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v 17.6: added Live Santa Monica '72, the iSelect promo given away with Mail On Sunday and a soundtrack for the NBC series Heroes. Thanks Charles Laddish!

v 17.5.2: added the Tin Machine II outtakes, a Norwegian 3LP box set, a cassette given away with RAW magazine containg an edit of 'The Hearts Filthy Lesson', Scarlett Johansson's Anywhere I Lay My Head and a different edition of the Savage SADJ-50039-2 'Jump They Say' promo CD; updated info on the mono/stereo edition of the eponymous debut album and a few song entries. Thanks Steve Branson, Scott Fuller, Alan Hawker, Maarten Kwant, Alan Morgan, Paul Rodford and all participators of the forum.

v 17.5.1: added an Italian give-away of Santa Monica, a 'slider-pack' 1. Outside/Heathen compilation, alternate mixes of 'The Laughing Gnome', 'Win' and 'Fame', and overlooked edits of 'Survive' and 'Sunday'; corrected the available versions of 'Prisoner Of Love'. Some people may like the 30 second snippet of 'Liza Jane' as it was recorded for Toy. Thanks very much Stephen Cohen, Nigel Graham and Maarten Kwant.

v 17.5: I have recently switched internet provider and finally have the infrastructure to set up a forum. So if you have questions, news or want to discuss Bowie collectibles, sign up for the IdbD forum!

v 17.4.7: updated the section with in-house promo CDRs, which now has a long list of (very probable) fakes that previously were listed among the genuine titles. Added two promo CDs for David Gilmour's Remember That Night (both featuring 'Comfortably Numb'), the digital Tin Machine single downloads, as well as Adrian Belew's Dust (containing previously unreleased remixes of 'Pretty Pink Rose' and 'Gunman'), the 2-track 'Without You I'm Nothing' CD-single and the unofficial Ziggy Stardust and Low picture discs. Many thanks to Mark Adams, Allan Honey, Alan Morgan and Maarten Kwant.

v 17.4.6: only one addition that I forgot in the previous update: the longer version of 'Across The Universe' on the Special Edition of Young Americans. Thanks Arnaldo d'Urso.

v 17.4.5: added the Buddha Of Suburbia reissue, the Strangers When We Meet compilation, the David Bowie sampler for the forthcoming 'Limited Edition Boxset', the Control soundtrack, David Gilmour's Remember That Night DVD and a mention of the Pet Shop Boys' Disco 4. WARNING: currently, together with some experts, I'm in the process of evaluating the authenticity of the in-house promo CDRs. Most of them appear to fakes, so I would strongly advice to refrain from purchasing them! In the next update hopefully I will be able to present a list of genuine promos. Thanks Nigel Graham and Leo Wernaert.

v 17.4.4: updated the site with items from our Record Collector article, e.g. new information about 'Back To Where You've Never Been' and the Sinmix and The Beauty Of Color promos.

v 17.4.3: added The Record Producers - Tony Visconti, the single releases of TV On The Radio's 'Province', the 'ecopak' reissue of The Deram Anthology, a pirate edition of Reality on white vinyl and an alternate video of 'New Killer Star', featuring a demo (presumably) rather than the edited album version. Thanks Tyrone Duke and Maarten Kwant.

v 17.4.2: added the Japanese 'Arnold Layne' CD-single and I Dig Everything mini LP. Thanks again Maarten!

v 17.4.1: added many previously overlooked items, mainly 12"es and CD-singles. The new 12"es: Phillipinean editions of 'Blue Jean' and 'Fame 90', the UK 'Telling Lies' promo, the US Scumfrog 'Loving The Alien' and the US Solaris 'Shout' promo. New CD-singles: an odd Mexican 'Little Wonder' sampler, the 'Perfect Day '97' two-track and promo, the German and Spanish 'I Can't Read' promos and Band Aid 20's 'Do They Know It's Christmas'. Various other additions are the original Belgian edition of Images, two Shrek 2 samplers, the Hip Hop Roots compilation and an unofficial Aladdin Sane picture disc. Latest news on the iTunes downloads, which appear also to be corrupted at other download services: Magic Dance EP and the Never Let Me Down EP have been corrected, both Time Will Crawl EPs still are corrupt! Many thanks to Maarten Kwant, who provided the bulk of the new items, and Alan Hawker.

v 17.4: added the Glass Spider DVD and the Japanese 1. Outside to Reality 'paper jacket' reissues; all albums have been updated now. The Magic Dance EP, Time Will Crawl EPs and the Never Let Me Down EP on iTunes downloads still have not been repaired...

v 17.3.9: the following EPs have problems on iTunes: Magic Dance EP, boths Time Will Crawl EPs and the Never Let Me Down EP. Most of the tracks have skips but one of the 'Magic Dance' versions even has a two-second pause. If you have already purchased one of the EPs, you can report the problematic tracks and Apple will issue 'replacement song credits'. Go to your account in iTunes and click the 'Purchase History' button. At the bottom you will find a 'Report a Problem' button which adds a link to the tracks you purchased which you can click to send a report. I have asked customer support to notify me when the tracks have been repaired and I will notify you when I get a message. Thanks Alan Hawker for bringing another problematic EP to my attention.

v 17.3.8: EMI has reissued many of the 1980s single and 12" remixes as iTunes downloads. Before you buy however: serious sound problems have been identified in the Magic Dance EP, second Time Will Crawl EP and Never Let Me Down EP, which as of June 16 have not been fixed yet. Also expanded information about the albums Aladdin Sane to Tin Machine.

v 17.3.7: added previously overlooked editions of the Absolute Beginners and When The Wind Blows soundtracks. Furthermore, the information on albums will be expanded over the next several updates. A start has been made with the debut album to Ziggy Stardust.

v 17.3.6: added the 'Arnold Layne' US 10", the Special Edition of Young Americans and The Best Of David Bowie 1980/1987 CD+DVD. If you want to be notified of new updates automatically, please subscribe to the IdbD RSS feed.

v 17.3.5: added the 'Arnold Layne' live CD-single, the Life On Mars soundtrack, some recent iTunes downloads, a French promo-only 'Let's Dance' CD-single and a South African 'Thursday's Child', plus a French promo of 'We All Go Through'. Thanks Maarten Kwant, Alan Morgan, Ingmar Sillius, Leo Wernaert and Roman Wynnycky.

v 17.3.4: added the Vinyl Classics edition of Heathen, the incomplete Rebound CD edition of the debut album, the Bowie-related compilations David Bowie Songbook and Oh! You Pretty Things and the Musical Collection MP3 collection. Updated the Edits page once again, only a few tracks are still missing! Thank you to Alan Hawker, John Larkin, Maarten Kwant, Joost Witteborg, Roman Wynnycky and Peter Zandman.

