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Madman (Bolan/Bowie/Harley): available only in rehearsal with Marc Bolan, for the appearance on his Marc Show (in which it was never performed). Several takes are released in bad quality on Sleeping Next To You (Funny Tunes M 5616). In 1995, the very limited edition Marc Bolan With David Bowie And Other Friends (Bolan Collectors Series MBCS102) CD appeared, with all takes of 'Madman' and 'Sleeping Next To You' in very good sound quality.

Maggie's Farm (Dylan): a Bob Dylan cover, released as a Tin Machine live single (EMI MT 73). This version, recorded in Paris, La Cigale, 25-06-89, was an edit (4'32"); the full length version (5'27") has appeared on Live At La Cigale. On the 12" (EMI 12 MT 73), 'Maggie's Farm' is not faded and forms an entity with 'I Can't Read'. Other live versions of this song are found on several 1989 Tin Machine bootlegs. A video clip exists in the form of a live recording from Amsterdam, Paradiso, 24-06-89.

Magic Dance (Bowie): from the Labyrinth soundtrack; a different version is used in the film itself. In the US, Spain, Italy and several other territories, a Dance Mix and Dub Version were released on 12" only (EMI V-19217). An edit (4'08" vs. 5'13") of the album version appeared exclusively on an Australian promo 7" (EMI RPS 20). Surprisingly, in 2002 a 4'00" edit of the Dance Mix turned up as Single Version on the New Zealand edition of Best Of Bowie. This mix, together with a second 4'41" edit of the Dance Mix plus the two 12" versions in 2007 were released as the Magic Dance EP on iTunes. The two edits were labelled Single Version and 7" Version respectively, which is confusing—neither has ever appeared on single and the edit that did for now remains unreleased in any but its original form! Further adding to the confusion is a 4'13" edit that replaces the album version on all post-2017 reissues of the Labyrinth soundtrack (including the Loving The Alien box set). Finally, Club Bowie features the Danny S Magic Party Remix, which was labeled Danny S Cut N Paste Remix on an early promo CDR. Available on white-label 12" is the Danny S Magic Dust Dub. To summarise, the following versions are available:

Maid Of Bond Street (Bowie): from the 1967 David Bowie. See Early Works section.

Man In The Middle (Pritchett): this track, with Mark Pritchett on vocals, released under the name of Arnold Corns as B-side of 'Hang On To Yourself' (B&C CB 189) in 1972. 'Man In The Middle' was re-released several times on bootleg singles, before appearing on a semi-legal Norwegian 12" (Krazy Kat Past 2) in 1985. Released on CD on the MissingLinksOneZiggy (Icon One) and Freddi & The Dreamer - The Arnold Corns Sessions (Switch On! 99-04).

The Man Who Sold The World (Bowie): from the album with the same name, also released as B-side of both the 1972 US 'Space Oddity' (RCA 74-0876) and 1973 'Life On Mars' (RCA 2316) singles. In 2020, the album was remixed by Tony Visconti and issued under the original title Metrobolist. The remix of 'The Man Who Sold The World' was released ahead of the album as a digital single. A 1995 re-recording was released as Live Version on the 'Strangers When We Meet' CD-single (RCA/BMG 74321 32940 2). This remake was included on the 2003 US reissue of Best Of Bowie as Brian Eno "Live" Mix and as Live Eno Mix on Is It Any Wonder? and Re:Call 5. Lulu's version, released as a single in 1974 (Polydor 2001490; backed by 'Watch That Man', another Bowie composition), could almost be considered a Bowie single, as it was Bowie's song, band, production and arrangements that were involved. Played live on Saturday Night Live (15-12-79; released on a/o Naked And Wired (GEMA BOW 005)), on the Outside (Ouvrez Le Chien, No Trendy Réchauffé) and Earthling (Look At The Moon!) tours, the few shows done in 2000 (BBC Radio Theatre, London, June 27, 2000 and Glastonbury 2000), and again on the Reality tour (A Reality Tour). An acoustic version recorded for the ChangesNowBowie broadcast was officially released on the Is It Any Wonder? streaming EP and ChangesNowBowie compilation.

