowie on piano. According to several sources, Bowie once joined Iggy in a duet, at San Francisco, Berkeley Theatre, 13-04-77, segueing this song into 'Fame'. Live tapes and a release on the bootleg Lebensgross (Knall Den Bebck 1982) prove, however, that Iggy is the only singer.

That's Motivation (Bowie): from the Absolute Beginners soundtrack. Also available as part of the Absolute Beginners EP on iTunes.

That's Where My Heart Is (Jones): an early demo from 1965, released on Early On.

There Is A Happy Land (Bowie): B-side of the US promo of 'Rubber Band' (Deram 85009). Incorrectly released on the A-side of the French Decca 86086 single (instead of 'The London Boys'). See Early Works section.

This Boy (Lennon/McCartny): this Beatles song was performed occasionally as a part of the early Ziggy shows. A live version, recorded in Aylesbury, Friars Hall, 18-07-72 (or Bristol, Locarno, 27-08-72), was released as an extra track on a/o Cocaine Adds Life (Swastika 1-8-15-4-DB) or A Semi-Acoustic Love Affair (no label).

This Is My Day (Bowie): from the Ernie Johnson rock opera.

This Is Not America (Bowie/Metheny/Mays): this co-operation with Pat Metheny was released as a single (EMI EA 190) from the The Falcon And The Snowman soundtrack. Bowie has no direct involvement with the instrumental version on the B-side. In the US, an Extended Edit was released on Disconet 12" (MWDN709). The single version is also issued on the Singles Collection and the Virgin re-release of Tonight. A Scumfrog vs Bowie remake is included on Club Bowie. The 3'40" video clip features scenes from the movie. Performed live in New York, Roseland Ballroom, 16-06-00 and on the few other shows Bowie did in 2000. A BBC live version appeared on BBC Radio Theatre, London, June 27, 2000, the bonus disc given away with early copies of Bowie At The Beeb. Also see: American Dream.

Threepenny Pierrot (Bowie): used in the mime-performances with Lindsay Kemp. A version used for 'The Looking Glass Murders' in 1970 has survived and was released on the Love You Till Tuesday DVD and on The Width Of A Circle. Rewritten as 'London Bye Ta-Ta'.

Thru' These Architect's Eyes (Bowie/Gabrels): from 1. Outside. A snippet from the recording session with different lyrics was featured on YouthCultureTV. Performed only twice on the Outside tour.

Thrust (Bowie/Gabrels): an instumental from the Omikron: The Nomad Soul game, an ambiant version of the hours... B-side '1917'.

Thursday's Child (Bowie/Gabrels): the first single released from the hours... album. BowieNet members were given the opportunity to decide which version would be released by choosing from three mixes. Two of these were eventually released: a Radio Edit (Virgin 7243 8 96265 2 0) and a Rock Mix (Virgin 7243 8 96266 0 5); except for a short, very low bit-rate excerpt on BowieNet, the Hip Hop Mix never saw the light of day. The single edit is simply called Edit on the EC CD-single (Virgin 7342 8 96268 2 7), but is included as Radio Edit on Best Of Bowie, Nothing Has Changed and Re:Call 5. The Omikron: The Nomad Soul game uses a version that runs slightly longer than the hours... version (5'35" vs. 5'23"), repeating an extra "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday born I was" in the closing section. This version was reissued as Omikron: The Nomad Soul Slower Version on the 2004 Limited 2CD Edition of hours... (which also includes the Rock Mix) and more correctly as Omikron: The Nomad Soul Version on Re:Call 5. In the game, an Easy Listening Version is also supposed to appear (according to the booklet of several localized versions), but this is incorrect. An in-house promo CDR supplied to the makers of the games featured separate instrumental and vocals takes of an early version of the song. The video clip is available on the CD-single (Virgin 7243 8 96266 0 5/VSCDX 1753) and the Best Of Bowie DVD. Performed live during the 1999 promotional tour for the hours... album and in New York, Roseland Ballroom, 16-06-00. Official live versions are found on VH1 Storytellers, the 'Survive' CD-single (Virgin 7243 8 96487 0 6; Paris, Elysée Montmartre, 14-10-99, which was released as a full concert on Something In The Air) and At The Kit Kat Klub.

Time (Bowie): from Aladdin Sane. Heavily edited (3'38" vs 5'09" on the LP), 'Time' was released as a single in the US (RCA APBO 0001) and a few other countries. This edit was reissued in 2003 on the bonus disc of the 30th Anniversary 2CD Edition of Aladdin Sane and on Re:Call 1. An early mix was included on a tape auctioned at Omega in 2019. The song appears live on Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture, post 1990 reissues of David Live and Cracked Actor. A version from the 1980 Floor Show can be found on RarestOneBowie. The song was dusted off in 1987, when it was played as an encore on the Glass Spider tour (featured on the Glass Spider). A 'faked' instrumental version is circulating on cassette; see 'Aladdin Sane'.

Time Will Crawl (Bowie): the second single released from Never Let Me Down (EMI EA 237), in slightly edited form (4'01" vs. 4'18"). The phrase "How we war", an early title for the song, appears exclusively in the Extended Dance Mix on 12" (EMI 12 EA 237). A second 12" (EMI 12 EAX 237) contained the Dance Crew Mix, plus a Dub Version. All versions were released in digital form over two Time Will Crawl EPs. The Single Version and Dance Crew Mix reappeared on Loving The Alien. The iSelect compilation, originally given away with Mail On Sunday in 2008, contains the MM Remix; this reworking was reissued in 2014 on Nothing Has Changed. The MM Remix was a precursor to Never Let Me Down 2018 remake. The version of 'Time Will Crawl' on this album differs from the MM Remix. Played live on the 1987 Glass Spider tour. A live version is featured on the Glass Spider. A 4'06" video clip of this song is featured on The Video Collection and the Best Of Bowie DVD.