v 17.3.3: added a link to the podcast featuring Bowie's previously unreleased version of John Lennon's 'Mother', plus an alternate version of 'Shadow Man'. If you are the lucky owner of a Low sampler or other vinyl rarity, don't hesitate to have a look at how the Edits project is progressing. Thanks John Larkin and Maarten Kwant.

v 17.3.2: updated the Edits project, added a cover variation of Bowie's very first 12" and improved navigation when clicking on a menu item (the selected item should not disappear underneath the top menu anymore). Thanks very much to Chris Moffett for the javascript and Maarten Mwant for the scan.

v 17.3.1: introducing the Edits project, please see if you can participate! Added 'In The Heat Of The Morning' plus 'Silly Boy Blue' from Toy.

v 17.3: added excerpts of the Toy versions of 'Let Me Sleep Beside You' and 'Hole In The Ground', three very rare Japanese promo LPs with alternate sleeves (Space Oddity, Aladdin Sane and David Live), a Feathers demo of 'Ching-A-Ling' that recently surfaced and updated information about the edits of 'Dancing In The Street' found on compilations. Thank you to Scott Fuller, Maarten Kwant and John Larkin.

v 17.2: added excerpts of the Toy versions of 'Afraid' and 'I Dig Everything', the new TV On The Radio album Return To Cookie Mountain featuring 'Province', the Danny Michel Remix of 'Isn't It Evening', the Philippinean 'Jump They Say' 12", an in-house promo with Arcade Fire, and Bowie's contributions to the 1967 Dee Dee 'Pancho' single and the unreleased Zero Heroes album. Thanks to Steve Gladman, John Larkin, Maarten Kwant, Ruud den Ouden, Victor Sol, Roman Wynnycky and Peter Zandman.

v 17.1.1: updated the exclusive review of the unreleased Toy album.

v 17.1: added an exclusive review of the unreleased Toy album. Thanks Ruud den Ouden for information about 'Hole In The Ground'.

v 17.0.1: added Bowie's guest appearance at a David Gilmour concert in London last May, the ONXRT compilation, two older digital downloads, a sampler of Mayor Of The Sunset Strip, the semi-offical German fanclub edition of 'The Hearts Filthy Lesson' and a version of the Trifactor 12" of 'Let's Dance' with printed labels. Thanks David Gibbs, Maarten Kwant, John Larkin and Markus Michels.

v 17.0: welcome to a new and improved interface! A new section titled Digital downloads has been added, whereas several other sections have been split into a more logical layout. Just hover over the new top menu to see what's where. New additions are: the David Live and Stage DVD Audio reissues, a Japanese reissue of Tin Machine II in mini LP format, The Platinum Collection and its sampler, a mysterious Mexican edition of Love You Till Tuesday, the The Business and reissued Pretty Woman and Absolute Beginners soundtracks, 'The Cynic' CD-single and its promo, a different edition of the 'Just For On Day (Heroes)' CD-single, a US promo CD-single of 'Never Get Old', an in-house promo for Best Of Bowie and an Italian 12" of the Scumfrog remix of 'Loving The Alien'. Thanks John Eisenman, Alan Morgan, Maarten Kwant, Markus Michels, Alan Ross and Roman Wynnycky.

v 16.4.5: added Kashmir's No Balance Palace (with vocal contributions from David and Lou Reed) plus the Rock School and Kinky Boots soundtracks.

v 16.4.4: added the Lords Of Dogtown soundtrack, an inhouse French 'Candidate' promo CDR, a very odd Russian pirate called Rock Stars and two new MP3 collections. Thanks Alan Ross!

v 16.4.3: added the Stealth and Three Dollars soundtracks, a rare promo for 'Heathen (The Rays)' and updated the information about 'Under Pressure'. Thanks Ingmar Sillius and Ian Trenfield.

v 16.4.2: added a few hard to find items: Columbian yellow vinyl 12" of 'Under Pressure' and picture disc 12" of 'Dancing In The Street', the Polish 'Everyone Says Hi' promo CD-single and French hours... 5-track sampler. Also added info about the source of 'Cool Cat' featuring Bowie, plus the The Collection compilation. Thanks Serdar Akkoc, Ron Buczko, Alan Morgan, Mauro Luppi and Ian Trenfield.

v 16.4.1: added the Canadian 'Baby Universal' promo CD-single, overlooked UK and US editions of the 'Day-In Day-Out' 12", the Brazilian promo 12" of 'Day-In Day-Out' (who has a scan of the label?!), an unofficial hologram edition of Ziggy Stardust, info on the Jaques Brel Next compilation, plus a couple of corrections. Thanks Jerry Bleeker, Philippe Jeanjean, Maarten Kwant, Michael Lindström, Chris Magor, Alan Ross, Mark Sawyer and Mark Stagg.

v 16.4: added the reissues of David Live and Stage.

v 16.3.4: added the Love You Till Tuesday DVD and incorporated several corrections and suggestions from readers. Thanks Glenn Meeves, Phil Obbard and Derek Torrance.

v 16.3.3: added the All Gold Of The World pirate, the London Boys compilation, plus no less than seven slipcase reissues from last year. Thanks Mark Adams and Alan Ross for their contributions.

v 16.3.2: added The Life Aquatic soundtrack, a colour picture of Early Bowie (finally!), plus a correction regarding the Oscar/Ivor Bird cover of 'Over The Wall We Go'. Thanks Mark Adams and Colin McIntyre.

v 16.3.1: added 'Silver Treetop School For Boys', the 'Rebel Never Gets Old' 12" on black vinyl (which for reasons unknown is as difficult to get as the regular CD-single), the Taiwanese 'Hallo Spaceboy' CD-single, the Raising Helen and Land Of Plenty soundtracks, and a counterfeit picture disc edition of The Man Who Sold The World. Still from the previous update is an interesting discovery regarding the David Live artwork. A big thanks once again to Maarten Kwant for his contribution.

v 16.3: added the A Reality Tour, Live Aid and 40 Jaar Top 40 DVDs.

v 16.2: added the Limited 2CD Edition reissues of 1. Outside, Earthling and hours..., including a box set containing all three 2CDs; also added the Mexican edition of 'Jump They Say'. Thanks Maarten Kwant and Derek Torrance.

v 16.1: added the 'Jacko Under Pressure' mashup (released on both 10" and 12"), two overlooked 'Under Pressure' CD-singles and the Russian Star Series pirate. Thanks Maarten Kwant, Alan Ross and Mark Vidler.

v 16.0: they often contain exclusive mixes or even exclusive songs, but they're impossibly rare and very hard to find: in-house promo CDRs. If you notice one I missed, please contact me!