The Mask (Bowie): a mime piece featured in the Love You Till Tuesday video.

Memory Of A Free Festival (Bowie): from the 1969 Philips David Bowie. The 40th Anniversary Edition of Space Oddity additionally features an alternate mix that runs over two minutes longer (9'42" vs 7'09"). A remix of the album version appeared on the 50th Anniversary Edition of Space Oddity. The Moonage Daydream soundtrack contains two versions: a Harmonium Edit and Moonage Daydream Mix Edit (which incorporates the intro of 'Station To Station'). An electric version of the song was released in two parts (3'59" and 3'31") on a 1970 single (Mercury 6052 026). Part 1 on the Dutch single (also Mercury 6052 026) is a longer edit fading at 4'43". A US promo 7" (Mercury 73075) features edits of 3'17" and 2'20" respectively. Both parts of the single version were included on reissues of Space Oddity (Rykodisc/EMI and the 40th Anniversary Edition). The Width Of A Circle also contains both, plus a single-part 2020 Mix. With this song, Bowie closed his performance for the 1970 The Sunday Show (included on Bowie At The Beeb and The Width Of A Circle). Played in a medley on a limited number of gigs of the 1973 UK tour (Heaven Or Maybe Hell (Artie Fartie CD 001)); a performance of this song by the Mike Garson Band opened concerts of the 1974 Soul Tour (Infected With Soul Love (Savage Hippo SH 112)).

Miracle Goodnight (Bowie): released as the third single from Black Tie White Noise (Arista/BMG 74321 16226 7). In advance of the album, Excerpts 1993 (Arista/BMG DB 001) with a 2'13" excerpt of 'Miracle Goodnight' was issued. A different 1'59" edit appeared on the 'Jump They Say' promo cassette (Savage SADJ 50039-4). The CD-single (Arista/BMG 74321 16226 2) contains the 12" 2 Chord Philly Mix and Maserati Blunted Dub, while the vinyl counterpart (Arista/BMG 74321 16226 1) additionally features the Blunted 2, Make Believe Mix and Dance Dub. The Make Believe Mix was reissued in 2003 on the Limited Edition 2CD+DVD of Black Tie White Noise. The tracks of the CD-single plus the Make Believe Mix were reissued as a digital EP in 2010. The Jump CD-ROM uses the in-the-studio performance that later appeared on the 'Black Tie White Noise' video, but with a slightly different audio mix. The 4'09" video clip is released on the Black Tie White Noise video and the Best Of Bowie DVD. The Best Of Bowie DVD also includes a 4'29" alternate video using a unique mix as an 'easter egg'.

The Mirror: alternative title for 'Harlequin', previously used on bootlegs and the Love You Till Tuesday DVD.

Miss Peculiar: alternate title for 'How Lucky You Are'.

Mit Mir In Deinem Traum (Bowie/Busch): 'When I Live My Dream', partly sung in German. Released on the TV Rebell (NICO SDRM 671288) CD.

Modern Love (Bowie): released in an edited version (3'59" vs. 4'48") as the third single from Let's Dance (EMI EA 158), with a live version, from Montreal, Forum on 13-07-83, on the B-side. A slightly different edit later appeared on ChangesBowie and Singles Collection, but the original single version was used for Best Of Bowie. In 2016, a 5'13" mix including studio banter and isolating the vocal and brass section was posted on SoundCloud. A Moonage Daydream Mix was released as the first digital single to promote the Moonage Daydream soundtrack. The live B-side was not released on CD until the 2003 reissue of Sound + Vision. 'Modern Love' has also been played live at Live Aid, in 1987 (it closes both the Glass Spider DVD and CD), 1990 and again on the 2003/04 Reality tour. In 1987, the music of 'Modern Love' (with altered lyrics) was used for a Pepsi Commercial featuring Bowie and Tina Turner. The 3'41" video clip is released on Video EP, The Video Collection and the Best Of Bowie DVD.

