Early Works covers the material that has been recorded between 1964 and 1969. This section covers the CDs Early On (1991) to The Laughing Gnome (1996).

Early On Early On (1964-1966)
(Rhino R2 70526), 1991 (US)

Liza Jane/Louie Louie Go Home/I Pity The Fool/Take My Tip/That's Where My Heart Is/I Want My Baby Back/Bars Of The County Jail/You've Got A Habit Of Leaving/Baby Loves That Way/I'll Follow You/Glad I've Got Nobody/Can't Help Thinking About Me/And I Say To Myself/Do Anything You Say/Good Morning Girl/I Dig Everything/I'm Not Losing Sleep.

The definitive early Bowie collection, with five previously unreleased 1965 demo's, plus alternate takes of 'I Pity The Fool' and 'Take My Tip'. Although the liner notes refer to a release on vinyl, this never materialized.

Gran Discoteca Familiar - Jazz Y Rock
(Deram DF038-2/844 090-2), 1991 (Spain)

A reissue of the debut album, part 28 of the "Jazz Y Rock" magazine series.

Love You Till Tuesday
(Deram RCD 017-2/844 117-2), 1991 (Spain)

Love You Till Tuesday/The London Boys/Ching-A-Ling/The Laughing Gnome/Liza Jane/When I'm Five/Space Oddity/Sell Me A Coat/Rubber Band/Let Me Sleep Beside You/When I Live My Dream.

This promo CD was the first to feature the full length versions of 'Space Oddity' and 'Ching-A-Ling'. Contrary to the Love You Till Tuesday LP, 'Sell Me A Coat' and 'When I Live My Dream' have been lifted from the debut LP. A similarly mysterious edition, even without a catalogue number, was released in Mexico (bottom). The official Love You Till Tuesday CD reissue is treated below.

Love You Till Tuesday Love You Till Tuesday
(Pickwick PWKS 4131 P), 1992 (UK)

Space Oddity/Love You Till Tuesday/When I'm Five/Ching-A-Ling/The Laughing Gnome/Rubber Band/Sell Me A Coat/Liza Jane/When I Live My Dream/Let Me Sleep Beside You/The London Boys.

This official CD-release has full length versions of 'Space Oddity' and 'Ching-A-Ling'. Contrary to the Love You Till Tuesday LP, 'Love You Till Tuesday', 'Sell Me A Coat' and 'When I Live My Dream' are the original album versions. Also released in Australia.

Collection The Collection
(Castle Communications CCSCD 118), 1992 (EC).

Identical to the LP.

60 De Los 60 Los 60 De Los 60
(Deram 844 327-2), 1993? (Spain)

Same tracks as on the debut album. Special edition for the Club Internacional Del Libro.

Gospel According To David Bowie The Gospel According To David Bowie
(Karussell 5500212), 1993 (Germany)

The Laughing Gnome/Love You Till Tuesday/Did You Ever Have A Dream/Rubber Band/Little Bombardier/Sell Me A Coat/When I Live My Dream/The London Boys/Karma Man/Maid Of Bond Street/There Is A Happy Land/She's Got Medals/Let Me Sleep Beside You/The Gospel According To Tony Day.

Contains the single versions of 'Rubber Band ' and 'Love You Till Tuesday'.

World Of David Bowie The World Of David Bowie
(Spectrum 844 070-2), 1994 (Germany).

CD-release of Bowie's first-ever compilation album.

London BoyLondon Boy London Boy
(Spectrum 551 706-2), 1995 (UK)

Space Oddity/Did You Ever Have A Dream/There Is A Happy Land/Rubber Band/Let Me Sleep Beside You/Maid Of Bond Street/We Are Hungry Men/When I Live My Dream/Karma Man/The Laughing Gnome/She's Got Medals/Little Bombardier/Please Mr. Gravedigger/The Gospel According To Tony Day/Sell Me A Coat/Join The Gang/Love You Till Tuesday/The London Boys.

Reissued in 1998 with a different cover (bottom). 'Space Oddity' is the full length version, 'Rubber Band ' and 'Love You Till Tuesday' the single versions.

Laughing Gnome The Laughing Gnome
(Blue Chip Plus 551 706-2), 1996 (Germany).

Same as London Boy.