v 15.9.1: added the regular CD-single and a second promo of 'Rebel Never Gets Old', the Radiofreccia soundtrack, a Hot Tracks promo-only remix CD (plus a better picture of the 12" edition), the Australian 'Never Get Old' promo and the German 'Fashion' 12". Thanks Ole-Johan Backman, Patrick Bailey, Christian Giuffredi, Steve Hartshorn, Maarten Kwant and Mark Vidler.

v 15.9: added alternate 'Life On Mars' mixes by Ken Scott for the Swedish TV program 'Musikmagasinet', the 'Rebel Never Gets Old' picture disc, Shrek 2 soundtrack, reissues of Diamond Dogs (30th Anniversary 2CD Edition) and Peter And The Wolf, Jamilla Naji's Musical Storyland sing-along book, the unofficial Selección 5 Estrellas and Diamond Collection, plus the correct title and source of 'Gotta Get A Job' and the Bowie-contributed tracks on the Laecherling (Poptones LP-1010) bootleg. Thanks Ian Betts, David Brechbiel, Adam Dean, Russ Dean, Jamilla Naji, Alan Ross, Stefan Westman and Tony Wilds.

v 15.8.1: updated the Reality tour data and added the 'Rebel Never Gets Old' promo, plus the overlooked 'Under Pressure' and 'New Killer Star' promo CD-singles, The 13th Floor soundtrack and Baby New Year sampler. Thanks Mark Adams, Wolfgang Hein, Maarten Kwant and Alan Ross.

v 15.8: every now and then a real gem appears out of nowhere. The latest of these is David's performance of 'Space Oddity' on Hits A Go Go in 1969, released on the rather obscure Remember 60's Vol. 4 compilation DVD. For those who haven't ordered this title yet—here are a few screen grabs! Also added the forthcoming mashup single 'Rebel Never Gets Old', plus the Go Home Productions Sampler featuring three other Bowie mashups/remixes. Adding a new DVD was a good opportunity to update the somewhat neglected Music Videos section; also added two variations of the UK 'Black Tie White Noise' CD-single and a proper scan of the Japanese 'Never Get Old' CD-single. Thanks Maarten Kwant, Mike Morton and Mark Vidler.

v 15.7: added data on all Reality gigs, the Mayor Of The Sunset Strip soundtrack, reissues of 1. Outside, Earthling and hours..., a recent Japanese edition of The Deram Anthology edition, plus Mexican and alternate UK editions of the 'Hallo Spaceboy' CD-single. Thanks Filip Corne, Maarten Kwant, Alan Ross and Roman Wynnycky.

v 15.6: added a review dedicated exclusively to one of the rarest Bowie albums in history: the BOWPROMO white-label promo LP from 1971, containing several exclusive versions and mixes of Hunky Dory tracks. The review not only includes four audio samples in high sound quality, but also offers a unique chance to actually buy the album!

v 15.5.2: updated info on the Heathen SACD, which has longer versions of five songs and added an Asian tour edition of Best Of Bowie, two overlooked 'Jump They Say' CD-singles (French and Japanese promo), three CD-reissues of the Revelations album, plus Heathen and Reality counterfeits. Thanks Tim Bayes, Ron Buczko, Maarten Kwant and Alan Ross.

v 15.5.1: added the dualdisc edition of Reality, the Japanese 'Never Get Old' CD-single and French 'Little Wonder' and 'Just For One Day' promo CD-singles, plus a promo CDR for the Sound + Vision 4CD reissue. Thanks Will Bueche and Maarten Kwant.

v 15.5: added promos for the Black Tie White Noise and US Best Of Bowie reissues, a Canadian 'Never Get Old' promo single CDR and the Japanese edition of The Ice Storm soundtrack. Also included now are (better pictures of) the Australian 'Cat People' 12", the US 'Jump They Say' 12" (about time!) and white-label promo 12"es of another two remixes—'Let's Dance' and 'Magic Dance'—that recently have appeared on Club Bowie. Thanks Maarten Kwant, Charles Laddish, Alan Morgan and Roman Wynnycky.

v 15.4.1: added Earl Slick's Zig Zag, no less than five "slipcase reissues", plus the Ziggy's Resurrection pirate. Thanks Maarten Kwant and Alan Ross.

v 15.4: added the Sound + Vision 4CD reissue, the US Best Of Bowie reissue (and updated the Best Of Bowie song checklist), the EC and Canadian Reality tour editions and the The Month CD-ROM given away with The Sunday Times; restructured information on the 1968 Ernie Johnson rock opera. Thanks Alan Ross and Mark Scivier.

v 15.3: added the Club Bowie compilation and its three promos, the EC 'Little Wonder', Taiwanese 'New Killer Star' and Austrian 'Never Get Old' promo CD-singles, information about seven Kon-Rads songs that recently appeared on bootleg CD, instrumental/vocal versions of six hours... tracks used for the Omikron game, an overlooked 150 BPM Mix of 'The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell', and several other additions and corrections. Thanks very much Christian Attfield, Douglas Bailey, Colin Creaven, Charles Laddish, Maarten Kwant and Roman Wynnycky.

v 15.2: finally added a review of the 1. Outside outtakes CD, plus the Canadian and US 'New Killer Star' (promo) CDs. Thanks Charles Laddish and Alan Morgan.

v 15.1.2: another Reality-related update: added the 'New Killer Star' DVD/CD-single (plus promos). Also created entries for the 'Just For One Day (Heroes)' and Bollywood 'Let's Dance' 12"es. Thanks Maarten Kwant, Stefano and Saloca.

v 15.1.1: added 'Your Turn To Drive', updated the Toy section and found yet another edition of Best Of Bowie (Thai cassette).

v 15.1: added full details on the new album Reality, the 2CD+DVD reissue of Black Tie White Noise, the Underworld soundtrack, the Bollywood remixes of 'Let's Dance' and 'China Girl', French and Israeli LP editions of Christiane F. soundtrack (who has the Italian LP?), the Spanish edition of The Ice Storm soundtrack, David Guetta's 'Just For One Day (Heroes)' and an obscure 'Peace On Earth' CD-single, plus several minor corrections. Thanks Nuno Purificacao.

v 15.0: added a preliminary entry for the forthcoming album Reality and the first track made available from the new album, 'Never Get Old'. Also included are Kristeen Young's Breasticles (featuring 'Saviour'), the Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle soundtrack (featuring a re-recording of 'Rebel Rebel'), David Guetta's 'Just For One Day (Heroes)' remix and the rare Spanish Legendarios Del S.XX promo CD. Thanks Alan Ross and SteeOui.

v 14.5: added the 30th Anniversary 2CD Edition of Aladdin Sane, the 'Everyone Says 'Hi'' (ISO/Columbia CAS 59068) and Solaris vs Bowie 'Shout' (Nebula NEBT038) 12"es, plus Beautiful Pops Explosion, a long overlooked Japanese pirate CD. Thanks Maarten Kwant and Alan Ross.