Moon Of Alabama: alternate title for 'Alabama Song'.

Moonage Daydream (Bowie): in 1971, Arnold Corns (read: Bowie cs.) released the original version of this song on a nowadays rare single (B&C CB 149). This was re-released in 1986 on the The Great Glam Rock Explosion! (BIFF! 3) compilation and, more accessibly, on the Rykodisc version of The Man Who Sold The World. The latter, however, dropped the spoken into "Whenever you're ready", which was reinstated on Re:Call 1. Freddi & The Dreamer (Switch On! 99-04) claims to contain a second Arnold Corns version, which may well be faked. The more familiar version of course is found on The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars. This version has been released on single only on the 1972 US 'Space Oddity' promo EP (RCA EP-45-103). The bonus disc of the Ziggy Stardust 30th Anniversary 2CD Edition contains a slightly longer (4'47" vs 4'37") New Mix and an Instrumental is included as a bonus track on the 40th Anniversary Edition LP/DVD. Two different reels including early/rough mixes of 'Moonage Daydream' were auctioned at Omega in 2019. Played live on the BBC in 1972 (Bowie At The Beeb) and on tour in 1972, 1973, 1974, 1995/96, 1997/98 and 2002. Live performances are captured on Live Santa Monica '72, Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture, David Live, Cracked Actor and No Trendy Réchauffé.

Moss Garden (Bowie/Eno): an instrumental from "Heroes". A 1'03" (vs 5'03") Moonage Daydream Edit appeared on the Moonage Daydream soundtrack.

The Motel (Bowie): from the 1. Outside CD. On the vinyl counterpart, this track is edited from 6'49" to 5'03". Played live on the Outside tour (No Trendy Réchauffé), the first few gigs of the Earthling tour ( and quite regularly on the Reality tour (A Reality Tour 2CD/DVD).

Mother (Lennon): recorded in 1998 for a John Lennon tribute. This album was intended to be released in 2000 but was shelved and subsequently Bowie version remained unreleased. However, in 2006 a complete version featured in a YuppiePunk | Aperture Music podcast. The song was officially released on 7" (ISO/Parlophone DB 80147) and as a streaming single in 2021.

Mother Grey (Bowie): a demo for Bowie's aborted second Deram album, released on Spying Through A Keyhole and Conversation Piece.

Move On (Bowie): from Lodger, B-side of the 'Ashes To Ashes' single (RCA BOW 6). A remix appeared on the 2017 Tony Visconti Mix of Lodger from A New Career In A New Town. The backing vocals of this song are the ones from the refrain of 'All The Young Dudes' played backwards. A 0'17" reversed excerpt of the backing vocals transforming back to 'All The Yound Dudes' was released on the Moonage Daydream soundtrack as Moonage Daydream A Cappella Mix Edit.

My Death (Brel/Shuman): only live versions are available of this Jacques Brel cover. Officially released versions are on the B-side of the Dutch 'Amsterdam' single that was sold exclusively at the 'David Bowie Is' exhibition in Groningen (DBISH 2015) and on the albums Live Santa Monica '72 and Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture. The first, recorded in New York, Carnegie Hall, 28-09-72, previously appeared on the semi-official RarestOneBowie. Additional live versions are found the bootlegs Starman Over The Rainbow (Savage Hippo SH 118; London, Rainbow Theatre, 19-08-72), Absolutely Rare (no label; Boston, Music Hall, 01-10-72) and The All American Bowie (Trade Mark Of Quality TMQ 71074; Long Beach, Long Beach Arena, 01-03-73). In 1995, after 22 years, Bowie reintroduced the song to the set of the Outside tour. It was performed with Mike Garson at The Shakespeare Festival (The Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center, New York, 18-09-95). This excellent version was officially released on the Brilliant Adventure EP. Also played on US concerts of the Earthling tour.

The Mysteries (Bowie): a lengthy instrumental from the The Buddha Of Suburbia soundtrack. A Moonage Daydream Mix was released on Moonage Daydream.

