12" singles treats all of Bowie's 12" maxi-singles in detail, in this section The Continuing Story Of Major Tome (1980) to The Manish Boys/The Lower 3rd (1982). Larger pictures of sleeves and labels can be accessed by clicking the 12" title. Mixes are named as they appear on the 12" label; if there is no specification, the album version is used. Promos are treated under the stock copies, unless the single was promo-only of course.

Unlike CD-singles, this section is incomplete concerning all possible pressings and editions. See the 10" and 12" singles discography for a more comprehensive overview.

The Continuing Story Of Major Tom (RCA DJL1-3795)
US (1980)

A  Space Oddity-Ashes To Ashes (Edited Version)
B  Ashes To Ashes (LP Version)

'Space Oddity' has been segued into the single version of 'Ashes to Ashes'.

Ashes To Ashes (RCA PC 9631)
Germany (1980)

A  Ashes To Ashes
B  Alabama Song

All German RCA 12"es state 'Disco-Remix' on the cover, but they contain just the albums versions.

Fashion (RCA BOW T7)
UK (1980)

A  Fashion
B  Scream Like A Baby

Also released in the US (RCA PD 12145) and Germany (RCA PC 9638; bottom).

Scary Monsters (RCA PC 9657)
Germany (1981)

A  Scary Monsters
B  Because You're Young

Up The Hill Backwards (RCA PD-12249)
US (1981)

A  Up The Hill Backwards
B  Crystal Japan

This 12" contains a set of limited edition Scary Monsters stamps designed by Bowie himself.

Under Pressure (with Queen) (EMI 1A 052Z-64626)
The Netherlands (1981)

A  Under Pressure
B  Soul Brother (by Queen)

Don't Be Fooled By The Name (PRT DOW1)
UK (1981)

A  I'm Not Losing Sleep/I Dig Everything/Can't Help Thinking About Me
B  Do Anything You Say/Good Morning Girl/And I Say To Myself

10" with the familiar collection of Bowie's Pye singles. Also released on 12" record, but this issue is treated here as a mini-album rather than a 12"; see Early Works.

Wild Is The Wind (RCA BOW T10)
UK (1981)

A  Wild Is The Wind
B  Golden Years

Released in Germany (RCA PC 9773; bottom) in a slightly modified sleeve.

Heroes (RCA PC 9821)
Germany (1981)

A  "Heroes"/"Helden"
B  "Heroes"/"Héros"

David Bowie In Bertolt Brecht's Baal (RCA PG 45092)
Germany (1982)

A  Baal's Hymn/Remembering Marie A.
B  Ballad Of The Adventurers/The Drowned Girl/Dirty Song

Cat People (with Giorgio Moroder) (MCA MCAT 770)
UK (1982)

A  Cat People
B  Paul's Theme (Jogging Chase) (by Giorgio Moroder)

The German edition (MCA 600 537) came in a different sleeve. An untitled 5'32" remix is available on the MWDN413 Disconet 12".

Alabama Song (RCA PC 9854)
Germany (1982)

A  Alabama Song/Amsterdam
B  Space Oddity

The Manish Boys/Davy Jones & The Lower 3rd (See For Miles CYM 1)
UK (1982)

A  I Pity The Fool/Take My Tip
B  You've Got A Habit Of Leaving/Baby Loves That Way

An attractive 10" with Bowie's Parlophone singles.