v 14.4.2: added the Peace Songs and Hope War Child charity albums and an overlooked French sampler of the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. A post on the Teenage Wildlife message boards revealed that 'Here Today, Gone Tomorrow' actually is a cover! Thanks Maarten Kwant and Steen Christiansen for bringing it to my attention.

v 14.4.1: belatedly added the set list of Aylesbury, Friars, 25-09-71 to the Song section, updated several other entries (ie. 'Dead Man Walking' and 'The Width Of A Circle') and added an Argentinean sampler to CD-singles. Thanks Mathew Cullen.

v 14.4: added the 30th Anniversary 2CD of Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture, the Tibet 2003 performance, Aphex Twin's 26 Mixes For Cash (featuring the Aphex Twin Remix of 'Heroes'), a Spanish 'I Can't Read' CD-single and yet another reisssue of Never Let Me Down. Most interesting of all, finally two of the supposedly many 1. Outside outtakes have recently surfaced, tentatively titled 'Something Really Fishy' and 'We'll Creep Together/The Chrome'.

v 14.3.1: make that three Russian MP3 collections! Thanks Alan Ross.

v 14.3: time for some illegal business—added a pirate Hunky Dory hologram CD, a Russian MP3 collection, plus the bootleg CDs The Midnight Special (Switch On! 2002-27-1), On Broadway (DB110602), Total Meltdown (Switch On! SO 2002-06-1/2) and Cold Station (BOW1007/2002). The bootleg links, as always, point to Stefan's excellent Bassman site.

v 14.2.2: added 'Hop Frog' from Lou Reed's new album The Raven. And what do you know: the Mexican and Columbian editions of Best Of Bowie do exist after all!

v 14.2.1: hopefully the very last update of the Best Of Bowie and Best Of Bowie song checklist pages: the Mexican and Columbian editions as announced by BowieNet appear to be non-existing, but an Argentinean edition does exist!

v 14.2: added the overlooked Golden Years—The 24K Gold Collection box set, the Heathen Super Audio CD, plus the 'Everyone Says Hi' promo-only 12" (featuring unique remixes of 'ESH' and 'I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship'). Thanks Maarten Kwant and Zig Dust.

v 14.1.9: last update of this year: once again the Best Of Bowie song checklist and Best Of Bowie page. Thanks Stephen Cohen and Stein Sundqvist.

v 14.1.8: updated the Best Of Bowie song checklist.

v 14.1.7: ... and more Best Of Bowie updates and corrections, plus a few other additions. Thanks Stein Sundqvist.

v 14.1.6: once again updated the Best Of Bowie page. Thanks Michael Bucur, Stein Sundqvist and Henry R. Swindell.

v 14.1.5: added the Best Of Bowie DVD (including info on how to find the nine 'easter eggs') and the Russian MTV Music History pirate. Thanks Alan Ross!

v 14.1.4: expanded and updated the Best Of Bowie page, a/o with a Chinese edition; added a French Diamond Dogs/"Heroes" 2CD.

v 14.1.3: added the US/Canadian 1CD and South African editions of Best Of Bowie. Updated and expanded the critical note about the 30th Anniversary Edition of Ziggy Stardust. Thanks Brian Currin, Douglas Bailey and Alan Ross.

v 14.1.2: added the "European 2CD", New Zealand and Thai editions and the US sampler of Best Of Bowie. The Moonlight Mile soundtrack has also been included. Thanks Karl Lock.

v 14.1.1: added a separate page for Best Of Bowie. Only a minority of the editions was released in October, so the information presented is preliminary and yet incomplete! Thanks John Gutierrez, Emmanuel Pasqualini, Nav Phokela, Stefan Westman and Ikkan Yoshida.

v 14.1: added Best Of Bowie.

v 14.0.1: updated the CD-singles entries for 'Hallo Spaceboy' and 'Telling Lies'. Thanks Alan Ross and Rob Sheehan.

v 14.0: added a brand new section—CD-singles, covering 1987's 'Never Let Me Down' to last month's 'I've Been Waiting For You'! Thanks very much Zig Dust, Maarten Kwant, Stefano Nardini and especially Alan Ross.

v 13.2.2: added the Best Of Bowie—6 Track Sampler, information about the 1963 Konrads tape that failed to sell at Christie's, plus updated the Song section with the recently performed Heathen concerts.

v 13.2.1: added the 'Everyone Says 'Hi'' and 'I've Been Waiting For You' CD-singles, the recently performed Radio 2 BBC Session and the Russian Legends Of Foreign Rock pirate. Thanks once again Alan Ross!

v 13.2: added the recently surfaced 'Saviour', a duet with Kristeen Young. BowieNet has released another piece of 'London Boys', available only to members (see Toy). Thanks Maarten Kwant for the info.

v 13.1.9: added the Toy version of 'Baby Loves That Way' (which is now available on the Japanese 'Slow Burn' CD-single), plus 'I Feel So Bad' and 'One Night', the two early Elvis Presley songs performed live in Seattle recently. People who haven't listened to the splendid 1976 live recording of 'Waiting For The Man' [removed] should do so quickly, because this will be removed with the next update!

v 13.1.8: added a picture of the 'Day-In Day-Out' Lyon Liberation flexi, plus a critical note about the 30th Anniversary Edition of Ziggy Stardust. Thanks Stephen Barnes, David Gibbs, Jason Thornton and Roman Wynnycky for your contributions.

v 13.1.7: added the Mr. Deeds soundtrack and an untitled French sampler from 1993. Thanks Starman and Alan Ross.

v 13.1.6: added the 30th Anniversary 2CD Edition of The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars plus a picture of the very first CD release of the debut album.

v 13.1.5: added a UK Heathen Sampler and a Brazilian 'Let's Dance' promo 12".

v 13.1.4: RealOne Player for Mac OS X finally is available, so why not add the incredible 1976 Nassau live version of 'Waiting For The Man' back to Real Audio [removed]? :)

v 13.1.3: added recent live performances to the Song sections.

v 13.1.2: slightly adjusted the note on the "secret Heathen B-sides" on BowieNet [now removed].

v 13.1.1: added 'Safe' and the re-recording of 'The London Boys', both made available as "secret B-sides" on BowieNet; updated the Toy page. Thanks Nicholas Pegg and Stefan Westman.

v 13.1: created a separate page for Toy, with info on which songs were to appear on the album and where to get the tracks that recently were released as B-sides; added more Heathen info, the Scumfrog vs Bowie: 'Loving The Alien' 12" and (finally!) a picture of this Argentinian David Bowie compilation.

v 13.0.2: added a couple of vinyls: 1966 picture disc, UK 'Pallas Athena' and US 'Never Let Me Down' promo 12"es, and better pictures of UK 'Under Pressure' and US 'Hallo Spaceboy' promo 12"es.