The Myth (Moroder): a semi-instrumental (Bowie only hums) from the Cat People soundtrack.


Nathan Adler (Bowie/Eno/Gabrels/Garson/Kizilcay/Campbell): two versions of this spoken intermezzo (1'00" and 0'28") appear on 1. Outside. Alternate and additional segues are found on the 1. Outside outtakes CD.

Nature Boy (Ahbez): Bowie's version of Nat King Cole's 'Nature Boy' bookends the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. The closing version is a cooperation with Massive Attack.

Needles On The Beach (Gabrels): this Tin Machine instrumental, recorded during the sessions for the second album, appeared exclusively on the Beyond The Beach compilation. A longer version with cold ending is found among the Tin Machine II outtakes.

Neighborhood Threat (Bowie/Pop): from Tonight. The original version was recorded for Iggy Pop's Lust For Life.

Neuköln (Bowie/Eno): an instrumental from "Heroes".

Never Get Old (Bowie): half a minute of this song appeared in a Vittel TV commercial long before Reality was released. Released in edited form (3'40" vs 4'24") on promo CD-single (Columbia SAMPCS 13495 1) and as a downloadable single (together with 'Waterloo Sunset'). Live versions appear on the bonus DVD of the tour edition of Reality and the A Reality Tour 2CD/DVD.

Never Let Me Down (Bowie/Alomar): the album version of the title track was released as the third single (EMI EA 239) in the UK. In the US, both the album version (labelled Single Version) and a 7" Remix Edit were released (both as EMI B-43031). The 7" Remix Edit was also released in Canada (EMI B-43031) and possibly a few more territories. On the 12" (EMI 12 EA 239), an Extended Dance Remix, Dub and Acapella were released. Compared to the European counterparts, the US 12" (EMI V-19255) and promo CD-single (EMI DPRO 31352) additionally contained the 7" Remix Edit and an Instrumental. These were later also issued on a Japanese CD-single (EMI CP20-5520) and on the Never Let Me Down EP. In 2007, the Extended Dance Mix and Dub/Acapella Mix were released as part of the Never Let Me Down EP. The combo Dub/Acapella was also included on Loving The Alien, as was the 7" Remix and a remake on Never Let Me Down 2018. The following mixes are available:

The 4'51" video clip of this song is featured on The Video Collection and the Best Of Bowie DVD. Played live on the Glass Spider tour and released on Glass Spider.

New Angels Of Promise (Bowie/Gabrels): opening music of the game Omikron: The Nomad Soul, in which its full title is 'Omikron (New Angels Of Promise)'. The Sega Dreamcast version of the game has a unique easter egg in the form of a full-length (4'43" vs. 2'23"), CD-quality version, hidden as an audio file. The song later appeared in a different version on hours... On the album, the line 'Omikron, you didn't feel us coming' was changed to 'Suspicious minds, you didn't feel us coming', although the lyrics in the booklet still refer to 'Omikron'. The Limited 2CD Edition of hours... from 2004 features an Omikron: The Nomad Soul Version, which is musically similar to the Omikron version, but also uses 'Suspicious minds...'. The latter was reissued on Re:Call 5.

A New Career In A New Town (Bowie): from Low. B-side of 'Sound And Vision' (RCA PB 0905). A Moonage Daydream Mix appeared on the Moonage Daydream soundtrack. Never played live until the 2002 Heathen tour; also featured on the 2003/04 Reality tour.

New Killer Star (Bowie): the first single released from Reality, on DVD only (ISO/Columbia COL 674275 9), except in Italy (ISO/Columbia COL 674275 1) and Canada (ISO/Columbia 38K 3445). The Video Version on the DVD-single is edited compared to the album version (3'45" vs 4'39"), as is the Radio Edit available on the Canadian CD-single. The Radio Edit later reappeared on the 2CD and 3CD configurations of Nothing Has Changed. A one minute excerpt of an alternate version of the video, featuring an animated Bowie, was made available on the Blink TV web site for a limited period. Interestingly, it featured a different version of 'New Killer Star' (in which Bowie sings 'Oh my beautiful baby' rather than 'Oh my nuclear baby'), presumably a demo. Opener on early dates of the Reality tour; included in live format on the tour edition of Reality and on the A Reality Tour 2CD/DVD. A third live version, recorded for Sessions@AOL on 23-09-03, was released exclusively as a download through the iTunes Music Store; subsequently it has also appeared on streaming services.

