Early Works covers the Pye and Deram material that has been recorded between 1964 and 1969. This section covers the compilations Early Bowie (1983) to David Bowie (2010).

Early Bowie Early Bowie Editions on vinyl
(PRT PRNL 31722), 1983 (Italy).

Reissue of Don't Be Fooled By The Name.

David Bowie David Bowie Editions on vinyl
(Deram DOA 1), 1984 (UK).

Reissue of the debut album. Released in a similar sleeve in Argentina (Decca 800087-1) in 1987.

Love You Till Tuesday Love You Till Tuesday Editions on vinyl
(Deram BOWIE 1), 1984 (UK)

Love You Till Tuesday/The London Boys/Ching-A-Ling/The Laughing Gnome/Liza Jane/When I'm Five/Space Oddity/Sell Me A Coat/Rubber Band/Let Me Sleep Beside You/When I Live My Dream.

Soundtrack LP from the 1969 movie of the same name, including the single versions of 'Love Till Tuesday' (but lacking the violin coda), 'Rubber Band' and 'When I Live My Dream' (which was never actually released as a single). Furthermore, it contains the previously unreleased original 'Space Oddity' version (with John Hutchinson joining in on vocals), 'Ching-A-Ling' (both are edited), 'Sell Me A Coat' (featuring background vocals from Hermione Farthingale and John Hutchinson) and 'When I'm Five'. This album was released on CD in a modified version; see the Love You Till Tuesday CD.

30 Años 30 Años De Musica Rock Editions on vinyl
(London 822 299-1), 1984 (Mexico).

Same tracks as Another Face.

Programme Plus David Bowie (Programme Plus) Editions on vinyl
(Decca 820 193-1), 1985 (France)

Reissue of this French David Bowie compilation.

David Bowie David Bowie (Musik + Freizeit) Editions on vinyl
(Decca 6.25 232), 1985 (Germany).

Same tracks as on Die Weisse Serie.

David Bowie David Bowie Editions on vinyl
(PRT ZM-702), 1985 (Spain).

Reissue of Don't Be Fooled By The Name...

Rare Tracks Rare Tracks Editions on vinyl
(Showcase SHLP 137), 1985 (UK).

... and yet another reissue of Don't Be Fooled By The Name.

Collection The Collection Editions on vinyl
(Castle Communications CCSLP 118), 1985 (UK)

The Laughing Gnome/Rubber Band/Love You Till Tuesday/Maid Of Bond Street/Sell Me A Coat/In The Heat Of The Morning/Karma Man/Please Mr. Gravedigger/The London Boys/She's Got Medals/Silly Boy Blue/Join The Gang/Did You Ever Have A Dream/The Gospel According To Tony Day/I'm Not Losing Sleep/I Dig Everything/Can't Help Thinking About Me/Do Anything You Say/Good Morning Girl/And I Say To Myself.

A combination of Deram and Pye material. 'Rubber Band ' is the single version, whereas 'Love You Till Tuesday' is the album version.

Archive 4 (Castle Communications TOF 105), UK (1986) Editions on vinyl

London Boys/Love You Till Tuesday/Laughing Gnome/Maid Of Bond Street

Contains the original mono rather than the faux stereo versions; see 12" singles.

1966196619661966 1966 Editions on vinyl
(PRT PYE 6001), 1987 (UK).

Reissue of Don't Be Fooled By The Name. Picture disc released as PRT PYX 6001 (bottom). As with the CD, the Japanese edition (PRT UDL-1009-Y) has different artwork.

This title itself was reissued on white vinyl for Record Store Day 2015 (Sanctuary/BMG BMGRM047LP). As this limited edition contains the alternate version of 'Do Anything You Say', strictly speaking it's a reissue of I Dig Everything.

David Bowie David Bowie Editions on vinyl
(Deram 424 609-1), 1990 (Spain)

Love You Till Tuesday/The London Boys/The Laughing Gnome/Sell Me A Coat/Join The Gang/In The Heat Of The Morning/Space Oddity/When I Live My Dream/Karma Man/Little Bombardier/Rubber Band/She's Got Medals.

Distributed with Rock magazine number 56 in January 1990. 'Love You Till Tuesday' and 'Rubber Band' are the single versions. By mistake, 'Space Oddity' is the well-known 1969 album version instead of the original!

Rock Il Rock Editions on vinyl
(De Agostini/Deram IGDA 1133/134), 1990 (Italy)

Same tracks on as on the eponymous Spanish album above, but different versions have been used. Love You Till Tuesday/Sell Me A Coat/Space Oddity/When I Live My Dream are from the Love You Till Tuesday soundtrack, 'Rubber Band' is the single version.

Introspective Introspective Editions on vinyl
(Baktabak LINT 5001), 1990 (UK).

Don't Be Fooled By The Name in an unlikely coupling with a Tin Machine 1990 interview. Released on clear vinyl.

I Dig Everything I Dig Everything: The 1966 Pye Singles Editions on vinyl
(ESB 10 765), 2000 (EC)

Another reissue of Don't Be Fooled By The Name, copying the nostalgic 10" format. Also available as 3 x 7" box set (ESB 07 765) from 1999 and a regular LP (Earmark 42022) from 2003. This title contains an alternate mix of 'Do Anything You Say'.

David Bowie David Bowie Editions on vinyl
(Deram 532-760-1), 2010 (EC)

Probably prompted by the critically acclaimed Deluxe Edition, Deram released this 2LP containing the original album in mono and stereo.

David Bowie Laughing With Liza (The Vocalion And Deram Singles 1964-1967 Plus)
(Deram 0602455874375), 2023 (Worldwide)

A box set released for RSD 2023, containing five 7" singles in contemporary sleeves: Liza Jane/Louie, Louie Go Home, Rubber Band/The London Boys, The Laughing Gnome/The Gospel According To Tony Day, Love You Till Tuesday/Did You Ever Have A Dream and Space Oddity (Love You Till Tuesday TV Film Version)/The Laughing Gnome (Vocal Take 1, Mix 1). The alternate take of 'The Laughing Gnome' was previously unreleased. This expensive set already appeared on streaming services within a few weeks.