v 13.0.1: linked the Heathen songs to their lyric pages on Teenage Wildlife and added the Jewel bootleg (Tube TUCD 033).

v 13.0: added info about Heathen and the European 'Slow Burn' single.

v 12.2.4: added yet another Russian pirate (when will they stop?!) plus the overlooked War Child promo.

v 12.2.3: finalized optimalisation of pages with lots of pictures. The Search option may display inaccurate results until Google has indexed the new pages.

v 12.2.2: improved loading times for most of the "picture-heavy" pages; Pirates has been split into Pirates and Counterfeits sections.

v 12.2.1: added the Toys From The Attic (BOW2001) bootleg.

v 12.2: added alternate Argentian and South Korean Tin Machine II LP covers, the Tibet House Freedom Benefit concert, the King Of World Music and Scary Monsters pirates, and the Speaking In Tongues (DB SIT 2001) bootleg. Site search now is powered by Google.

v 12.1.3: added The Greatest Stars (pirate CD) and updated the 'Fashion' 12" and 'Bus Stop' entries. Thanks again Alan Ross!

v 12.1.2: added the I Am Iman promo CDR and new information about David Live. Thanks Chris Carter.

v 12.1.1: added two overlooked compilations (David Bowie and Jazz Y Rock), once again with the help of Alan Ross!

v 12.1: as a temporary option, FusionBot's site search has been implemented, meaning you once again can search this discography. Added the Dance pirate/bootleg, plus a short note about the unreleased Dance LP from 1985. Thanks once again Alan Ross!

v 12.0.3: added the ArsNova series and a couple of recent Russian counterfeits to Pirates.

v 12.0.3: added the ArsNova series and a couple of recent Russian counterfeits to Pirates.

v 12.0.2: added The Concert For New York City and the US edition of Placebo's Black Market Music.

v 12.0.1: added the rare Japanese Special DJ Sampler and the Russian Rock Collection pirate. Thanks Alan Ross!

v 12.0: the Illustrated db Discography has moved to its own domain, so please update your bookmarks! I very much would like to thank Evan Torrie of Teenage Wildlife for hosting my site for almost seven years. Without the help and support of Evan this discography probably wouldn't be there at all! To celebrate the new looks of the discography, I have added a very special track to the Real Audio section—an amazing live version of 'Waiting For The Man', recorded at the famous 1976 Uniondale concert. Unlike most of the other songs from this concert, 'Waiting For The Man' previously has never been available. Go to Real Audio [removed] and have a listen!

v 11.7.2: added the overlooked US 'Time Will Crawl' and German 'Tonight (live with Tina Turner)' 12"es, a fake white label DJ 12" of 'China Girl' and the Il Rock, Programme Plus and Los 60 De Los 60 compilations of early material. Thanks David Brechbiel, Marie-Laure de la Maria and Gianni Morandi.

v 11.7.1: reviewed (and rewrote) parts of the Song sections. Added a South African compilation, the overlooked Hellraiser III and A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries plus the new Intimité and Training Day soundtracks, and several pirate CDs. Thanks Arie Jansen and Alan Ross.

v 11.7: added the Korean Never Let Me Down and Black Tie White Noise LPs to Albums; the forthcoming All Saints (Collected Instrumentals 1977-1999) and a "new French edition" of The Singles Collection to Compilations; Moulin Rouge, Memento and A Knight's Tale to Soundtracks; Substitute - The Songs Of The Who to Contributions; a couple of promo CDs to Promos; and the Rustic Overtones album Viva Nueva (featuring Bowie on backing vocals) to Guest Appearances. Updated the Songs with 'Afraid' from the forthcoming album Toy, the Tibet Benefit Concert and some songs often incorrectly attributed to Bowie ('A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You', 'You're Holding Me Down', etc.). Thanks Zig Dust, Colin McIntyre, Mu-gyum and Nicholas Pegg.

v 11.6.1: added pictures for a number of promo 12"es ('Absolute Beginners', 'Day-In Day-Out', 'Tour 1990' and 'Without You I'm Nothing'), plus detailed information about the series of 15 pirate CDs on the Russian Maximum label. Big thanks go out to Charles Laddish.

v 11.6: added a number of more or less rare tracks sung in a foreign language to Real Audio [removed] and updated info on 'The Supermen' from the 1970 Sound Of The Seventies BBC session. Thanks to Paul Kinder, Alan Ross and David Stewart for identifying the two unknown Japanese pirates.

v 11.5.3: lots of small changes in the Song section, plus several new pirate CDs have been added.

v 11.5.2: added the soundtracks Dr Giggles and Almost Famous, pictures for Disco De Ouro, Twenty Bowie Classics and London Boy, plus the pirates Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie Live, Gold 2000 and Never Let Me Down/The Singles 2. Notes on Bowie At The Beeb and BBC Sessions 1969-1972 [Sampler] have been updated. Thanks Colin McIntyre and Mr. TotalBlamBlam.

v 11.5.1: added the Japanese edition of Bowie At The Beeb plus a demo of 'Star', and corrected the 'Fun' link in Real Audio [removed].

v 11.5: updated the BBC Sessions with the Bowie At The Beeb CD; added the BowieNet-only live CD, the Rarest Series compilation, an Israeli edition of Christiane F., the tour 1990 promo and the Glastonbury Messiah (BOW 2000) bootleg. In Russia they keep on compiling the same songs on pirate CDs - this time the discs are called Greatest Hits 2000 and Thursday's Child; a number of older titles have been added as well. Thanks go out to Hillel Abramov, Gabriel Alcalde, Zig Dust, David Gibbs and Joan Sands.

v 11.4: added Bowie At The Beeb (plus its promo), the Rarest Live and little known Superstar compilations, the Best Of The Best, Best and Greatest Hits pirates, and the Yahoo Internet Life and Maximum '65 giveaway CDs. In Real Audio [removed] you are treated to no less than 11 rare recent tracks. Thanks Ya-Zu Chang, Stephen Cohen, Thomas Feichtenschlager, Mike Harvey and Peter Smit.

v 11.3: Contributions has been renamed Guest Appearances, while a new Contributions section covers songs and albums to which Bowie devoted his qualities as a musican or producer. Real Audio [removed] has 8 songs from the period 1966-1969. Thanks Rustic Jan (of the Rustic Overtones web site), Sc0b and all the people that kept nagging me about writing a Contributions section!

v 11.2: as Bowie received raving reviews of his latest US/UK concerts, I thought it would be nice to add 10 songs to the Real Audio [removed] section that are available in live format only. Of course data about these 2000 one-off concerts have been incorporated as well, as have Next Friday - Old School (to Soundtracks), Great Hits US (to Pirates) and the promo videos Bowie. Soul. Period. and It's Time To Watch (to Music Videos). Thanks go out to Steen Christiansen, David Gibbs, Hans Morgenstern, Seigo Nakajima and Randy Schimka.