New York's In Love (Bowie): the Never Let Me Down LP contained a shorter version (3'56") than the CD (4'32"). The first was reissued in digital form as part of the 'vinyl edition' of Never Let Me Down and on Re:Call 4 from Loving The Alien. A reworking was made for Never Let Me Down 2018. Played only on the first few gigs of the Glass Spider tour (appearing on The Glass Spider Premiere (Spider Records JUP 87)).

The Next Day (Bowie): opener of the The Next Day. The white square 7" (ISO/Columbia 88837412872) was the third single from the album. The accompanying promo video, which uses a shorter 2'32" (vs 3'27") edit, can be found on The Next Day Extra.

1917 (Bowie/Gabrels): included on the 'Thursday's Child' CD-single (Virgin 7243 8 96265 2 0). Reissued on the 2004 Limited 2CD Edition of hours... and on Re:Call 5. Also see 'Thrust'.

1984 (Bowie): from Diamond Dogs. Released twice as single in the US (in 1974 on RCA PB 10026, b/w 'Queen Bitch' and in 1984 on RCA 13769, b/w 'TVC 15'). Performed live only on the Diamond Dogs tour; included on David Live, Cracked Actor and I'm Only Dancing. Bowie's live performance on the Dick Cavett Show (02-11-74) is available on Dick Cavett: Rock Icons and the 2007 Special Edition of Young Americans.

1984/Dodo (Bowie): this well-known outtake (a/o ChangesThreeDavidRobertJones) was eventually released on Sound + Vision II and the 30th Anniversary 2CD Edition of Diamond Dogs. The only live performance was recorded live-in-the-studio for the "1980 Floor Show". This was released on Dollars In Drag (Amazing Kornyfone TAKRL 1935) and its many re-releases; several alternate takes are available on The Midnight Special (Switch On! SO 2002-27-1). Also see 'Dodo'.

Nite Flights (Engels): a Walker Brothers song covered on Black Tie White Noise. A unique 2'01" edit was included on the 'Jump They Say' promo cassette (Savage SADJ 50039-4). An untitled remix (by Moodswings) was released in advance of the album on a UK promo 12" (Arista HOME 1). In 2003, this mix was included as Moodswings Back To Basics Remix on the Limited Edition 2CD+DVD of Black Tie White Noise and the US reissue of Best Of Bowie. The 2003 4CD edition of Sound + Vision contains a previously unreleased Moodswings Back To Basics Remix Radio Edit. Played live on the Tonight Show (10-05-93; released on 1993 (BOW1993)) and the Outside tour (Ouvrez Le Chien).

No Control (Bowie/Eno): from 1. Outside. Three edits of an instrumental version were used for a War Child commercial in 1998.

No One Calls (Bowie/Gabrels): on the 'Thursday's Child' CD-single (Virgin 7243 8 96265 4 4). This track was offered as a bonus track if the hours... album was downloaded in Liquid Audio. It was re-released on the Limited 2CD Edition of hours... and on Re:Call 5. Also see 'Awaken 2'.

No Plan (Bowie): from the Lazarus musical. Both the cast version (by Sophia Anne Caruso) and Bowie's own interpretation are included on Lazarus. The latter was also released separately on the No Plan EP.

Noon-Lunchtime (Bowie): together with 'Early Morning' and 'Evening' forms a suite of songs in the Ernie Johnson rock opera.

