Early Works covers the Pye and Deram material that has been recorded between 1964 and 1969. This section covers the compilations David Bowie (1981) to Prime Cuts (1983).

David Bowie David Bowie Editions on vinyl
(Deram 291029), 1981 (France).

French reissue of the debut album.

Don't Be Fooled By The Name
Don't Be Fooled By The Name Editions on vinyl
(PRT DOW1), UK (1981)

I'm Not Losing Sleep/I Dig Everything/Can't Help Thinking About Me/Do Anything You Say/Good Morning Girl/And I Say To Myself.

This 10" was the first to compile Bowie's three Pye singles from 1966. Later reissued on 12" format in Australia (PRT MINILP 007), Italy (PRT PRQ 04) and Japan (PRT SP15-5227).

David Bowie David Bowie Editions on vinyl
(PRT PHEP 001), 1981 (Canada).

Canadian edition of Don't Be Fooled By The Name.

Mille-Pattes London Boys
(Serdisco PRT ZL-545), 1981 (Spain).

Can't Help Thinking About Me/And I Say To Myself/Do Anything You Say/Good Morning Girl/I Dig Everything/I'm Not Losing Sleep.

A rather strange mini-album, featuring the Pye singles on the A-side and other artists (Jimmy Powell And The Five Dimensions, A Band Of Angels and Steve Hammond) on the flip.

Bowie Bowie Editions on vinyl
(London L20P-1053), 1982 (Japan).

Japanese edition of The World Of David Bowie.

Weisse Serie Die Weisse Serie Editions on vinyl
(Decca 6.25232), 1982 (Germany)

Rubber Band/The London Boys/Liza Jane/Silly Boy Blue/Sell Me A Coat/Did You Ever Have A Dream/The Laughing Gnome/Please Mr. Gravedigger/Maid Of Bond Street/In The Heat Of The Morning/Louie Louie Go Home/Love You Till Tuesday.

Granda Storia Del Rock La Grande Storia Del Rock Editions on vinyl
(Armando Curcio Editore GSR 21), 1982 (Italy)

Uncle Arthur/There Is A Happy Land/Silly Boy Blue/The London Boys/Karma Man/Rubber Band/The Laughing Gnome/Please Mr. Gravedigger/Join The Gang/In The Heat Of The Morning/When I Live My Dream.

Volume 21 in this series. The cover and label list 'Little Bombardier' but the record plays 'There Is A Happy Land'.

manish Boys/Lower ThirdDeram Anthology The Manish Boys/Davy Jones & The Lower 3rd
(See For Miles CYM 1), UK (1982)

I Pity The Fool/Take My Tip/You've Got A Habit Of Leaving/Baby Loves That Way.

An attractive 10" with the Parlophone singles from 1965, itself a reissue of a 7" single (EMI 2925) released in 1979. This is the only compilation featuring the original versions of 'I Pity The Fool' and 'Take My Tip'. Later reissued on 12" (See For Miles SEA 1; bottom) and CD.

Superstar Editions on vinyl
(Decca SU 1027), 1982 (Italy)

Love You Till Tuesday/Silly Boy Blue/Karma Man/The Gospel According To Tony Day/Rubber Band/Uncle Arthur/Join The Gang/Did You Ever Have A Dream/Maid Of Bond Street/Sell Me A Coat/Let Me Sleep Beside You/Little Bombardier/The London Boys/She's Got Medals.

Released in gatefold sleeve containing a 12-page biography in Italian.

Second Face A Second Face Editions on vinyl
(Decca TAB 71), 1983 (UK)

Let Me Sleep Beside You/Sell Me A Coat/She's Got Medals/We Are Hungry Men/In The Heat Of The Morning/Karma Man/Little Bombardier/Love You Till Tuesday/Come And Buy My Toys/Silly Boy Blue/Uncle Arthur/When I Live My Dream.

A rather cheap follow-up to Another Face that includes the album versions of 'Rubber Band' and 'Love You Till Tuesday', but duplicates 'The Laughing Gnome', 'In The Heat Of The Morning' and 'When I Live My Dream'.

Weisse Serie - Extra Ausgabe Die Weisse Serie - Extra Ausgabe Editions on vinyl
(Decca 6.25 549), 1983 (Germany)

Let Me Sleep Beside You/In The Heat Of The Morning/Karma Man/Silly Boy Blue/She's Got Medals/Liza Jane/Did You Ever Have A Dream/Join The Gang/Uncle Arthur/Love You Till Tuesday/The Laughing Gnome/Louie Louie Go Home.

Quite pathetic that half of the songs on this "extra release" had already been used on the previous year's Die Weisse Serie...

Prime Cuts Prime Cuts
(Decca KMC2 5006), 1983 (New Zealand)

Rubber Band/The London Boys/Uncle Arthur/Did You Ever Have A Dream/Maid of Bond Street/The Gospel According To Tony Day/We Are Hungry Men/Let Me Sleep Beside You/She's Got Medals/Sell Me A Coat/In The Heat of The Morning/The Laughing Gnome/Love You Till Tuesday/Come And Buy My Toys/When I Live My Dream/Join The Gang/There Is A Happy Land/Silly Boy Blue/Please Mr. Gravedigger/Little Bombardier/Karma Man/Liza Jane/Louie Louie Go Home.

A doubleplay cassette.