v 11.1: Real Audio [removed] is a new section where you can listen to rare songs that are unavailable on official albums. I will try to add new tracks with each update of the discography, so check back regularly! In this version you can listen to seven songs from the 1970/71 period, including a very rare alternate version of 'Eight Line Poem'. I have also added Grandes Mitos, a promo given away with a Catalonian newspaper.

v 11.0: added an unknown 9'20" remix of 'Cat People' from 1982, which you can also listen to in Real Audio! Furthermore, the new Pirates sections has been updated (Greatest Hits First Presentation, Christiane F., hours... and two MP3 collections), plus Ava Cherry And The Astronettes' People From Bad Homes, a fourth promo CD-single of 'Jump They Say', and entries for VH1 Storytellers and The Filth And The Fury have been added. Thanks Stephen Cohen, Chris Carter, Steen Christiansen, Zig Dust, Doug Smith, Matt Westacott and Vladimir Vieira.

v 10.9: added a new section called Pirates, treating pirate discs, counterfeits and semi-official compilations, plus the American Psycho soundtrack, featuring a remix of 'Something In The Air'. Thanks to Jeremy Scott Dobry, the "real" Stigmata movie version of 'The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell' has been added.

v 10.8: updated information about the Danny Saber remixes of 'Fun' and the introduction to the Albums section regarding reissues on vinyl (thanks James Gent); added a promo-only 12" of 'Without You I'm Nothing' (thanks "Spooky Fox Mulder"). Furthermore, sections on "collector's nightmares" (such as 'Little Wonder' or 'Jump They Say') have been revised, and the quality of pictures that had JPEG artefacts has been improved.

v 10.7: enhanced lay-out and navigation in most sections, updated the BBC Sessions with two recent appearances, and, "inspired" by a piece on BowieNet, extended the note on how to expose the four The Man Who Sold The World counterfeits. Talking about forgery - also two recent pirate CDs (Very Best and Golden Classics 2000) have been added to Compilations.

v 10.6: (finally!) added pictures of the two missing Disconet 12"es ('Cat People' and 'This Is Not America'), a French compilation bundling Outside and Earthling, plus 8 Bowie/Gabrels penned and performed instrumentals from the Omikron: The Nomad Soul game (the Gabrels-only instumentals have been omitted). Additional details about alternate versions of songs in this game will follow.

v 10.5.3: added a picture of the untitled PRT ZM-702 compilation (thanks Zig Dust) and the bootlegs After Hours (BOWCD1/99 DBAH), Telling Stories ({b3} CD/001), Naked Eyes (SWITCH ON! DEVIL KWSK 99-09), Dead Dreams (GANJA-008) and Goodnight Vienna (BOWCD 171099 1-2).

v 10.5.2: added a CD-ROM given away with CD PowerPlay (thanks David Gibbs) and the U2 bootleg The Unforgettable Duets, featuring a Bono and Bowie live duet (thanks Steen Christiansen). As you can read on Teenage Wildlife, a number of different editions of the 'Survive' single has been released throughout Europe; these have all been incorporated into this update.

v 10.5.1: fixed some broken links (the audio links to Shadowman still have not been removed as I hope the files will up again one day!) and typo's.

v 10.5: added hours... and brilliant minutes (a Canadian hours... promo), 'Jewel' from Reeves Gabrels' Ulysses (della notte), a white label 'Under Pressure' promo 12" and several songs played on the last gigs of 1999.

v 10.4: added the French collector's edition of hours... (merci beaucoup Emmanuel Pasqualini), the 'Under Pressure '99' and forthcoming 'Survive' singles, a reference to the Mott The Hoople All The Way from Stockholm To Philadelphia Live 71/72 live 2CD (thanks Matt Westacott) and pictures for the Australian The Singles Collection 1 and 2 compilations.

v 10.3.3: added a collector's edition of The Buddha Of Suburbia, a promo given away with "CMJ New Music Monthly" (thanks Sean Doherty) and a 3D impression of the lenticular inlay of hours...; corrected information about 'Trying To Get To Heaven'.

v 10.3.2: added the '99 Rah Mix of 'Under Pressure', two exclusive songs ('Trying To Get To Heaven' and 'Fun') appearing on a promotional CDR distributed by Virgin, and a picture of 1966 from the Japanese Hit CAN Series. Fixed some broken links in the 12" Singles section.

v 10.3.1: please update your bookmarks, as the Illustrated db Discography has moved! To keep things simple - you should already automagically have ended up at the right URL, so just choose Add Bookmark or Add Favorite ;)

v 10.3: updated the info on 'The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell' and hours..., added a number of recent live performances, and provides notes on the recent EMI remaster series.

v 10.2.1: corrected the 'Thursday's Child' CD-single information, added an overlooked give-away promo and rearranged the About and Credits pages. As you may have noticed, several of the links to Real Audio files are dead. Please visit Shadowman for an explanation.

v 10.2: so what happened to the last four seconds of 'Right'? Incorporated comments by Stephen Cohen and Colin McIntyre. Thanks David Stuart for the two Zoo promo scans.

v 10.1: added the 'Thursday's Child' singles, the hours... and Une Rentrée 99 promos and the Detroit Rock City soundtrack. Thanks Stephen Cohen, Sean Doherty, Sean Monaghan and Emmanuel Pasqualini for your contributions.

v 10.0.1: broken links in the Guest Appearances section have been fixed.

v 10.0: this David Bowie discography from now on is called the Illustrated db Discography! Lots of additions in this update: the new hours... album, the 'Without You I'm Nothing' single with Placebo, the Stigmata soundtrack, the forthcoming Saturday Night Live compilation, a 17-Track Album Sampler for the EMI re-release CD series, a promo called Unconditionally Guaranteed, and the 20th Century Boy (BOW 0198/DB 20 CB) and Emerged From Shadows (EDB 001) bootlegs. Furthermore several corrections and additions as suggested by Steen Christiansen were implemented.

v 9.2: changed all bootleg references to Christian Frifelt's excellent bootleg section on Bassman's David Bowie Page.

v 9.1.1: mostly invisible HTML changes; added pictures of the I Dig Everything 3 CD-single box set. Thanks Marshall Jarman for the info.

v 9.1: added the Italian Beat 600 ('Ragazzo Solo, Ragazzo Sola' for the first time on an official CD) and UK I Dig Everything compilations, plus the Freddi & The Dreamer - The Arnold Corns Sessions (Switch On! 99-04), Kiss The Viper's Fang (EDB 002), Nobody's Children (EDB 003) bootlegs; the latter two have been incorporated into the BBC Sessions section.