Nothing To Be Desired (Bowie/Eno): initially released exclusively on the US CD-single of 'The Hearts Filthy Lesson' (Virgin 7243 8 38518 2 9), but later included as a bonus track on the 2004 Limited 2CD Edition reissue of 1. Outside and on Re:Call 5. A longer version, that developes into an alternate version of the 'Baby Grace Blue' segue, is found on the 1. Outside outtakes CD.

Now (Bowie/Armstrong): this Tin Machine adaptation of the 1988 version of 'Look Back In Anger' was released on the Live Machination (Gotham 34620) 2LP and Now (TM 721/722) 2CD. 'Now' itself further developed into 'Outside' on the album with the same name.

Now I'm On My Way: see 'Baby It's Too Late Now'.

Nuts (Bowie/Gabrels/Plati): a semi-instrumental Earthling outtake released on Is It Any Wonder?. A Drum 'N' Bass Mix appeared on a digital 'Telling Lies' EP.


O Superman (Anderson): this Laurie Anderson track was sung by Gail Ann Dorsey on the 1997 Earthling tour. Officially released on Look At The Moon!.

An Occasional Dream (Bowie): from the 1969 Philips David Bowie. In 2009, a demo with John Hutchinson was included on the 40th Anniversary Edition of Space Oddity; this demo reappeared on Clareville Grove Demos. A slightly later demo is found on The Mercury Demos. Conversation Piece contains both demos, a previously unreleased early mix and a 2019 remix. Played live for the BBC on the 1970 Sunday Show, released on The Width Of A Circle.

Oh! Darlin' (Kendrick): circulating in Bowie circles since the mid 70s and released in bad quality on Stardust From The 70's (BO 16) and Starman Over The Rainbow (Savage Hippo SH 118). Together with 'Something Happens', this track was long thought to be a Hunky Dory outtake, until in 2014 it was exposed as a demo by the band Czar. The track has appeared in 2007 on a reissue of the eponymous album from 1970. With that mystery solved, the next one is how on earth an unreleased demo from an obscure band entered the Bowie collectors circle!

Oh! You Pretty Things (Bowie): from Hunky Dory. A slightly different mix appeared on the rare BOWPROMO 1A-1/1B-1 promo LP. This version remained unavailable until the one-sided BOWPROMO reissue from 2017, which itself was re-released on Divine Symmetry. Played for BBC radio in 1971 (Divine Symmetry) and TV in 1972 (Best Of Bowie DVD). Live versions known are from Aylesbury, Friars, 25-09-71 (again Divine Symmetry) and, in a medley with 'The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud' and 'All The Young Dudes', from the 1973 UK tour (Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture). This song was a hit for Peter Noone in 1971 (RAK 114). Like on Noone's 'Right On Mother' cover from the same year, Bowie plays the piano.

Omikron (New Angels Of Promise) (Bowie/Gabrels): see 'New Angels Of Promise'.

One Night (Bartholomew/King): performed live in Seattle, Gorge Amphitheatre, 16-08-02, the 25th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death.

One Shot (Bowie/Gabrels/H. Sales/T. Sales): released as the second Tin Machine II single (London/Victory 869 575-2) in some countries outside the UK. This single version is edited (4'02") compared to the LP version (5'11"). Five differen takes, all lacking the accelaration of the released version, have found their way to collectors. The video clip of this song remains unreleased on any compilation. A live version is featured on the Oy Vey, Baby video.

Opening Titles Including Underground (Bowie/Jones): introduces Labyrinth.

Outside (Armstrong/Bowie): title track of the follow-up CD to Black Tie White Noise. Also see 'Now'. Played on the tour of the same name (a live version appeared on Ouvrez Le Chien) and the Earthling tour (featuring Gail Ann Dorsey on lead vocal).

Over The Wall We Go (Bowie): released in a studio version on an EMIDISC acetate. The same version was played on Radio London and in that way appeared on the The Bowie Showboat (Marquee 1966) single. Oscar (Beuselinck) released his version of the song on the Reaction 591012 single, recently re-released on David Bowie Songbook (VSOP CD 236). Bowie appears in the prison roll-call ("no. 33425") and in the chorus.