Tin Machine (Bowie/H. Sales/T. Sales/Gabrels): released as a double A-sided single (with a live version of 'Maggie's Farm' on the AA-side) from the first Tin Machine album (EMI MT 73). An edit fading at 2'13" was included on a US advance cassette. Played live on both the 1989 and 1991/92 Tin Machine tours. A 1'20" excerpt of the full-length Tin Machine promo video is available separately on iTunes.

Tiny Tim (Bowie): opening song of the Ernie Johnson rock opera.

Tired Of My Life (Bowie): a well-known demo from 1970 that was already available on relatively early bootlegs such as Lost In Our Vaults Until Now (Elephant ELP 012 5). A studio quality version of this demo surfaced around 1998. It was officially released in 2022 on the Divine Symmetry set. This demo is best known for the lines recycled in 1980's 'It's No Game (Part 1)'.

'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore (Bowie): a rather rough-sounding version (labelled as demo in some press releases) was released as the B-side to 'Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)'. A re-recording appeared in 2016 on Blackstar.

Tonight (Bowie/Pop): from Iggy Pop's Lust For Life. Bowie re-recorded the song as a duet with Tina Turner. It was issued as a second single (EMI EA 187) from the album of the same name. On 12" (EMI 12 EA 187), a Vocal Dance Mix and Dub Mix were released. These were reissued in 2007 as the Tonight EP; the first also appeared on Dance from Loving The Alien. In 1988, Tina Turner released a live version of the song from her Tina Live In Europe 2CD, recorded in Birmingham, National Exhibition Center on 23-03-85, with Bowie as guest singer (Capitol CDR 2031802); it reappeared in 1992 on the 'I Want You Near Me' CD-single (Capitol CDCL659). The live version featured on the Dutch edition of Best Of Bowie and on Loving The Alien.

Too Dizzy (Bowie/Kizilcay): from Never Let Me Down; it also rather unexpectedly appeared on a US promo 12" (EMI SPRO 79209). The song is unique in that appeared on an album, but was deleted from all reissues.

Toy (Your Turn To Drive) (Bowie): title track of the Toy album. When officially released, however, it was titled 'Your Turn To Drive'. First, the song was offered as a free download to customers who ordered their copy of Reality online from HMV; later it became an "exclusive download" on iTunes. The leaked version of the Toy album, meanwhile, contained a different mix of the song. In 2014, 'Your Turn To Drive' premiered on CD on Nothing Has Changed. When Toy was finally officially released in 2021, the song was re-titled to 'Toy'. The 3CD contains three versions: album version (different from the leaked mix, running 30 seconds shorter), Alternative Version (aka 'Your Turn To Drive') and Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric Version.

Toy Soldier: see 'Little Toy Soldier'.

Truth (Goldie): Bowie provides guest vocals on this track from Goldie's Saturnz Return.

Try Some, Buy Some (Harrison): originally recorded by Ronnie Spector. David's version appeared on Reality. The entire album was played live on the Reality tour, but 'Try Some, Buy Some' only made it to a handful of setlists. A live version is included on the CD+DVD edition of Reality.

Tryin' To Get To Heaven (Dylan): this Bob Dylan song, recorded in 1998, was featured only on a promotional CDR for hours... distributed by Virgin; also see 'Fun'. The track was broadcast once by a Catalan radio station, but remained officially unreleased until 2021. The Single Edit on the AA-side of the 7" (ISO/Parlophone DB 80147; the same version as on the CDR) is shortened compared to the digital release (5'00" vs 6'06").

Tumble And Twirl (Bowie/Pop): from Tonight. An Extended Dance Mix was released as B-side of the 'Tonight' 12" (EMI 12 EA 187). This remix was made available as part of the Tonight EP; it has also appeared on Dance from Loving The Alien.

TVC 15 (Bowie): released in edited form (3'29" vs 5'28") as the second single from Station To Station (RCA 2682). This single edit was reissued on the Single Version EP, part of the 2010 Deluxe Edition of Station To Station, and several compilations, including Christiane F. and The Best Of David Bowie 1974/1979. A different 4'32" edit was used as B-side of the rare French 'Station To Station' single (RCA 42549). Further edits have appeared on the Italian (3'37") and Australian/New Zealand (4'02") editions of 1980 The Best Of Bowie LP and on The Singles 1969 To 1993 (3'43"). The album version was used as B-side of the '1984' single (RCA PB 13679). Live performances appear on Live Nassau Coliseum '76, Stage, Welcome To The Blackout, Live Aid and on 1976, 1978, 1983 and 1990 bootlegs. The live version on the 5.1 mix of Stage differs from the album version; the ending of the song has been taken from a different performance.

20th Century Boy (Bolan): a T Rex cover performed with Placebo on the 16-02-99 Brit Awards. This live version has been released on 20th Century Boy (BOW 0198/DB 20 CB). Bowie also joined the band in New York, Irving Plaza, 29-03-99 gig to perform both this song and Placebo's 'Without You I'm Nothing'.