v 9.0.2: added the I Miti Del Rock Live promo (thanks Christian Frifelt for the info), BowieNet's Fame Jam! page, and Bowie's appearance at a recent Placebo gig; improved the quality of several album pictures. Changes prior to v 8.0 have been filed under Old News.

v 9.0.1: updated links to Pär Stråhle's revamped Like The Video Films We Saw page and added The Year Of The Spiders (Switch On! SO 99-03) to the BBC Sessions. Thanks Sean Monaghan for the info.

v 9.0: after more than three years of "text only", the Interactive db Discography now is fully illustrated! There's a new 12" Singles section, which lists all of Bowie's 12"es—promos and regular releases. Furthermore, several sections have been rearranged—Compilations have been moved to their own section, and Early Works has been split into an album and singles section. New information has been added to practically every section, so take a look around. A big thank you to Phil Drenth, Zig Dust, Calvin Hedgecoke, Stephen Rouse, Ingmar Sillius, Peter Smit, Chiaki Taki, Matt Westacott and Eiichi Yoshimura for their contributions and of course to Daria for her suggestion to add some spice to this page ;)

v 8.5: added the Interviews section [now removed] with interview singles, LPs and CDs, plus the first Radio Specials and a few more promo CDs. Furthermore, I have provided a Show Navigation Bars option at the bottom of all sections (Songs, Albums, etc.). In the rare cases when links from external pages unintentionally circumvent the navigation frames (by directly linking to a section), these can now accessed by clicking the Show Navigation Bars link; the same page will open between the fancy bars : )

v 8.4.1: added the Revelations 3LP to the Contributors section and linked it to Brian Currin's page dedicated to this album. Also some more promo CDs (thanks very much Eiichi!).

v 8.4: linked the RCA/EMI promo LPs in the Promos section to Eiichi's brand-new Collectible Vinyl Discography; added some more promo LPs and the first few promo CDs, the Naked Too compilation and an overlooked Belgian release called Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars "Live". The Soundtracks section now includes all albums featuring Bowie songs, including the most recent The Sound of Gran Turismo. Furthermore, I changed lots of minor things in most of the other sections. Thanks Marshall Jarman for the remark about the "exclusive" Korean compilation, Sean Doherty for his immense list of promos (keep 'em coming please!), and Eiichi for putting up the promo LPs so fast.

v 8.3.1: expanded the Promos section with flexi's/CDs/CD-ROM's given away with magazines. Added Space Oddity, yet another pointless compilation CD with Decca material. Thanks Paul Kinder for promo info.

v 8.3: added information from and links to Eiichi's new Japanese Discography. Furthermore I made a start with a new section called Promos, covering promo-only interview LPs, sampler CDs, etc. As you may have noticed, Mac OS 8.5 has a new, advanced search program called Sherlock. Mac users can search the Interactive db Discography from their desktop after downloading and installing this Sherlock Plug-In (see Read Me file for instructions). Many thanks to Evan for writing the plug-in!

v 8.2.1 added the 'What's Really Happening' competition, several overlooked edits (a/o of 'TVC 15'), a "new" version of 'All The Young Dudes', and more hardcore information provided by Colin McIntyre (for which many thanks)!

v 8.2: you can now listen to several outtakes, as I've linked these to the RealAudio files available on the Shadowman webpage; thanks Christian. I have restricted myself to songs that have never appeared on any official release (such as 'Even A Fool Learns To Love' and 'That's A Promise') and suggest visiting Shadowman yourself to play your own selection of rare Bowie songs. Added 'A Foggy Day (In London Town)' from Red Hot + Rapsody and 'Sky Life', which apparently has been dropped from the Rugrats soundtrack. Furthermore, there are some new links to Pär's videos (check out the Music Videos section) and to Eiichi's Unofficial Discography. Corrected some typos and fixed the remaining broken links to Teenage Wildlife - sure! : )

v 8.1: Evan provided a basic search option (accessible from the Navigation popup in the upper left corner).

v 8.0.1: broken links to song and album information on Teenage Wildlife should now be fixed; thanks Evan. Added 'Fun' from the BowieNet "Hyper CD", available only to new BowieNet subscribers. David Gibbs supplied musicians and producers information to the BBC Sessions, for which many thanks.

v 8.0: new interface! People tied to an old computer that won't run the latest frame-supporting browsers now also should be able to browse the discography. Thanks Aras van Hertum (of Phat! Amsterdam fame) for helping out with some of the JavaScripts. Concerning contents, I re-established links to Eiichi's Unofficial Discography, and added an exclusive Korean compilation and The Axeman Cometh (DB003). Live Videos now is called Music Videos and covers all of Bowie's music videos rather than live tapes only. This section probably still is incomplete, so I much welcome your suggestions and additions. Ingmar Sillius, Stephen Rouse, Colin McIntyre and Dara O'Kearney contributed highly appreciated snippets of info to this update.

v 7.1.1: Colin McIntyre argues that Man Of Words, Man Of Music should actually be called David Bowie, just like the releases of Bowie's second album outside the US; read his foundations here. I'd also like to thank Colin for his corrections regarding some Australian/New Zealand releases. Broken links to the Live Videos section have been fixed.

v 7.1: added the 'Needles On The Beach' instrumental from the Beyond The Beach compilation and the Bridge 1996 (Savage Hippo SH 119) CD. Also some interface changes: album titles (again) are in italics, and all bootlegs have a label name plus catalogue number (so they should be easier identified as such). Thanks Emmanuel Pasqualini, Stephen Rouse, Matt Westacott and Zig Dust for your contributions.

v 7.0.4: added the Starman Over The Rainbow (Savage Hippo SH 118; London, Rainbow Theatre, 19-08-72) 2CD, which as a bonus a/o has a host of excellent BBC recordings that previously were unavailable or circulating only in bad quality.

v 7.0.3: two more songs from the 11-01-72 BBC session have surfaced! Furthermore, I added the 99X Live X IV "Home" compilation, the David Bowie Songbook compilation (other artists covering our hero), and tracks from the following bootlegs: Trident Session '72 & Live Glasgow '73 (7172-9), Heaven Or Maybe Hell (Artie Fartie CD 001), 1993 (BOW1993), Seven Months In America (Thunderball TB 013), and The Chaos Girls (Montserrat BRCD 2900/2901). Thanks again Stefan for the catalogue numbers of the Rykodisc AU20 series.

v 7.0.2: corrected the tracklisting of The Best Of David Bowie 1974/1979, which was based on a promo rather than the official release (thanks Stefan Westman) and again repaired some Bowie At The Beeb missers... (it should finally be OK by now?!). Also I removed the link to the forthcoming (?) Ziggy Stardust CD-ROM as I have serious doubts about this and the David Robert Jones issue, and apparently I am not the only one—thanks Evan (Teenage Wildlife), Mike (Ziggy Stardust Companion), and Stefan (Bassman's Bowie Page) for the discussion.

v 7.0.1: some corrections still to the BBC sessions; also removed the references to the BBC 3CD set as it is unlikely to be released.

v 7.0: David Gibbs and I did a brave effort to finally straighten out the 1972 BBC sessions using some recently surfaced material; lots of errors have been removed, and notes and useful identifiers for each song of every session have been added- thanks very much Dave! Furthermore, I added The Best Of David Bowie 1974/1979 and an overlooked 1991 Tin Machine live version of 'Waiting For The Man' (thanks Maarten- BTW, all my e-mails to you bounce back!). As Eiichi hasn't updated his page for months now and as many links to his site appeared to be broken, unfortunately I had to remove direct links to his Unofficial Discography. As soon as his site is back up again I will try to regain the interactivity.

v 6.9.3: added three Early Works compilation LPs, all inspiringly called David Bowie. Additional information about two of these, an Argentinean release and a compilation of unknown origin, is very welcome! Also some minor tweaks in the Song section, and thanks Evan for the counter.

v 6.9.2: moved changes prior to v 6.0 to the Old News section; from now on all changes will be logged here rather than separately for each section.

v 6.9.1: added an introduction to Early Works, some BBC research by David Gibbs, Truth from Goldie's Saturnz Return, and the Japanese release of Best Of David Bowie.

v 6.9: updated information on the current status of the BBC 3CD set; added "Heroes" from The Bridge School Concerts Vol. 1, the From A Phoenix... The Ashes Shall Rise (Major Tom MT001/2) 2CD, mainly because of its inclusion of several rare 12" remixes and a long-rumoured 12 minute version of 'Ashes To Ashes' as bonus tracks), and the 'Perfect Day' and 'I Can't Read' CD-singles; corrected information on Strangers When We Meet promo-tape version; added the Contributions section; updated links to Pär's Video section.

v 6.8: for better reading now opens in Arial rather than Times; if not installed, Macintosh users get Helvetica, or see download instructions above [removed]. Improved interactivity by adding links to (stills from) video clips and live videos on the excellent Video section maintained by Pär Ståhle (on Bassman's Bowie Page) - thanks Pär. Added the 'Seven Years In Tibet' and 'I'm Afraid Of Americans' CD-singles; the free CDs offered with the German "Rolling Stone" and US "GQ" magazines, 'I Can't Read' from The Ice Storm soundtrack, 'Dead Man Walking' from the Conan O'Brien Live From 6A compilation, and concert data and a few new bootlegs from the Earthling tour.

v 6.7.2: added a letter in Record Collector sent in by John Harrison, in which he provides additional information on the articles from no.'s 207 and 208.

v 6.7.1: added a "Pin-Ups Covers Medley" of original and Bowie versions as released on the Retro Rock (RR-83-41/42) promo 2LP; thanks again Eiichi!

v 6.7: added some old promos- 'Baby Universal' CD; World Weekend Premier Interview 2CD of Black Tie White Noise; and the double 12" of 'Telling Lies'.

v 6.6: added the 'Dean Man Walking' singles.

v 6.5: added navigation frame for improved browsing - best viewed in Netscape Navigator 3.0 or Microsoft Explorer 3.0; removed hard-to-read italics.

v 6.2: added the Aphex Twin Remix of "Heroes" (thanks Eiichi) and a number of recent bootleg CDs; linked the songs from the Ernie Johnson tape to information on Dave and Shaz' Missing Link Webzine [now removed].

v 6.1: updated the 'Little Wonder' information; added French, Japanese and Hong Kong issues of Earthling and The Best Of David Bowie 1969/1974; added two different mixes of 'I'm Deranged' from the Lost Highway soundtrack; corrected information on the postponed Divine Symmetry (DB1) CD and added Fuck You All Night Long (Midnight Beat MB CD 103); replaced the download option by the possibility to join the update mailing list [now removed]; added Questions section [now removed].

v 6.0.1: incorporated two very interesting articles about Bowie outtakes from Record Collector, no.'s 207 and 208. Many thanks again to Dave Gibbs for sending photocopies.

v 6.0: added the new Earthling tracks, information on the Bridge Benefit Concerts, the 50th birthday concert in New York, the acoustic set transmitted by BBC Radio One (ChangesNowBowie) and several recent bootlegs.

v 5.1: provided links to Evan Torrie's Teenage Wildlife page. Clicking on a title in the Song, Album, Soundtrack, or Early Works section now moves you to the full description (or lyrics) on the Teenage Wildlife page. Many thanks to Evan himself!

v 5.0.1: minor typographical corrections.

v 5.0: now available off-line for all platforms. Added numerous additions and typographical corrections.

v 4.1: updated Telling Lies once again and added two 'new' remixes of The Hearts Filthy Lesson. Info again provided by Dave Gibbs, thanks mate!

v 4.0.1: added Jeepster from Now 2CD and corrected information on Telling Lies.

v 4.0: added cross-links, yet another Fame 90 remix, the Basquiat soundtrack and did some minor revisions.

v 3.1.1: added Japanese and Australian 1. Outside Version 2.

v 3.1: added songs from the recently (06-06-96) auctioned 1968 "Earnie Johnson" musical. More information about this tape can be found in the June 1996 edition of Record Collector (no. 202).

v 3.0: HTML-formatted and ready for Internet release!

v 2.7.1: added Cosmic Dancer and the Australian Strangers When We Meet CD-single.

v 2.7: added European 1. Outside Version 2 and additions by Eiichi Yoshimura (thank you!).

v 2.6.3: added Strangers When We Meet and Hallo Spaceboy 7"es, several promo CDs and 12"es and latest European Outside tour data.

v 2.6.2: added Hallo Spaceboy CD-single.

v 2.6.1: added European Outside tour data.

v 2.6: added Bowie & Bing Enhanced CD and Showgirls soundtrack.

v 2.5.1: minor additions and typographical corrections.

v 2.5: added corrections and suggestions by David Gibbs (thanx!).

v 2.4.1: minor additions and typographical corrections.

v 2.4: added the Excerpts From Outside LP.

v 2.3: added US Outside tour data, minor typographical corrections.

v 2.2: added Strangers When We Meet CD-single, the Best of Grunge Rock compilation and the Virgin re-releases of Let's Dance, Tonight, Never Let Me Down and Tin Machine.

v 2.1: added The Hearts Filthy Lesson CD-singles and Real Cool World 7".

v 2.0: added 1. Outside and Reeves Gabrels' The Sacred Squall Of Now.

v 1.0.1: minor typographical corrections.

v 1.0: up to and including the RarestOneBowie (cash-in) compilation.